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Best and Reliable Foldable electric Wheelchair for Adults and Seniors [2022]

Electric Wheelchair for adults and seniors
Electric Wheelchair for adults and seniors

A foldable electric wheelchair is an essential mobility device for adults and seniors, offering them the freedom to travel without depending on others. These wheelchairs are built with heavy-duty yet lightweight materials to withstand heavyweight and longtime usage. Unlike their manual counterparts, one can simply move around by pushing a single button. They are made keeping comfort and safety in mind. Above all, they are easy to operate, fold and portable.

In this guide, we have listed our seven top choices considering several crucial factors such as battery power, miles coverage, speed, turning radius, weight, and some more new-age functionalities. We have briefed the specification of each product, including the features that captured our attention and things we didn’t like.

7 Best Foldable Electric Wheelchair for Adults and Seniors in 2022

Porto Mobility Ranger Discovery D09 XL

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The Ranger Discovery D09 XL by Porto Mobility is an excellent wheelchair for obese adults and seniors. With a heavy-duty 21″ seat with breathable fabric, the Ranger Discovery can support up to 400 pounds providing superb mobility and comfort in one place. The chair comes equipped with 8″ front and 12.5″ rear puncture-free wheels allowing you to glide through rough surfaces.

Made from aircraft quality aluminum alloy, it is not only lighter to carry but also resistant to harsh weather, making it a perfect wheelchair for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with easy to remove 8 pounds dual-side batteries, making it even lighter and easier to carry. The heavy-duty lithium-ion battery can work up to 20 miles giving you day-long power to drive and explore your favorite places.

Its 250-watt powerful motor delivers enormous torque and power to climb steep hills. The Ranger Discovery D09 wheelchair comes integrated with a 360-degree joystick offering superior steering and navigation functions.


  • Easy-to-remove side batteries
  • Powerful motor
  • Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy body
  • Fully assembled


  • The footrest is a bit lower toward the ground

Innuovo N5513A

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Innuovo N5513A gives you comfort, durability, and safe, all packaged in one at a decent budget. The mid-ranged electric wheelchair comes with an aviation-grade aluminum frame offering extreme durability at a weight of just 50 pounds. The most notable feature of the product is its 7.5 cm thick seat cushion providing maximum comfort while driving through rough surfaces.

For stability, the Innuovo N5513A includes two solid front and rear wheels that can slide across any smooth and bumpy surfaces with minimum effort. The uniquely designed soft cushion prevents seat depression and bedsores and provides lumbar, caudal, and neck support. It comes with an innovative joystick design with an electric magnetic braking system giving the chair facilitating superb motion control and quick stopping.

It comes with a dual battery system, where you can use only one battery at a time while keeping the other as backup. Besides its compact and easy-to-fold design, the wheelchair offers a small turning radius of 35.4″, perfect for operating in narrow spaces such as elevators, bathrooms, and homes.


  • Comfortable 7.5 cm cushion seat
  • Small turning radius
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Magnetic braking system
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame


  • Have to remove the joystick entirely while storing

Innuovo W5521

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If you are up for a smooth and sturdy ride, the Innuovo W5521 is all you want. The chair is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and stability. It comes with shock absorbers that make your ride feel smoother, even on uneven surfaces. It comes with a CNC front fork with an anti-tipper facilitating incredible balance and stability.

Thanks to its super-powerful 288 WH motor, the wheelchair can take you for a smooth ride without any jitters. Its heavy-duty front casters and forks help handle heavy impact and weight up to 330 lbs. Plus, you can immediately stop the chair whenever you feel off-balance with its electromagnetic braking system.

For comfort, the W5521 comprises a breathable and soft cushion and backrest, delivering exceptional support to your back and neck. The chair is quite comfortable and can be folded within three seconds. Unlike most models, you don’t have to disassemble the wheelchair to store it.


  • Super comfort seat and rear support
  • High-grade aluminum alloy frame
  • Intelligent joystick for both left and right-handed users
  • Dual-mode support (both manual and electric)


  • Not waterproof
  • Comes with one battery only

Sentire Med Forza FCX 

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The Sentire Med Forza FCX is the most powerful electric wheelchair you will find on the market. It comes with a whopping 600W (2X300W) peak power motor and a sharp turning radius that allows you to travel up to 20 miles. This electric wheelchair for adults features four suspension springs and anti-tip wheels, offering comfort and safety while traveling on rough terrains.

The Forza FCX includes a padded footrest and cushiony armrests, providing complete comfort. The wheelchair is easy to fold and can fit easily in your trunk space. The wheelchair comes loaded with two TSA batteries, a fast charger, a side storage bag, and a cane hook.

It boasts of a rock-solid aluminum frame that can easily accommodate up to 360 lbs. Other notable features include Electromagnetic Brakes, Functional Seat Belt & Soft Touch intelligent Joystick controls, making this wheelchair a perfect buy for adults and seniors.


  • 20-mile driving range
  • 600 W brushless powerful motors
  • Padded footrest and armrests
  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Adjustable backrest height


  • A bit heavy to carry

Rubicon Wildcat D07

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The Rubicon Wildcat D07 is a budget electric wheelchair with impressive design and next-gen technology. With a turning radius as small as 33 inches, the foldable wheelchair did a really good job navigating through narrow spaces and corners. Equipped with 8″ front and 12.5″ puncture-free wheels and two powerful 250W motors, there is no terrain or distance that you cannot cover with Wildcat D07.

For safety, the manufacturer has an integrated intelligent electromagnetic brake that allows you to immediately stop the wheels just by a push of a button. Plus, its powerful suspension and traction make it even more comfortable to travel through tricky surfaces such as grass, snow, gravel, etc.

The wildcat D07 is perfectly designed, keeping storage and ergonomics in mind. The seats are breathable, and you can easily remove them for cleaning. It also comes with a back cushion providing additional comfort. It only takes three seconds to fold the wheelchair, and it is so compact it can fit in any car trunk, such as Honda Civic, Chevy Cruze, and Toyota Prius.


  • Puncture-free wheels
  • Powerful motor
  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Cushion for back support
  • Small turning radius


  • Seat can be too high for some


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MALISA SS-01Jr is the cheapest foldable electric wheelchair for adults and seniors in the market, comprising all the necessary functionalities one should look for in a wheelchair. This motorized wheelchair has a weight capacity of up to 286 lbs running at a top speed of 4 mph, which is quite impressive in this price range.

It comes with a 360-degree waterproof joystick with a long-lasting lithium battery that allows you to cover up to 13 miles in a single charge. The joystick includes functions like a power indicator light, speed settings, and a horn.

The seat comes with a wide 17.5 inches width with wider wheels (10 inches front and 16 inches rear), offering superior stability over terrains like grass, brick, gravel, snow, and muddy roads. The foldable wheelchair weighs 53 lbs, common for most chairs available in the market. It’s quite surprising to see features like electromagnetic brakes that you will only find in mid to high-ranged wheelchairs.


  • Long-lasting lithium battery
  • Covers distance up to 13 miles
  • 2X250 Watts DC motor
  • Wider wheels


  • Longer charging time

Porto Mobility Ranger SpacePro

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Weighing just 43 lbs, The Ranger SpacePro is the lightest motorized wheelchair offering weight support up to 400lbs. Manufactured using a handmade carbon fiber frame with super gliding big wheels, the wheelchair is resistant to water and runs seamlessly on hills and incline roads. Its powerful 250-watt brushless motors and the dura-shock energy-absorbing feature give it enough power to travel through hills and inclines. Its large dual posi-traction, powerful 250 W motor, and dura-shock energy-absorbing technology make your travel experience a breeze. Be it passing through wet grass or crossing over bumpy cobblestones; the Ranger SpacePro can glide smoothly without any jitters.

With its smart controller, you can turn it ON by clicking a single button. The sensi-touch joystick allows the wheelchair to travel in all directions and move through narrow and difficult spaces with sensitive turning points. It offers great control over rough terrain and excellent control even at fast speed, making it an ideal electric wheelchair for adults and seniors.

You don’t have to remove any parts to fold the chair. Just pull the release latch to fold the chair in seconds. You will get the chair in fully assembled mode. Simply insert the joystick, and your wheelchair is ready for a ride.


  • Long-lasting Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Superior quality carbon fiber frame
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 360 Degree Precision Control Joystick


  • Expensive


How much does an electric wheelchair cost? 

An electric wheelchair costs between $1200 to $4500 and can go over up to $15,000. The price varies depending upon its quality, functionality, weight accommodation, and more. For instance, a mid-wheel drive system will cost higher than chairs with front and rear-wheel drive. It also depends on the speed of the wheelchair. An average electrical wheelchair travels at about 4 to 6 miles per hour and costs between $1800 and $4500. Some models may even cost lesser or higher, depending on other factors. Meanwhile, a heavy-duty power wheelchair can offer a speed of 11.5 mph.

How to charge an electric wheelchair?

You can charge your electric wheelchair’s batteries with an off-board charger. First, turn off the controller power and keep the wheelchair in drive mode. Then, plus the off-board charger into the programming socket on the controller. Now plug the off-board charger into the electrical outlet. Once the LED light indicates that your batteries are fully charged, unplug the off-board charger from the electrical outlet and the controller.

Note: Always recharge the battery to full before using a new battery. Any new battery will provide around 90 percent of its peak performance level. It would take about 4-5 charging cycles for the battery to reach its 100 percent peak performance.

Where to donate an electric wheelchair?

There are hundreds of organizations that accept a used electric wheelchair. You can contact any non-profit organizations, senior centers, veteran organizations and religious groups nearby your location with a Google search.

Non-profit organizations: You can donate your wheelchair to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, ALS Association, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, United Cerebral Palsy, and the United Spinal Association.

Senior Centers: while most senior citizens centers work through several funding sources, they mostly rely on donations. Find a senior center nearby and ask whether they accept a used electric wheelchair.

Veteran Organizations: Not all veterans are eligible for a power wheelchair by Veterans Affairs Administration. You can really change someone’s life by donating your wheelchair to someone in need.

Besides, you can try to contact any non-profit community organizations or religious groups and help someone out.

How much does an electric wheelchair weigh?

An electric wheelchair can weigh between 50 lbs to 250 lbs, depending on several reasons, such as weight support and durability. However, if you are below 300-400lbs weight, you can find some great lightweight electric wheelchairs at a cost-effective budget. Some new-age wheelchairs are made from advanced materials as lighter as 45 lbs and can support up to 400 lbs.

Our Take

If you want the best foldable electric wheelchair on the market and don’t mind spending a bit more, then Porto Mobility Ranger SpacePro is your ideal bet. It checks all the boxes one should look for in an electric chair, whether weight, controls, or power. However, if you need a good option within a mid-priced range, Porto Mobility and Innuovo may be the best deal. Similarly, for budget buyers, we would recommend Malisa and Rubicon. Regardless, all the products listed above are the best in their category, and you should go for the one that fits your requirement.