Home Beauty How to get slime out of hair (fast and easy)

How to get slime out of hair (fast and easy)

Learn How To Remove Slime out of Hair

How to get slime out of hair (fast and easy)

Slime was a toy product introduced in the 1970s for being used as a tactile sensory experience and encouraging fine motor skills in kids. Glue, borax (Sodium Tetraborate) and food coloring are the key components involved in its production and are processed for long hours to make this beautiful yet sticky product in a range of colors and types.

Slime has a reputation of being messy and sticky. Once it gets on the hair, it seems impossible to get it out without cutting the hair strands or going for expensive professional hair treatments for its removal. Turns out, you can remove slime out of hair at home using these easy slime removal methods

Know how to get slime out of hair

Method 1 – Warm Water

Warm Water without any additional hair product works best on hair with freshly applied slime that hasn’t completely dried. For this method

Step 1

Get a bowl with a moderate to large size and fill it with warm water slightly on the hotter side. Choose the bowl size in accordance to the length of the hair strand. Go for a smaller bowl if it is the hair strand of a small kid and a larger bowl if the person getting slime from hair removed is of a larger built.

Step 2

Dip the slime stuck hair strand in the warm water and allow it to soak for 5-10 minutes. The heat of the water will work on the glue and start breaking it’s adhesiveness. Gently separate the strands from each other and comb the breaking slime out of them.

Step 3

Repeat this process till the slime has been completely removed. Feel in your fingers for residual slime glue if any. Remove the hair from the warm water and wipe it dry. Blow dry it thoroughly and comb it gently to remove any residual knots.

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Method 2 -Warm Water and conditioner

Conditioner is used in cases of slime that has been there for a while and started to dry. The removal method is mostly in the lines of the first method with a few additions.  These are

Step 1

Pour hot water in a large bowl and soak the affected hair strands in for 5-10 minutes.

Step 2

Apply generous amounts of conditioner on the glued strands and keep rubbing them gently till the glue breaks down. The strands that were hitherto completely stuck will start separating bit by bit. Separate the removed slime and comb the freed ends with a fine comb. Repeat the process till the slime has been completely removed. If required, change the water and use a fresh bowl of warm water.

Use a safe and gentle conditioner that is cruelty free and dermatologically tested for the purpose. In case of colored slime, some color is left on the hair even after the stickiness is removed. In these conditions use a coconut and cocoa butter based conditioner for removing the color patch effectively.

Step 3

Once all the slime has been removed and the tangle straightened, thoroughly wash the hair, pat it dry and blow dry it.

Method 3 Water with Baby lotion

Baby lotion is a gentle, soothing and hydrating product designed for moisturizing and hydrating the ultra-sensitive skin of a baby. Because of its chemical free nature, it works equally good for tangled hair and for removing slime from hair. The process includes

Step 1

Soak hair in warm water. The better if the temperature is slightly above warm for effective cleaning

Step 2

Apply baby lotion gently on the tangles and prise the strands apart. Keep washing and applying till all the slime particles are removed.

Step 3

Thoroughly wash the hair, dry it and comb it out for removing any left tangles.

In all  of these slime removal methods, a big bowl for soaking hair is a must. You can use a bath tub but slime is a pesky thing to get rid off and you will end up with slimy residue all around that will be cumbersome to clean up. A bowl will serve the purpose best of cleaning with regulated water and you can get all the slime off without water wastage or getting your hands and feet dirty from the residual slime water.

What dissolves slime?

Hot water is one of the best things that dissolves slime. Water is important in both making of slime and breaking of the hard molecules of dry slime. The glue in slime is made of very long chains of polyvinyl acetate molecules that facilitate it’s slimy build. During making of slime, water helps in easy flowing of polymer particles of slime that make it soft and gooey. Evaporation of this water on prolonged exposure to outside temperature results in its hardening and tangling over hair. Application of hot water serves the dual purpose of

– providing moisture to the hydrophilic slime that makes it wet again and easy to remove

– breaking the adhesive bonds of the glue of slime so it comes off in less time

How to get Nickelodeon slime out of hair?

Nickelodeon Slime is a mixture of vanilla pudding, apple sauce, oatmeal and green food colouring that has earned its name from being used in game shows in Nickelodeon channel, a satellite television channel that is currently off air. Nickelodeon slime is does not contain borax and thus is non-toxic and softer than other slimes. Nickelodeon Slime can be removed effectively

Through hot water

Unlike other slimes, Nickelodeon slime is not water soluble because of which soaking it in warm water does clean it satisfactorily. Immediately after getting the slime in the hair, the best way to remove it is by taking a hot shower and letting the force of water clear the slime. In the later stages of getting the slime, it is best to combine the water with a strong conditioner for effective removal.

Conditioners containing rice water and coconut milk extracts are the best choice in this case as they help untangle the hair and remove slime without damaging the hair in any manner.

By shampooing and conditioning the hair

Because of the green color of the slime, even after removing the slime, the color of the green dye of it is left behind on the hair giving it a patchy look. In these clarifying shampoo will work best on removing the color patches. A clarifying shampoo is different from regular shampoos in the sense that regular shampoos scrub the hair and scalp for effective cleaning but clarifying shampoos use a unique formula that works like a magnet and attracts the slime and dissolves it after which it is flushed away with water.

Unlike regular shampoos, clarifying shampoos work best when used in limited amounts or they can make your hair dry and brittle. But in cases of slime removal especially Nickelodeon slime, clarifying shampoos are one of the best methods. The technique of Nickelodeon slime removal through clarifying shampoo is

– Use concentrated amounts of the shampoo on the places of slime deposition

– Let it sit for a few minutes

– Rinse thoroughly and remove the slimy residue. Follow it with a hydrating conditioner for extra protection of shampooed hair

By using a shower head

A shower head is a nozzle or perforated cover at the end of a pipe. They are used to spray water on the person taking the shower. Shower heads are important for the better proximity and greater intensity of the water appliance to the hair; both of which are important for the green sticky residue to be washed off completely. By using a shower head for washing after shampooing or conditioning, residual slime embedded deep inside can be effectively washed off.

Opt for a hand held shower head with 360° free spin and self control features for easy handling with hot water shower for best results.

With coconut oil and olive oil

For removing Nickelodeon slime with oil

– Apply oil generously on the areas of slime and massage. Make sure you are gentle yet firm with your fingers. During this time start separating the strands with a fine comb carefully taking care not to damage hair in this process.

– Once the slime starts separating, apply conditioner on the partially slime removed areas and exfoliate them.

– Follow it up with shampooing and washing with warm water

– Comb the washed hair

How to get slime out of dog hair?

Dogs are outdoor creatures and love to good around in the mud and places they have no business to be. Slime in dog hair if noticed may not be always the chemical one. Slime from slugs and snails delivered while sniffing them is another source that though natural is equally sticky and difficult to remove. Different dog breeds have different hair lengths and this in turn determines the difficulty rate of removing them. For eg slime in a golden or a German shepherd both of whom have long hair and bushy tails may prove a tedious task than those in less hairy breeds like dachshunds, labs or pugs.

That said coconut oil is the best way of removing slime without hampering their fur or subjecting them to tedious chemical treatments. For removing slime out of dog hair

– Warm coconut oil/olive oil in a container taking care not to overheat it

– Apply it gently on the slime affected area and massage till the glue breaks out and the slime starts wearing off

– Do not remove everything in one day. Repeat the whole procedure regularly till all the slime is removed. Some pet specialists recommend vinegar or Dawn detergent on their furs for better results. This may or may not work on all pets and you may end up further irritating their sensitive skin. Coconut oil not only is skin friendly but is also irritation free and applying it patiently will eventually remove all the slime off without any adverse reactions.

Does vinegar get slime out of hair?

Vinegar is used as a last resort for getting slime out of hair when nothing else works or when other removal options are not available or feasible. White vinegar applied on the slime affected tangle is said to work well on a number of people. But vinegar has a tendency to dry hair and damage it. Additionally, it should be used extra carefully on children as it has a low pH and can result in stinging sensation on accidentally going into their eyes.

How to get slime out of clothing?

Clothing can be either cotton based, silk, woolen or other material. Silk and nylon are easily washable and done as soon as you get the slime, you can remove them effectively. Wool, cotton, muslin and fur are tricks things that need special attention to properly clean them or you end up damaging the soft fabrics. The most effective ways in which you can get slime out of clothing are

– Wash them gently with warm water to remove the active slime gel before laundering and drying them on gentle mode

– if the slime has dried, scrape off the dried slime with a butter knife and bleach them with a gentle bleach or chemical free detergent to wash them

– Use a lemon to remove the stain out of them

– Do not use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar if you have no previous experience in using them for this purpose. If not applied in the correct manner, you will end up permanently destroying your fabrics.

How to get slime out of hair with coke?

Coke is regarded as an old housewife’s recipe for getting slime out of hair. It works in the same way as vinegar and applied on slime tangled strand has been observed to work on various types of hairs. That said, hair experts do not recommend using it for slime removal purpose as

1) Results have been known to be variable with its use

2) It may permanently damage hair if applied in excess amounts

3) There are better removal techniques cheaper and better than dousing your children/pets/your hair with a drink that is best used only for drinking purpose.

How to get slime out of hair with peanut butter?

Peanut butter has been known to show better results than coke/vinegar in removing slime from knotty hair. Mostly because of its high oil content, it has been observed as successfully removing normal slime and Nickelodeon slime from hair. It works in the same way as coconut oil in the steps of

– Apply peanut butter on the tangled region of head

– once the oil starts separating the hair strands, gently prise them apart with a comb

– Condition, shampoo and wash the hair with warm water to remove the slime completely

– Blow dry and comb it till all the tangles are removed