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How to Remove Eyelash Extensions? Quick & Easy DIY

How to remove eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are a great way to add volume to the lashes and provide the eyes with a fuller look. Although eyelash extensions look and feel natural, they are semi-permanent. Consequently, the lashes lose their shine after a few weeks of application. Your next course of action is to lose the lashes naturally or remove them all at once.

There are different methods to safely remove eyelash extensions. If you are a beginner, seeking a professional help is one of the most recommended options for removing eyelash extensions. Experienced users often take the help of lash removing solutions of synthetic or natural nature. You can also remove eyelashes using hot steam or by taping eye bags/skin-friendly micropore.

To understand these methods in detail, we need to understand eyelash extensions.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are custom-designed eyelashes used to extend a person’s eyelash size and volume. Developed as advanced technology to temporary false eyelashes, lash extensions are designed to stick permanently to the lash region.

The structure of the eyelash extensions comprises several types of natural and synthetic materials. This includes silk, synthetic, mink, horsehair, and even human hair are used in some processes. 

Lash extensions are usually available in cosmetic centers or dermato-cosmetic clinics. It requires the help of a licensed lash tech or other professional to apply them on.

How are eyelash extensions different from false lashes?

The difference between the two is their form of application rather than their structures or other components. False Eyelashes are complete strips attached as a unit to the eyelids. They are pre-made and come with a strip of glue already applied to the back. The user needs to wear and remove them every day to achieve the desired lash look.

Extensions, on the other hand, are sophisticated versions of eyelashes customized as per the user’s requirements. The quality of extensions has been reported as better than that of eyelashes. Additionally, they are designed to be fixated on a lash-by-lash basis and be light on the lids instead of weighing them down. Eyelash extensions can be of several types depending on the lash volume and design used on the user. They are attached using a skin-friendly version of cyanoacrylate.

Depending on their type and quality, Lash extensions can last anywhere between 5 weeks to 365 days. After that period, it becomes essential to get them removed clinically or allow them to fall off naturally, similar to natural lashes.

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However, it is possible to remove eyelash extensions using the following methods

Methods to remove eyelash extensions

Professional Method of Removing Eyelash Extensions

The first and foremost is removal by the professional method. Let’s understand it in easy steps.

Step 1

You are made to lie in a reclining position. Eye pads are fixed below the lower lids, covering the peri-ocular region using micropore or meditapes.

Step 2

The professional will dip their micro brushes with the lash removal solution.

Step 3

They remove each lash gently, keeping in mind not to disturb the natural lashes or hamper their growth and distribution order.

Step -4

After completion, the meditapes are removed and the lid portion thoroughly cleaned to remove any leftover extension or debris on the surface.

Removing Eyelash Extensions at Home

You can practice this method of removing at home if you do not want to wait for long hours at salons or are home-bound. The steps in this method are

Step 1

Remove all traces of makeup from the face. Follow it with a thorough cleaning with warm water.

Step 2

Apply steam on the face. You may use a bowl full of hot water and inhale the steam by covering your head with a thick towel. As an alternative, you can opt for a professional steam room that will be more effective but could be more expensive.

Step 3

Repeat it regularly till all the lash extensions come out. The heat and moisture will break the adhesive effect of the glue and result in the removal of the lash extensions in a no-contact manner.

Apart from steam, Regular hot showers are another effective method of removing lash extensions using the heat and moisture mechanism of action.

Removing Eyelash Extensions using Coconut oil/Castor oil

Step 1

Cover the lower lid by taping eye bags/skin-friendly micropore on the skin from the lower lid to the upper cheeks portion. This ensures that the oil/ solution on the lashes does not contact your skin.

Step 2

If you are using virgin coconut oil, warm it before applying. Because of its viscous nature, warming it will ensure its even distribution over the applicator surface. It will also provide the necessary heat required for the cohesive glue bonds to break down.

Step 3

Take two sterile applicators. Use one on the edge of the lashes to support the lids during oil application. While the other edge for applying on the base of the lids and lashes at the point of cohesion.

Step -4

Softly but firmly, apply the oil dipped applicator in localized spots. The extensions will become loose and fall off. You may even use them in brush strokes in downward lines.

Step -5

Repeat the procedure for 10-15 minutes daily until all the lash extensions fall off.

Using Vaseline/lash remover

Vaseline and lash removers are synthetic removers working equally effectively on the glue of extensions. Vaseline is regarded as a safe petroleum jelly with oil components that work on the glue’s molecules.

Lash removers are chemically designed to work on the extension adhesions and remove them smoothly. These removers are either cream-based or gelatinous in origin. Gel extension removers are ideal for removing one or two lashes at a time. Cream removers work in a larger area and are more convenient to use. Either of these options can be used in the following procedure.

Step 1

Similar to method 3, apply protective covering below the eyes and use two applicators for adequate support and removal.

Step 2

Wash your hands thoroughly before starting the removal process.

Step 3

Apply the removal applicator in the adhesion areas gently but firmly, running in a downward line.

Step 4

After use, discard the applicators and wash your face and hands thoroughly. Discard the removed extension lashes permanently.

Both natural and synthetic methods of removal work effectively. It is difficult to say which option is better than the other.

Apart from the methods, other factors affecting the removal procedure are

1) Type of lash extension

2) Skin sensitivity

3) Experience of the lash tech

4) Material used for lash extensions

Eyelash extensions- are they for all?

Eyelash extensions, despite their aesthetic demands, are not for all. You should not use eyelash extensions if:

– You are suffering from the active lid and lash infection that can be exacerbated by the extensions.

– You are unable to maintain them or take adequate care of them.

– You are in constant proximity of kids & pets that can unknowingly damage your extensions.

What can go wrong?

-You can develop an allergic or hypersensitive reaction to the lash materials or the glue resulting in severe itching and other symptomatic complaints.

– While itching the lash extension regions, you can unknowingly harm your natural lashes or even the thin lid skin.

– The lash extension hairs can get lodged in your eyes, causing redness, watering, pain, and even corneal laceration.

– The lash extensions removal liquid can go inside your eyes, resulting in uveitis symptoms.