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Why does your Cat Stare at You? 5 Insane Reasons

Why does Your Cat Stare at You? 5 Insane Reasons

Cats are hard to understand.

Cats often endorse themselves in outlandishly bizarre behaviors that are too hard to explain. For instance, you will find them sitting like a human, and other times intensely staring at you, for no reason. In this blog, we will explain five reasons that will help you find why your cat stares at you.

A cat’s frequent stare denotes a hungry stomach or the need for attention. Cats don’t speak human; they exhibit behavioral traits which when noticed carefully can mean a lot of things. Apart from these two reasons, cats gape at you if they are agitated, in pain, or just want to cuddle with you. Spending time with your cat and studying the behavior under various situation help indeed. You can also seek a professional’s help, in case this spirals out your hand, indicating the possibility of any medical issue of your cat.

Now let’s uncover more details regarding the same. But first of all, let’s start with how kitties communicate and when it means an ‘emergency’.

How do Cats Communicate with their Pet Parents?

Depending upon their general personality, a cat can be either vocal or visual with their owners. Sometimes, they will even mix up the two, if required, to get your attention to what they are trying to tell you.

This includes meowing, chirring, making chirpy or chattery sounds, rubbing their bodies across your legs, twitching their ears, tails, nose, or even gazing at you for long hours. And while some of these may be more frequent than others, if your kitty suddenly starts repeating a course of action (in their case mode of communication) again and again, then it might also be an indicator of a possible medical emergency.

Why does my cat stare at me?

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The possibilities include:

Hungry Stomach

Probably the first thing that comes into mind during such an instance is that the kitty might be running on an empty stomach. This usually happens if you have forgotten to fill the bowls of your lovely feline and it’s already past their mealtime. So, in such cases by staring at you, they are trying to get you to do the needful. However, not all cats represent a similar trait when hungry. Some will try pawing, gnawing your fingers or may rub their bodies against you at the same time.

Moreover, just like other pets, cats are highly motivated with delicious food items, and hence another reason behind the ‘cute, soul-bending stares’ might be to coax you for delicious treats. These little beasts are known to be quite smart. And therefore, if they suddenly start these adorable actions, even though they have had their meal a little while ago, be extra cautious so as not to give in to their demands. As a responsible owner you should be extra vigilant to their dietary intake for ensuring them with a healthy lifestyle.


Ever witnessed your kitty staring at you in the midst of your working schedule??? If yes, then this usually means they need your undivided attention.

Although cats can be typically moody and unpredictable, they tend to be quite clingy to their favorite people. From short long whiny meows to purring while dead-staring at you, these creatures will do anything to get you looking at them. And during these times, only a few parents can actually bypass these killer charms and continue their work.

But this may not be for the best of results, as it might make your kitten feel abandoned and they will also get depressed. On the other hand, more stubborn toms may disrupt your work by engaging in bizarre actions, such as walking on your laptop keyboard, biting the display, or even scratching your hands.

Cuddle Time

No cat is the same. Even kittens from the same litter will have poles apart personalities. So, naturally if you have ever had more than one of these beautiful felines, then you must have come across their variable forms of love expression. And if you haven’t, well you will know now.

When showing love to their humans, some may be too cuddly, while others may exhibit outright weird behaviors, such as bringing home a live rodent, cockroach, and sometimes even dug up roots. This is just the way of them showing their love and adoration for you and even though you may not necessarily like their gift, try being gentle with them.

Agitated or Furious

Unlike canines, felines are ‘diva spirited’. They are far more rebellious and rarely seem to entertain their owners ordering them around. Therefore, the next reason behind your cat’s unusual stares might include a feeling of agitation or anger.

Your cat might be acting out because he/she is angry with you. Unlike what most individuals think, cats are way too emotionally invested with their human family or favorite humans, and this can be known through their unique actions. Hence if you have recently done something (usually grooming, bathing, or trimming their nails) without their ‘permission’, then it can be a major cause of their agitation towards you.

In worst cases, many cats may also produce a hissing sound, and take a hit or two at your hand if you try to reach or console them in any way. Here, the best way will be to let them have their space and time to cool off. You can also pacify the process by offering them their favorite treats or let them play with their favorite toys.

Afraid or Hurt

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Finally, if your cat is hurt or seems afraid of something, they might be staring at you for help. Anything from a surface injury to a tummy ache and even fear of loud sounds or fireworks may have triggered the effect, so be on the lookout for distressing factors.

Cats are known to lead a private, secluded life for most of the part. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t search for a loving place at your side when they are feeling vulnerable or going through any sort of pain. Just like us humans, felines too seek support and care from a stronger part of the family when they are in physical, mental or emotional pain.

Pet parents should also look for other secondary symptoms including, excessive licking, scratching, hiding or running away, avoiding human touch, and even loss of appetite. Many-a-times carefully observing these subtle signs go a long way in preventing serious health issues and prolong discomfort to the fur baby, thus, fast and effective action is always the best.

So, this was all about our beloved canines and their bizarre ways of staring at their humans. For more interesting updates like these, follow us on wntoknow.com.
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