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How long does it take Spray Tan to develop?

How long does it take Spray Tan to develop?

Every skin is beautiful. And there’s no denying to it. Be it as pale as a white paper or have a dark tinge to it, every person is blessed with a unique body color, texture and type and this needs to be encouraged.

However, if for whatever reason you have had a spray tanning session and now wondering how long it takes for the tanning to take in, you have reached the right place.

A spray tan usually takes eight to twelve hours to develop its effect. However some newer variations may also start showing results within one to two hours of their usage.

What is a Spray Tan?

So basically a spray tan is a specially designed beauty solution which when sprayed on the body continues to make an artificial tan. This procedure is apparently safe when done properly with high quality products and on top of that produces an instant result without having to sizzle your skin under unbearable sun exposure.

The solution is generally made up of various skin-safe artificial chemicals that react with the body to give a darker tinge to the individual. This reaction happens on the upper layer of the skin, and is rather temporary. Thus, if you have been thinking of getting a tan, these solutions can be the best option for you.

How long does it take a spray tan to develop?

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As discussed previously, the working mechanism differs from one product to another as most of the constituent products and their compositions are variably chosen. This means if the product from ‘Company A’ produces results in let’s say ten hours, the product from ‘Company B’ could be a few hours faster or slower.

The main contributing factor here is the DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a chemical sugar-like substance that reacts with the skin to produce the fake tan. And so based upon their constitutional level in the spray tan, the results are decided.

Apart from that some other factors, including the after-care procedures, individuals’ body texture, color, and the product’s quality also plays a major role in deciding the time for the tanning to develop that you had paid for. For instance, a fake tan is more likely to start being visible in extremely pale people quicker than normally white-toned ones.

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Tips to Prolong your Artificial Tan

After you have had the spray tanning session, make it a self-note to remember all tips provided by your beauticians and follow them strictly. Your beautician knows what’s best for you, and there’s no doubt in it.

Afterward, to help your beautiful new appearance last longer, you could do as per the below-mentioned steps. But beware. Never do any of these steps unless you have properly consulted with your service provider. Because even though all these methods are proven to be safe, everyone has a different body and hence the same product may react differently to each one of us. So why take the risk?

Follow the Beautician’s words

Starting with the most important step, never go haywire after your spray tanning session. The components are nonetheless artificial chemicals super customized to give you an appealing look, but at the end of the day, they are still something that shouldn’t be messed with.

Thus, stick to the list of guidelines dedicatedly, including when to shower, what to wear, what after-care products to use, etc. Some beauticians or beauty salons also advise their customers to go pantyless or wear paper panties until the tanning takes effect to minimize visible panty lines (VPLs). So, be sure to be mindful and do as they say.

Use Baby Powder for Sweating

Next, even though deodorants, perfumes, and roll on sticks are typically a huge no-no for the first 48-72 hours after a tanning session, it is still better to avoid them completely. The ingredients in these chemicals could interact with the sprayed tan, causing unwanted patchiness or spots.

Thus, the best solution here is to stick to baby powders. They are medically safe, don’t produce a stinky smell, and even lessen sweating from your sweat glands. You can use them in your under arms, spray some on your inner elbows and even back of your knees if going to wear long tight pants or skinny jeans. For best results, you could also sprinkle some of it under your butt or near your pelvic region when going with thongs or other similar tight dress accessories.

Go Loose

The secret to maintaining your new found artificial tan look for as long as you can is to opt for loose clothes. This is because when you wear tight dresses, it often rubs against the solution, making it fade more and more as time goes. Therefore, as a result, after a few days you can find a visible fading in certain areas as compared to the rest of your body.

But if you wear loose clothes, there is naturally less friction and hence your tan glow will be staying for a much longer period than the natural suggested time.

Take Showers after the designated rest period

No matter how much DHA they are filled up with, artificial spray tans need time to work and hence service providers often advise their clients to stay away from water for a designated time period. This typically depends upon the brand of the product being used, but 12 hours is best for all. This rest period allows your body to amply absorb the tanning products, thereby allowing them to stay on for longer periods.

Similarly, once you cross this 12-hour scenario, you still need to be extremely careful, with your showers and body scrubbing. Always use lukewarm water, stay away from scrubbing agents and soaps, and simply let the water run over your skin gently. Performing hardcore scrubbing will fade the look you first got after the tanning session and may also irate your skin.

Perform light exfoliation every 2-3 days

Regular exfoliation is no wonder a great boon for your skin. But given that the artificial tan only gets absorbed within the first layer of the skin, overdoing exfoliation is bound to early fading. Hence, during this time, it is better to invest in a gentle exfoliator, arriving with round beads for removing dead skin cells without hampering the tanned look.

The same also goes for shaving unwanted hair. Unlike using epilators or waxing after you have had a spray tan session, it is better to go with gentle shaving, as it keeps the roots intact while only cutting out the longer part of the hair. So, finally your body is hair-free, as well as has no ugly white spots due to missing hair follicles.

Is there anything I should do after getting a spray tan?

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Indeed there are a lot many steps that you could perform after getting a spray tan. While most of these are advised by your beautician as a safety measure, this list also includes some of the most essential advice that some often forget to mention.

  • Moisturize your body after getting a tan at least in the morning and night.
  • You can apply a tinted moisturizer, a good highlighter or a bronzer to top off with your sprayed tan look.
  • Getting tan during your periods is also known to help aid in getting a faster tan development that somehow stays on for a long time.
  • Drink water as much as possible.
  • Refrain from washing hands and feet too frequently. It can speed up the fading process due to frequent touch up with water.

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