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Cat Care Society-How to Make Your adorable cat’s Fluff Shiny and Smooth

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So, I am the mother of an adorable Labrador pup and a beautiful Persian cat who recently completed 2 years a few days earlier. So, I would like to contribute something to the Cat care society. However, as a cat mother, my journey has not been so smooth and easy-going. Cats stay in their own unique world and hence caring for them is not always easy as shown in the reel life. In this list, I have listed out some of the important points that you can adopt in your day to day life. So, be sure to find answers to some of the frequently asked questions by similar cat people.

Tips from Cat Care Society

What are the best ways to ensure that their fluff remains sleek and smooth?

Regular brushing, nutritious food, thorough baths, and hair supplements can come handy if you want to give your cat’s fur long-lasting shine. Although giving a bath to your furry pets might sometimes look like waging a war, a good bath can always help effectively remove dirt from their coat. Similarly, while brushing be sure to use a good quality brush and put the action into a habit.

How many times should I brush my cat’s fur?

While short-haired cats might have a good time with once in a week brushing, long-haired cats might need it within an interval of 2-3 days. However, if your cat manages to escape to the outworld like mine, then a thorough brushing before naptime might be required. That’s what most Cat Care Society experts will suggest. Similarly, brushing before bath time can also help get rid of dirt and dust that may otherwise remain stuck to their hair roots.

What is the correct way to brush my cat?

Choose a cat-designed steel comb, general brush, and a bristle brush and then make slow combing movements over their fur. Beware not to put excess pressure as it might fright the furbaby. After brushing, I often use a wipe cloth to wipe out the remaining hair on their body. Moreover, you must also never forget to comb in hard-to-reach areas, as they are more prone to dust and ticks.

Should I shave my cat’s fur?

Unless medically required, shaving a cat fur is highly condemned by cat care society. Shaving their fur can disrupt their normal procedure of heat regulation, making the cat prone to heat stress. Apart from this, the animal might also face other skin conditions including skin abrasions, rashes, cuts due to excessive scratching, and many more. Many people often believe that shaving a cat can help the animal get shinier smoother hair, however, this is a complete myth.

How often should I bathe my cat?

While long-haired or arthritic cats might need baths more frequently, rest might be fine without a bath for more than a week. Whenever its bath time, I prepare my cat by giving him rewards, cutting his nails, and playing with him a bit before bath, you can also try these out. This will help the animal to relax a bit before the bathtime and hence you can have fewer injuries as per cat care society.

What are the best hair supplements for cats?

Omega-3 is considered as the best hair supplement when it comes to fur babies. It is available in various forms including capsules, syrups, and even within canned pet food. However, I always prefer mixing the oil from the capsules into their food so that they can get effective nutrition and hair growth. Similarly, flaxseed oil can also be added to their food as it helps in enhancing hair growth.

What can I feed my cat for a smooth fur?

There is no shortcut for ensuring that your cat has shiny and smooth hair. The only genuine option is to ensure that your feline has access to a healthy nutritious balanced diet as per cat care society. For this, you can provide them food high in proteins and vitamins which play a vital role in hair growth and maintenance. Similarly, access to clean and fresh water is a must.
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Now that I have contributed something to cat care society, I am feeling relaxed. You may also like to read on How to Train a German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy.


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