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Best Boss Gifts for Women- Uncommon & Pricey

Best Boss Gifts for Women

If you’ve read the title correctly, it says “Best Boss Gifts for Women” those are pricey. That said, all gift ideas in this blog post would have a price tag starting from $100 and above. So, if you’re looking for “under $30 gift ideas”, my sincere appologies.

Okay, so, I did my research and I’ve come up with five uncommon gift ideas that Amazon would probably never suggest you, nor you’ll ever find any blog suggest them in the first place.

Before we dive deeper, let me list them down.

Best Boss Gifts for Women You Admire

Now let me explain why I would suggest you to go for these gift ideas. Let’s start with the first one.

Crystal Impressions Customized Crystal 3D Photo Gift with Base

Women cherish their memories more than men do. Let’s admit, they are more emotional than men. But if she is a boss, she has a whole different universe of corporate emotions to deal with every single day. .

Now ask yourself, what connects your lady boss with her memories?

Yes, photos!

But what if there is a better way to let her brain spark old memories than traditional digital photos or physical frames?

Gift her a customized crystal 3D photo frame that she will cherish forever.

Best Boss Gifts for Women- 3d crystal photo frame


This gift from Crystal Impression will cost you almost $360. The price is justifiable as the makers would convert your given photo into a 3D model at their end. Plus, they use state-of-the-art laser etching technology to add life to your photo in the crystal.

Best Features

  • brings any photo to life
  • incredible details
  • easy to display
  • precious memory frozen forever
  • 5 sizes to choose from
  • looks great in any environment
  • includes velvet gify box
  • LED lighted base
  • Comes in a gifted velvet box