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How to make a Heart out of a Gum Wrapper?

How to make a Heart out of a Gum Wrapper?

Origami is classy!!! But have you ever tried creating a heart out of a gum wrapper??? NO??? Then, you are definitely in for a treat today.

So, starting with the basics to make a heart out of a gum wrapper you will need an aluminium gum wrapper. Other wrappers also work well, but aluminium foils are better in maintaining the shape afterwards. Next form a perfect square by either cutting or tearing out the extra parts, or you may fold it too. Proceed by keeping the face of the paper you want to show downwards and folding the top and bottom corners on to the middle until it seems like a squashed hexagon. Then, take the bottom edge of the right and left sides and fold it up on the diagonal to create a boxy heart. Later fold down the corners of the wrapper, excluding the bottom to get a smooth heart.

Steps to make heart out of a gum wrapper

Below, we have described this entire process in easy-to-understand steps. So give it a thorough read.

Step 1: Creating the shape

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Gum wrappers are generally rectangular in shape. So, the first step to getting the perfect heart is to conscientiously trim the extra parts until you have a square. For long wrappers, it is better to fold them back into the original form as they came in. This will allow you ample space to work through the next procedures without risking the shape of the final result.

Step 2: Folding the sides

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Once done, start by folding the top and bottom corners into a triangle. The point is what gives the heart its final shape and therefore folding it evenly is highly necessary. Afterwards, take one of these sides and fold them to get a L-shaped figure. When doing this ensure the folding is done perfectly at the middle part of the wrapper.

Follow the same for the next side. The wrapper should now look like the image below. Align the two folded sides evenly and bend protruding edges for a smoother finish.

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Step 3: Sharpening the creases

Finally, for an overall softer finish, you will need to smoothen the creases. This can be done using a plastic card, a sharpener or even a paper cutter. But beware, if not done properly you may end up losing your gum wrapper heart origami.

How to preserve the gum wrapper heart?

Although aluminium foil gum wrappers are usually sturdy enough to maintain the origami shape, the ridges might get loose under pressure. Therefore to prevent such instances, putting small dots of glue between the layers or around the corners is highly advised.

Once applied let the gum dry up completely before sending these handmade hearts to your lover or other close friends. Additionally you may also try creating your own garland of gum wrapper hearts by using needle and thread, use them as cushioning materials for small gift boxes or even attach a few of these onto DIY pop-up cards.

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So, this was all about making a heart out of a gum wrapper. For more such interesting topics, don’t forget to subscribe to wntoknow.com today.