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How to Deal with a Conservative Boyfriend?

How to Deal with a Conservative Boyfriend?

LOVE is a wonderful thing that happens to us. And while there are many sorts of this heavenly feeling, the most popular form is the love between lovers. However, this may easily turn bad if your man is rather peculiar and very conservative with his ways. It will not only make you feel constrained and revolted, but may also cause you tremendous emotional and psychological damage if not taken care of at the right time.

So, if you are looking for tips to deal with a conservative boyfriend, my first advice will be to set boundaries. Lover or not, every person deserves a right to freedom and privacy. But if your partner doesn’t feel so, then they aren’t the right person for you. Always start a relationship by clearing out your likes and dislikes. Being overly compassionate or submissive is not the right way of forging a loving bond with another person. In worst cases they might dominate you in the wrong way or start showing over possessiveness. So what do you need to do to avoid such situations???

Let’s have a read. But before that let’s start by pointing out some signs of a conservative boyfriend.

How do you know if your Boyfriend is Conservative?

Although the initial phases of love may not be as eye-opening as you may have wanted, there will be a million signs referring to the huge chance of your boyfriend being a conservative one. These include:

  • Asking minute updates of your daily lives
  • Too much concern
  • Disregarding your personal opinions over his
  • Contradicting your friendship with other guys
  • Being too involved in your life’s decision making
  • Rushing to get married or have kids
  • Always opinionated on your looks and dressing style
  • Discouraging you from your career demands
  • Exhibiting over possessiveness on every little thing
  • Not considering about your happiness
  • Strongly opposing your ideals, beliefs, and choices

These are only a few of the most commonly reported signs of a conservative boyfriend. However, if you are in relationship with one, you can always find a few additional signs that might be ticking you off when with them.

In such cases, it is better to take them into consideration and act as fast as possible. Delaying a strong response from your side will only make you lose the essence of the love relationship in a terribly tortuous manner.

How to deal with a Conservative Boyfriend?

Set your boundaries

While it is understandable that love generally sets our body and mind into a state of ecstatic pleasure, not setting your boundaries from the very start can have detrimental effects. Not every person you meet and choose is the right option for you. And hence giving the other full right in your life is never a good idea.

For instance, if your boyfriend comes to your house almost always uninvited, checks in to your social media or forces you to do weird things, voice your opinions. Unless and until you make it pretty clear of what they should and should not expect from you, the other side may not know when they are hurting you.

Asking them to stop overstepping their boundaries can seem rude initially. But believe me it is only the start of a healthy relationship. Most conservative males will start respecting your limits once they are aware of it, but if yours doesn’t, then my beautiful mate, “There’s plenty fish in the sea.”

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Stop being overly compassionate or submissive

It is essential to understand that true love and adoration only thrives where there is mutual respect and upholding of rights. So, if you have been nodding yes to their every melodrama, it’s high time to stop doing that.

There is a clear difference between compassion and being too submissive. You don’t have to tolerate every farce that they do while masking it under the name of love. Therefore if your lover asks you to change the way you dress, speak or live, understand th\at none of this is good for you.

Even though your partner may show more love when you heed to their decisions at the start, it is only going to worsen as time goes. Soon they will become too controlling and naturally won’t like it if you try taking on a stand for yourself later.

Answer their questions but subtly


Another mistake that most women and men do when in love with a person is to share every minute detail when asked. Sharing too much can fast the oncoming ‘dull phase’ of your relationship, leaving you both looking for a way out. Similarly, it also leaves the second party having a greater control over your emotions and actions.

Most men like women with a mysterious aura. Therefore one of the best ways to tackle the conservatism of your boyfriend is to start by minimizing the amount of details you provide them. For instance, if they ask you where you are, you don’t have to mention the very specifics of the place, unless you want to meet them.

Answering their questions on and off will eventually let them understand that you too require your own privacy and freedom. But when doing this make sure to not rush things out. Doing this will provoke their thoughts, worsening the situation even further.

Don’t mistake their toxic traits to love

“Why do you have so many guy friends?”, “This dress is too short. Don’t wear this to the event, others will see you.”, “Why are you working so hard??? I mean, I make enough money.”

Now these are a few common dialogues used by conservative boyfriends.

And my dear mate, if you have interpreted it as some kind of ‘tsundere love’ till now, you have got it all wrong. Conservatism can be of many types and this includes your boyfriend’s petty opinions about your dress, friend circle, family, and even your job.

You will need to understand the difference between what’s right and wrong and not let them have the reins of your life completely. Toxicity in any amount is bad in any relation, and thus always point out these traits and have your boyfriend rectify them in the meantime.

Give them a taste of their own medicine

Finally, if your conservative boyfriend still doesn’t back away from tormenting you emotionally and psychologically, the best bet is to switch roles. Your boyfriend needs to feel the pain you are going through, trapped in their own endless emotional game.

Do everything that they do with you, including all the obsessive phone calls, degrading your opinions and playing the ‘guilt trip’ card. When forced to deal with such a change, they will automatically start recognizing you for who you are, and who knows they might change.

And if not, you do know better than that!!!
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