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4 Simple Remedies to Get Rid of Bloated Abs

4 Simple Remedies to Get Rid of Bloated Abs


One of the most confusing terms, bloated abs, however, doesn’t refer to bloated stomach. Rather as the term specifies, it particularly focuses on your abs area and not the whole belly portion. And thus depending upon the cause, the treatment options are devised.

Bloated abs are immensely painful and uncomfortable. So, if you are looking for simple remedies to get rid of bloated abs, then you will need to be super mindful of the exercises you do. Similarly, performing pelvic floor and isometric exercises is a good way of curing these uneven bulges quickly. But sometimes based upon the cause, you may have to frequent your doctor’s clinic and do as they say as not heeding to their advice may cause permanent muscle damage or internal profuse bleeding.

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What causes bloated abs?

There are various factors that could cause bulging of your abs, however the leading one includes the diastasis recti.


Although the whole belly area stretches when a woman is pregnant, bloated abs due to pregnancy is a whole different thing. Not every fit woman is prone to the condition and hence it is important to understand the difference.

Bloated abs in pregnancy specifically refers to the tearing of muscles of the diastasis recti, that causes the six pack muscles to separate from the rest of the stomach. This in turn leads to the bulging, which fortunately isn’t permanent in many, until and unless it’s hereditary.

Such a condition can be easily treated with the usage of pregnancy belts from an early gestative phase. However, it is best to consult with a doctor before wrapping one across your belly.

Workout Injuries


When not properly warmed up, suddenly lifting heavy weights or pulling bars could prove detrimental to your abdominal muscles. This is because the sudden pressure causes the muscles to expand and contrast furiously leading to internal tears. These tears are typically very painful and in worst cases may cause severe internal bleeding or risk harming other vital organs.

Workout injuries can be both instant as well as gradual, but the common factors will be pain and discomfort. To treat these, you will have to consult a doctor and then a physiotherapist who will slowly work out all the issues through special recovery techniques. But if the case is too severe, then the doctor will advise you with a complete bed rest with powerful medications or treatment procedures before you will be green-flagged to workout again.

Top Simple Remedies to Get Rid of Bloated Abs

Take it Easy

The first and foremost thing to do if you have bloated abs is to cut down on your workout regime and take everything slow. Given their huge importance in the maintenance of the perfect posture, trunk and pelvic stability, ignoring this basic step is bound to worsen the whole situation.

Putting added pressure is never the best way of dealing with your injured muscles as it could easily lead to permanent damage to the diastasis recti muscles. Thus for the time being, staying away from intense exercises is the best bet.

Focus on your Nutrition

The next simple remedy in getting rid of bloated abs includes taking care of your nutrition. When recovering, your body needs additional fuel and hence staking up your nutritional requirements is a must.

Moreover, ingesting a proper meal every time also provides additional support to your abdominal muscles, keeping them from being stretched out too far, and hence prevent the instance altogether.

However, on the other side, you will still need to be very specific of the calories you are taking in. Adding in food items like cabbage, dried beans or lentils will risk gastric issues and even lead to weight increase, adding on to the pressure on the already weak muscles.

Start with changing your breathing technique

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Every fitness enthusiast understands the importance of proper breathing techniques. Therefore, if you have been exhaling air when performing an ab movement previously, it’s high time for you to change the process.

Blowing out air when the muscles are contracted although may seem a natural process, it actually exerts tremendous amounts of pressure on the diastasis recti muscles. This in turn increases the risk of punctures or tears due to the forced pushing out of the stomach during exhalation.

To prevent this most fitness professionals advise practicing the right breathing technique before restarting with ab workouts. Always remember when crunching in, you will require to inhale and maintain the form for a few seconds before exhaling.

For a better chance at doing this, seeking the help of a professional trainer is definitely a better choice. It may take a while, but believe me this is worth it.

Always do Stretching

Stretching is a vital factor for ensuring overally good muscle health. However, unfortunately many individuals often skip the good part and jump directly to intense exercises leading to heightened accounts of muscle-related injuries.

When we stretch, it sends our brain a signal to start producing optimal adrenaline levels that eventually allows our body to heat up. This internal heat increases flexibility and range of motion, unlike a cold stiff body. So, automatically there is a lesser chance of ending up hurt and in pain.

Several reports also suggest stretching to be of utmost importance when it comes to getting rid of bloated abs. For this, starting with kegels, planks, and abdominal wall bracing exercises are typically the best choice. Performing them regularly makes your abdominal muscles much stronger as compared to other general exercises.
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