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What should I do in quarantine for fun with Family? Try these 15 things now

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So another phase of lockdown has officially started, and you are in quarantine now. And need to lift your spirits up. But how? You tried so many things last year that now everything feels tried and tested. Something needs to be done, though. Something doable and fun, without requiring much accessories.

Here are some super cool trendy tips that everyone is trying (and they work!) and we suggest you should try them too with your family.

Fun activities with Family during home quarantine

Here are 15 fun things you can do at home during home quarantine

1. Make your face pack

Every second or third member in your family needs face cleaning. Therefore, making your face pack is important for two reasons. Firstly, it will be fun along with working wonders for your skin. Secondly, it will give you an idea about your level of productivity and the effort that will go into the other things you will be trying next.

A simple combination of lemon juice, yoghurt and coconut oil mixed with turmeric can make an effective face pack for oily skin. And it can be as complex as grating Vegetables and mixing them with powdered lentil and mint leaves for skin with acne. Either way, it’s your skin that will thank you along with getting to do something new.

Ref: 10 homemade face masks for flawless skin

2. Have fun with coordinating colors

It’s about arranging your stuffs as per a proper color code. Colour coordinating can calm the mind along with providing the satisfaction of a productive few hours. Colour coordinating your books is one of the best ways to get started with it. Arranging the books as per their colour will be an interesting way to do something and, when done, make an interesting post on social media.

Here are some incredibly satisfying color-coordinated bookshelves ideas for inspiration.

If not the books or after you are done with the books, you can try other areas. Once you get addicted to the idea, your wardrobe, your fridge, and your crockery, there are vast areas to explore in this.

3. Prepare your meals alphabetically

Get creative on the B. It does not have to be anything fancy or should require a lot of prep. Be it, A for apples with peanut butter or an Avocado and tomato sandwich, either of them takes less than 10 minutes to make and devour. And then choose if you want Broccoli with carrots or a Cheese and bread sandwich. It’s fun, can’t you imagine?

4. Paint the water bottles

Water bottles are something all of us have. Choose a theme, say leaves. Now paint the bottles with the first layer of white coat followed by whatever colour you want to paint it with and then draw the leaves on them. Whether you draw a maple leaf or an Ash leaf, it will look beautiful on the bottle, along with being easy to draw and paint.

5. Be creative for next 24 hours

Our busy life never allows us to be creative in things we used to be during our childhood. Take this opportunity to reliev those old memories.

Set a small deadline, say three days or 24 hours, to write a poem, or a ghost story or jokes, that you think would be in your comfort zone. After you finish writing, post it on your social media and ask your close peers to rate it out of 10. Make sure your other family members too participate. The member with more upvotes will be the winner. Nevertheless, it will improve your vocabulary and if you follow this fun exercise for one week, we bet, you’ll make it a daily habit.

6. Read (or reread) Hector Hugh Munro and M.R. James

You can complement a best friend and a rainy day books of Hector Hugh Munro and M.R James. There is a reason behind the popularity of these elite classic authors. Hector Hugh Munro and M.R. James both had writen short stories with simple language that anyone can easily understand. They are among the few writers who successfully transport their audience back to their era and keep them busy for the entire week.

Best works of Hector Hugh Munro

1. The Open Window

2. The Complete Short stories of Saki

3. The Chronicles of Clovis

4. The Unberable Bassignton

5. The Toys of Peace and other papers

Best Works of M.R. James

1. Casting the Runes

2. Count Magnus

3. A Warning to the Curious

4. The Mezzotint

5. Lost Hearts

You can either order them online or listen to the audibles on Amazon Audible.

7. Make a salad art

You will be amazed at the number of ways you can make art with just four vegetables. Cut them in circles and put a cherry tomato on top or make abstract art with it; either way, salad art is a thing that you can do easily without any prior expertise. What’s more, an insta post about it will can add more feathers to your cap.

8. Try your hand at gardening

Gardening does not have to involve tedious hours of shovelling and sweating. Go for basic seeds, which take very little soil and maintenance. Vegetables like beans, peas, and mint are some of the most fuss-free plants that are easy to grow and the seeds of which can be regrown. If this feels a lot to you, go for a succulent. Also called beginners plants, they are very low-maintenance plants that will happily be your friend with the least care and time you give them.

9. Dance your way to fitness

You don’t want to exercise or do yoga? But still, want to stay fit? It is possible. Dancing is a very effective way of letting out stress and improving body posture, and burning calories. And nobody is watching you, so don’t panic. Either dance at your selection of songs for around 45 minutes daily or watch YouTube tutorials of dancing and losing weight. Do try it. And thank us later.

10. Try pebble art

Pebble art, for one, does not need a lot of skill. And is less time-consuming. You can have a lot of fun painting different things on rocks, from cartoons to emojis and even try your hand at making patterns on them after a while. You can scan Pinterest or YouTube for innumerable ideas for pebble art. People have vouched that pebble art makes a good way to let out stress and be calm and focused for them.

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11. Watch a different genre of movie and only one movie daily

We think quarantine is the time when we can binge-watch all the movies and web series we missed out on. We are wrong. Watching too many movies all at once burns us out. Watch a film daily of a different genre. ‘The Parent Trap’ can be scheduled on Monday, and ‘Shutter’ can be watched on Friday. Indiana Jones can be given the Sunday seat. But not more than one movie a day. And keep a different genre for each day to make it a consistent excitement experience.

12. Learn to make different types of pasta from scratch

Yes, pasta can be made from scratch. And you always do not need a pasta machine to roll out your pasta dough and cut it into its shapes. A rolling pin can be used to roll out the pasta, and a knife used to cut it as it was done earlier in Italian families and is still being done and much more in demand than the machine ones. And some pasta shapes like Fussili, Fettuccine and Farfalle are handmade by design. What’s more, you can experiment with the flour and make it with different types of flour and even try your hand at zucchini pasta. You can never go wrong with pasta.

13. Listen to the stream flowing by without leaving the house

If you live in a concrete jungle in your one-room apartment and are locked in with no hope of seeing the forests for a while, don’t lose hope. There are various arms videos online where you can plug your earphones in and listen for hours to the sound of a stream flowing by with birds chirping around. From streams to rain walks to jungle tours and valleys in spring, all you need is to choose your pick, plug in your earphones and spend the next few hours happily engrossed in nature.

14. Play hide and seek with your pet

Yes, Charlie needs a walk. But you are in here with no possibility of a walk for some time. Don’t panic but improvise. Hide and seek can be played at home without your pet behaving like a bull near chinaware. And if needed, clean some of the clutter and have a daily session of hiding and seek with your good boy or girl. The pandemic has hit them hard too. And they, unlike you, have no idea why their human is refusing to take them out anymore. A daily game of hiding and seek, tug of war, will keep both of you active and happy for hours.

15. Coffee art

Coffee art is a unique form of art that’s easy and interesting at the same time. All you need for Coffee art is house coffee, a brush, water and paper to start drawing, and then the world is yours and requires no acrylic colours, to begin with. And you get to see as well as smell your art. What can be better than that?

End Thoughts

There are many ways to have fun without going out of the house or spending anything to have fun. These activities will benefit you and can be implemented with 0 wastage, which is crucial when things are bad outside. Have fun trying each and everything of these and come out of the quarantine with an improved mood and focused, self-ready for whatever the future has to offer.