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What makes dating sites stand out?

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Users of a popular dating site, Tinder, exchange around 4.2 million GIFs per week, which gives us a clear message that textual-based conversation is not everything in an online dating platform. People need more than that. A dating platform must have exciting features to drive meaningful conversations between users while keeping the safety and authenticity of the users in mind. 

If you are planning to develop a dating platform, here are some features you must include in your app or site: 

Full-scale verification of users

At least 1/3rd of online dating app users have faced some form of physical abuse from someone they met through online dating apps. This speaks volumes of the lack of safety of dating apps. This is why the safety of users should be your priority as a developer.

You can do that by making it mandatory for users to provide valid ID proof and upload their pictures in real time. Some may not like their unedited photo and personally identifiable information to display on their profile; you should keep them on your server. Allow users to choose their profile name and upload pictures from their gallery. It is a great way to give users privacy while keeping the predators away.

Keep the catfishers away

According to reports, 20% of men have admitted to getting catfished more than five times, while 22% have been catfished into sending their nudes.

With the rampant usage of AI-powered filters, it has become much easier for people to change their appearance with a single tap. That’s why a dating app must include a real-time video scan feature to verify whether users look precisely like their photos. Besides, catching scammers who use fake IDs to create multiple accounts would be easier. 

On top of that, the app should also have a video calling feature, giving users to verify each other before meeting. 

Integrate advanced algorithms to personalized the matchmaking process

Although there is nothing wrong with seeking sex, there are people who come to find a relationship or even friendship. That’s why your dating site must have a sophisticated algorithm to allow users to search users based on their preferences. 

This includes matching people using parameters like preferences, hobbies, interests, etc. 

You can also allow users to generate compatibility scores of profiles using the 12 key points of love compatibility by Dr.Edward Hoffman. The matches made using these 12 parameters are considered to be compatible on a fundamental level, which is great for matchmaking individuals looking for a long-term relationship partner. 

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Assist users in initiating a conversation

Making the first move can be intimidating for many users. 

That’s where icebreakers come in as the ultimate wingman. It helps users to interact in the most interesting way while giving excellent engagement rates and user retention to developers. 

Icebreakers eliminate the same mundane and repeated greetings and ask people about their days. 

For example, eharmony uses rapid-fire questions that involve asking users about their ideal adventure, how much they value chemistry in a relationship, etc.

Let users develop connections through shared interests 

Your dating app will do well if you allow users to integrate their social media profiles like Facebook, Spotify, or Instagram. Most social media platforms offer APIs for dating app developers to integrate into their apps.

Spotify allows users to match based on music interests, while through the Instagram API, you can allow users to display their profile info, photos, and videos from their Instagram profiles. 

The Bottom Line

The key to a successful dating site and app is to offer plenty of curated matchmaking and interaction features to subscribers. Add value-for-money premium features, ensuring you don’t impose too much restriction on free users. 

At the same time, you can also go for a niche app catering to a small yet powerful section of individuals. For example, the best sugar daddy website offers some attractive personality-based questions combined with AI-powered algorithms to match users with individuals seeking mutually beneficial relationships.