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How to peel a kiwi fast

how to peel a kiwi

How to peel a kiwi fast?

This article is all about how to peel kiwi fast without much hassle.

There are nine different ways to peel a kiwi. You can peel it using a knife or spoon. You can blanch it or may use ‘The Glass’ or ‘The Shove’ method to peel off its outerlayer with ease. Pro chefs can also peel a kiwi using a fork, a coffee stick or even a metal beater.

Nine different ways to quickly peel a kiwi

1. With a knife

Make small cuts on the upper end of the kiwi. No need to slice the top and bottom parts. Make tiny cuts no more than 2-3 cm long. Keep them on an open tray in the freezer overnight. By morning the skin would have become hard and crumbly. You can easily remove the skin now with your hands and get an intact peeled kiwi fast.

peeling a kiwi with the help of a knife

2. With a spoon

First, slice the top and bottom ends of the washed kiwi using a small knife. Take a spoon. Gently put it inside the fruit between the pulp and the skin. Make circles around the skin. After one full circle, the soft fruit will separate from its skin. Now gently pull the fruit out on the spoon. You will notice that this peeling method, along with taking very little time, is less messy.

3. By blanching it

Take a heavy-bottomed pan and fill it with water. Bring it to a boil. Wash the kiwi properly before dropping it in the water. Blanch it for less than a minute. Remove it and immediately run cold water over the blanched kiwis. The skin will become soft, and you can easily separate it fast with your hands.

4. The glass method

This is another hassle-free method of peeling kiwi fast. Take a knife and a glass. Wash the kiwi before use. Slice it in 2 halves lengthwise using a small knife. Press the edges of the kiwi softly along the edge of the glass and glide it circularly. The skin will gently peel off, and you will be left with a clean slice piece of fruit. Not just kiwi, you can slice mangoes and avocados as well using this method.

5. The shove method

In this really simple method, slice the upper and lower parts of the kiwi using a small pointed knife. Now with your fingers, gently massage the kiwi’s skin around its entire length using your thumb and first two forefingers. The pressure of your fingers will dislodge the skin from the kiwi, and you will leave with a mess-free pulp.

6. With your hands

There are quite a few ways of peeling kiwi with just your hands. Let us discuss the most common ones:-

The messy way

Hold the middle of the fruit with your two middle fingers and tug it apart. It will be messy and a bit of a hurried manner of dealing with such beautiful fruit. But it is doable, especially if you have nothing else near you to cut it peel it with

The non-messy way

In the non-messy way, you use your nails to tear some skin apart carefully. Once some part of the skin comes off, carefully peel the rest of the fruit using your hands and a bit of your clean nails. Because it does not involve any tugging or pulling, the mess is minimal in this way.

7. Using a fork

In the fork method, slice the top and bottom of the kiwi with a knife. Press the fork into the middle of the fruit and gently press the sides till the pulp gets separated from it. Now pull the fruit outside using the fork, and you have a clean, peeled kiwi quickly ready with the fork for hands-free use.

8. Using a coffee stick

It turns out we can peel a kiwi using a coffee stirrer or a coffee stick as well. Cut the edges of the fruit and insert the stick between the skin and the kiwi. Run the stick in a circular motion around the pulp. This will dislodge it from the skin, and you can easily separate them in very little time

9. Using a peeler or even a metal beater

It turns out you can peel kiwi using a metal egg beater or, by the simplest way ever, the peeler. In the first part, slice the kiwi into two pieces. Gently press the metal beater into the kiwi and rotate clockwise till the skin separates from the fruit.

And by using a peeler, we can peel away the layers of skin till we see the fruit inside.