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Crunch Fitness| Membership, Privileges, Cancellations

Crunch Fitness

What is Crunch Fitness?

Crunch is one of the most budget-friendly gyms that you can find in the business. It has some essential gym gears like lots of cardio equipment, free weights, and a very positive atmosphere.

If you are on a strict budget but don’t want to miss out on the fitness quotient in their lives, this is the ideal choice.

Crunch Fitness

It is a relatively inexpensive gym to join with no-fuss experience. It’s the gym you want to access if you just want a clean space to work out with necessary gym instruments.

So next time you are thinking of incorporating a gym routine in your hectic lifestyle, don’t forget to visit the Crunch Fitness. Started in 1989, which has over 300 franchises nationwide, you sure won’t be disappointed for a quick workout fix.

How much is Crunch Fitness annual fee?

The most basic membership starts at just $10 per month.

This doesn’t allow you access to group classes and only lets you use a single club where you are registered.This is very beneficial for people on a tight budget and doesn’t have to travel frequently for work.

If there is a Crunch Fitness near you, then at such a rate, you have no more excuse not to think about your fitness.

If you are someone who travels a lot later with $21.95, you can take classes at the studio and have nationwide access. For better amenities, you can quickly look at spending $24.95 per month and get yourself a hydro massage, tanning, and advanced HIIT Classes.

Is crunch fitness open 24 hours?

Expect standard operating hours here. It is not like the 24-hour gym i.e., opens all the time every day. You can expect Standard operating hours at The Crunch Fitness.

They are not open for 24 hours; hence depending upon your schedule, you must adjust the gym timings. But basically, it will depend upon the location and the situation of the gym.

Generally, on the weekdays, the gym remains open from 5 am till 10 to 11 pm. The weekend hours are shorter, where the gym remains open from 7 am to 7 pm.

Crunch Fitness equipment:

The variety of equipment available at the Crunch Fitness is better than other convenience gyms. You will be able to do almost any kind of exercise you want here.

But by no means, it’s a power lifting gym. There is an array of gym equipment that will be sufficient to give you a rigorous workout routine.

Crunch Fitness

There is the usual cardio equipment, an arsenal of weightlifting equipment, and free weights. There are also resistance machines, and in most locations, you will find squat racks and power racks.

Crunch Fitness classes:

There is an impressive class selection at most Crunch Fitness. There are body weight fitness, HIIT Class, kickboxing, Pilates, dance, yoga, and a lot more.

But remember that the basic membership which comprises of $10 per month doesn’t include all of that. For a complete package, you have to spend $21.95 per month. However, it will also depend on your lifestyle and daily routine.

Crunch Fitness

Don’t fall into the trap of some social trend and get yourself the membership you don’t use most of the amenities. Select only what you can commit yourself to.

Crunch Fitness pool:

The reason that the Crunch Fitness membership is so cheap is because of its fewer amenities and even lesser facilities.

It’s just a basic gym where you can work out whenever you are free. Most of the locations don’t have hot tubs, pools, or saunas.

Some of the Signature Clubs are very few and far between, so if you are lucky, you can use many amenities in these clubs.

The gym is not mediocre, but you certainly cannot compare to other highly popular gyms either.


Many gyms out there don’t have a locker room or a shower. But don’t worry when you are at Crunch fitness as you can find both a shower and locker rooms to keep your belongings there.

It’s convenient when you don’t have time to stitch in your workout regime and your work hours at your leisure. You can have a quick workout and then take a shower with this amazing shampoo and conditioner set, change, and head out to your work.


It can be a deal-breaker for most people if a gym doesn’t have a childcare facility. Especially for stay-at-home or single parents, it’s a must that a gym has a childcare facility.

Most locations at Crunch Fitness offer a childcare or babysitting center while you workout. It should be about $4 per day as of today, to acquire the facility. You can also get membership of $30 per month if you want to come with your kid every day.


If you are becoming a member under the type of membership (“Membership Type”) and at the club (“Home Club”) stated in your Membership Application Form.  Membership Types and their respective access restrictions are:

There are membership types and the type of Home Club, which will be noted in the Membership Application Form. The facilities and restrictions for each membership type are-

A) BASE $14.95

  • Use of gym facilities at Home Club
  • Locker rooms with showers
  • Online nutrition
  • Sweat School Kids Fitness
  • Cardio, weights, and machines
  • Free Crunch One Kickoff

B) PEAK $24.95

  • Use of gym facilities at Home Club and Peak
  • Access to Crunch Fitness clubs in other cities
  • Locker rooms with showers
  • Online nutrition
  • Sweat School Kids Fitness
  • Cardio, weights, and machines
  • Free Crunch One Kickoff
  • Power Half Hour Circuit Training
  • Guest Privileges*
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Hydro-Massage
  • Crunch Live Online Workouts
  • Free T-Shirt

C) SUMMIT $34.95

  • Use of gym facilities at Home Club, Peak, and Summit
  • Access to Crunch Fitness clubs in other cities
  • Locker rooms with showers
  • Online nutrition
  • Sweat School Kids Fitness
  • Cardio, weights, and machines
  • Free Crunch One Kickoff
  • Power Half Hour Circuit Training
  • Guest Privileges*
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Hydro-Massage
  • Crunch Live Online Workouts
  • Advanced HIIT Classes
  • 3D Body Scans
  • Free T-Shirt
Crunch Fitness


For every downgrade and upgrade of membership type, there is an administration fee of $10.

You must pay an additional pro-rate to upgrade for last month’s membership and current billing cycle.

You will forfeit the right to the last month’s membership of the higher club when you downgrade. A refund policy is not available.

You are Fixed Term Agreement

When you opt for a fixed membership, you have to pay for at least 12 months. This is also non- transferable and refundable.

Does Crunch charge for cancellations?

A charge fee of $200 along with a written notice must be submitted. For early cancellation on the yearly membership an extra $25 will be charged totaling the cancellation fee to $200. If the user doesn’t cancel after the free trial period for crunch gym live ends then the user also need to pay a certain amount determined by the fitness center.

Cooling Off Period

  • There is a “Cooling-off Period” where you can cancel your membership within seven days of signing your membership application form. The notice has to be given in writing. Upon cancellation, a refund can be generated depending upon your membership type. Then the access to the club will be denied.
  • If you cancel your Fixed Term Agreement within seven days of the generation, then you will get a refund minus the cost of one moth as a reasonable administration fee.
  • If you cancel your “Pay as You Go,” you will refund your upfront payments minus the cost of the final month’s membership fee.
  • Refunds will be made by Cheque or EFT, and no cash refunds will be issued.

End of Your ‘PAY AS YOU GO’ Membership Agreement

  • A notice has to be given in person at the club.
  • You must complete a termination form, and a copy will be generated for your reference.
  • Requests via mail, phone, or fax will not be entertained.
  • The submission will be processed within a day.
  • In case of submission within three days of the billing date, the termination will reprocess following the billing date.


The Fixed-Term Agreement will be terminated upon expiry after 12 months automatically.

What is the crunch gym cancellation policy?

First you need to clear any unpaid dues ahead of your cancellation date. Payment of the next schedule on the monthly payments is mandatory. Otherwise your cancellation request cannot be processed. The member needs to return the membership card to the nearest location of crunch fitness gym.

Five ways you cancel the Crunch Fitness membership

Through a contact form


  1. Find the “Contact “option on the Crunch Fitness homepage. 
  2. Read the information on the required field. 
  3. Select the “Other” option on the subjects listed. 
  4. Go to the “Message” section and request for cancellation in text. 

Note: The text must be succinct and to the point. For example- “Membership cancellation request due to moving out of town”. Finally click the “Submit” option. 

Over phone call


  1. Contact Crunch Fitness the customer care number- 1866- 428- 9664. 

Note: There will be a substantial waiting period so be prepared for it. You might have to try to connect several times. 

  1. When you get to the representative, ask for your gym membership cancellation. 
  2. Provide them your address, account number, name and identity verification documents like driver’s license. 

Note: The verification might take a while so take a considerable amount of time from your schedule. 

  1. After the verification you will be informed about the cancellation fees. Clear the due payment and your membership will be cancelled.

By mail

There are two ways in which you can cancel Crunch Fitness membership through mail.

  1. Via Post

Post the letter to the fitness centre in your location where you have registered. However, it might not guarantee a quick response.

  1. Via Mail 

Alternatively, you can fax the letter to 501- 992- 0802 to ABC financial. This will ensure that you get a quicker response and minimal chances of negligence from their behalf. 

Often there are cases of missed mails but sending a fax will have a record with you.

Remember: Provide your name and the membership number you had received while enrolling for the gym. Attach your permanent billing address and copies of IDs. The process requires the followings- last four digits of your account, driver’s license, birthrate and the date of your membership. Sign the document at the end.

On-Premise Cancellation


  1. Directly visit your nearest Crunch Fitness centre and talk to a Crunch Agent.
  2. Tell them about your cancellation request and they will provide you with the necessary documents.
  3. Fill the documents and you’re done!

It is a much quicker process. However, they may try to make you stay with offers, add-ons and discounts on your existing membership.

Be polite and stand firm with your decision. Let them know that you want the cancellation nonetheless.

Even if you find the new programs enticing think about the reasons you tried to quit in the first place.

Use DoNotPay


  1. Download the DoNotPay app or access it through any of your preferred web browsers.
  2. Select the “Find Hidden Money” option.
  3. In the prescribed sector type “Crunch Gym”.
  4. Select the “Cancel Membership” option.
  5. After that the app will send you the notification for processing of your cancellation.

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Problems you might face while cancelling Crunch Gym Membership

Hefty Cancellation fee

The main issue is the hefty cancellation fee. For cancellation of yearly membership before the billing year stops, you need to pay $200. That will be the administration fees for making an early termination. Most people often back out of their cancelling plans because of such a huge cancellation fee. Hence, we recommend waiting till the first year passes. After which the cancellation charges will be much lesser.

Free Trial Cancellation

You need to validate your payment options before you even take their free trials. If you do not cancel the Crunch Live program before the free trials end then you have to pay a recurring monthly fee that will be deducted from your account. You can also face the issue of auto-renewals for which use services like the DoNotPay virtual credit card so that you don’t have to pay for anything unnecessarily.

When you decide to pausing a subscription

Pausing a subscription, if you decide on postponing the cancellation plan, will also require certain effort. There is not enough information on the official website regarding cancellation or pausing the membership. It would be better to contact your nearest Crunch fitness center to get the relevant information much more easily.  

Several Crunch Gyms are operated by Franchisees and independently owned. Their cancellation procedures and policies will vary depending on their local and state guidelines. Contact your local club to have a better idea on their cancellation policies. Ensure that you get a confirmation regarding the cancellation from the gym or chances are you will be still paying the membership fees in the consecutive months.


Does Crunch Fitness provide towels?

Yes, towels are provided while participating in the classes and while exercising to maintain safety and hygiene standards. The equipment, mats, etc. must be wiped down by a spray bottle and towel after every use

Does Crunch Fitness have dress codes?

Appropriate workout clothes are to be worn along with clean sports shoes for safety issues in all areas. Members must be wearing a singlet or t-shirt at all times.

What is hydro-massage at Crunch?

Hydro-massage is a water-powered technique used to massage the body after a mean workout. For a particular membership, only hydro massage is available at the Crunch Fitness.

Is crunch a good gym?

If you are on a tight budget and like the “no–judgment” vibe, you would like this gym.

Is Crunch or Planet Fitness better?

Crunch Fitness offers one of the cheapest gym memberships in the country. The membership rate is only next to Planet Fitness, which is the most cost-effective gym membership in the nation, yet when it comes to substantial national chains

Can you bring the same Guest to Crunch?

The Summit and Peak members can bring only one Guest per visit. The member and the Guest must come and leave together. Members cannot call their guests once they have swiped their entry cards. The Guest must accompany the member under all circumstances.
The Guest must be above 18 years of age and not a member of the Crunch Fitness. The guests must show a valid ID upon entry and also complete the guest register. Your membership cannot be transferred from one person to another under any circumstances.

End Thoughts

You must know that you may not get the high profile vibe like La Fitness , 24 Hr Fitness and Anytime Fitness at this gym. But overall, it’s an excellent place to work out. It offers everything that a basic gym must provide, and the affordable price is the best part of getting its membership.