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Nykaa Get Cheeky Blush Duo Brazilian Bombshell 01 Review

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Why Nykaa Get Cheeky Blush Duo Brazilian Bombshell 01?

I love to use blush. I am just putting it out there to whoever is listening or reading. I love blush so much that sometimes I get too overboard and look like a clown. But I still flaunt it like nobody’s business because I like my blush. And I know makeup should have no rules, but as Robert Welsh on YouTube says, “Makeup has a theory.”

There are many conditions about which skin tone should use which color blush. Then there are the application techniques and all those tips and tricks that you often hear beauty gurus throw at you. But honestly, I believe that if you find something looks good on you don’t bother about the rules. Just use the makeup as it pleases you.

Makeup is a form of self-expression, and you should feel delighted and empowered when you put it on, not ashamed and embarrassed for not doing it like the professionals. We all learn from our mistakes, and then there are like me who pull of clown cheeks in gusto. So just chill and do whatever your heart desires in makeup. Judgmental people will always judge anyways.

Nykaa has launched three blushes as of now. I got the Nykaa Get Cheeky Blush Duo Brazilian Bombshell 01. It looked impressive on the website, and I thought it was a good deal to have two shades on one. They are supposed to be complementary colors that suit all skin tones, and I couldn’t wait to put it on my cheeks.

My Skin

I have very sensitive and acne-prone skin. But the worst part is it’s very oily. I am in my late twenties, and I thought by now it must recede, but nope. My oiliness game is still going strong. Hence, I tend to stay away from cream blushes and formulas in general that are creamy on my skin. I opt for powder products on my skin as they are way more comfortable to use for me, giving me the desired effect. 

What is the cost and shelf life?

When I bought Nykaa Get Cheeky Blush Duo Brazilian Bombshell 01, it cost me Rs.699 for 9 gms of product. It is safe to use until 18 months after opening the product.

What are the Company Claims?

How is the Packaging?

I don’t think the outer packaging of any product is relevant, no matter how fun or quirky. It’s the product itself that has to work well as we are paying for its function not to just stare at the packaging. However, if you are a fan of excellent packaging, then the outer one is a cardboard cover with orange and pink prints. It’s very feminine and cute.

All the information regarding the manufacturing date and ingredients are written on the outer packaging.The inner packaging is what impressed me, though. It’s a sleek and square sturdy plastic packaging. The front is transparent so that the product is visible. The outer packaging is vibrant, but the inner packaging is a simple black color palette. The hindsight consists of the shade names.

The packaging is very luxe-looking and has a magnetic enclosure. This makes it very travel friendly. I have carried it with me several times in my bag and haven’t faced any issues until now. The plastic is also robust, so minimum chances of breakage is possible.

What are the Texture and Fragrance?

The Nykaa Get Cheeky Blush Duo Brazilian Bombshell 01 consists of two shades you can wear individually or mix and match to create your custom color. Brazilian Bombshell consists of two shades- raisin and rose. The shade raisin is a warm terracotta shade that will suit most skin tones. It’s a beautiful color that can also be used to provide slight contour to your cheeks.

It will give you that perfect flushed cheeks as if you had applied the hue of ripe apples on your cheeks. The second shade is called a rose. It is a soft light pink color and will complement fair skin tones well. On deeper skin tones, it might not show that well. However, it has some slight shimmer in it. The shade provides a subtle shine to your skin. Both the shades have some shimmer in them but nothing too chunky or oddly visible.

What is the Shade range?

The blush is available in three shades. Malibu Barbie, Cali Chick, and Brazilian Bombshell. Each blush duo has two complimenting colors in them. Malibu Barbie has coral shades. Cali Chick has peachy- pink tones.

How is the Application?

The blush is finely milled and very soft. It just blends like a dream on the skin. The shade raisin is much pigmented, and a little goes a long way. It doesn’t deposit on the pores in an unflattering manner, nor does it accentuate any skin texture.

The blush just melts into the skin effortlessly. The shade rose is not that pigmented but buildable to give subtle color to the cheeks. I like to swirl the brush on the two shades and mix the shades. It always adds the right effect of just flushed cheeks for me.

What is Longevity?

The Nykaa Get Cheeky Blush Duo Brazilian Bombshell 01 blush lasts up to a good 4-5 hours on my oily skin. I wouldn’t say its transfer-proof, but it doesn’t get removed in patches. It fades evenly. Even after so many hours, it still looks decent. With a matte primer, I think it will last longer.  

Pros of Nykaa Get Cheeky Blush Duo Brazilian Bombshell 01

  • Value for money as you get two shades
  • Quantity is good
  • The packaging is very luxe and sturdy
  • Travel friendly
  • Complimenting shades are available
  • Blends beautifully
  • Fades evenly and doesn’t look patchy
  • Doesn’t accentuate fine lines and skin texture
  • Available easily
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • SLS and Paraben free

Cons of Nykaa Get Cheeky Blush Duo Brazilian Bombshell 01

  • The rose shade is not that pigmented and can appear chalky


How do I blend my blush, so it looks natural?

After applying the brush, take any thick kabuki brush and dip in your powder foundation or compact powder. Then use it to on top of your blush to buff it out. This will blend your blush easily into the skin and give you a natural splash of color.

How can I make blush last longer?

Always set your foundation before applying the blush. The powder layer will stop the blush from being broken down by the natural oils of the skin. It also helps the blush to be applied more smoothly and evenly.

Which is better powder or cream blush?

It is generally recommended that for oily skin people, powder blush, and dry skin, people cream blush must be used. But it totally depends on your preference.

Final thoughts

I would recommend these blush duos; they are valued for money and excellent quality. I wouldn’t suggest you apply with your fingers. These are powder formulas, so always use a big fluffy brush. The shade raisin is much pigmented, so use a light hand while applying.

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