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Who invented walking? All that you must know

Who Invented walking
Who Invented walking

Who invented walking?

Walking was first documented around four million years ago. The first footprints of bipedalism were discovered in Ethiopia three million ago. Walking on two legs is a defining characteristic of hominins and their ancestors. Although bipedalism (walking of two legs) didn’t appear to happen instantly, it went through a gradual evolution that lasted for millions of years.

Anthropologists discovered the first fossils in 1994 in Ethiopia that were linked to bipedalism. This fossil belonged to a female individual, Ardipithecus ramidus, later named Ardi. Followed by that, more than 100 fossils belonging to Ardi Species were discovered over the next ten years, which were dated between 4.2 million and 4.4 million years old.

After examining these fossils, scientists got several characteristics indicating these species used to walk. The species’ foot had a toe push-off structure absent in four-legged apes. Furthermore, the shape of the pelvic bones, the position of legs under the pelvis, and the fitting pattern of the leg bones suggested that these species used to walk upright pretty similar to humans. However, the walking pattern of the Ardi species was different from the way we walk today. 

Who Invented Walking Alberto?

The internet has witnessed a massive surge of “who invented walking” memes and searches last year. If you want to know the meme’s origin, this is from a phase of the animation movie “Luca” by Pixar.

Directed by Enrico Casarosa, the movie Luca is set in the coastal town of Porto Rosso in the Italian Riviera. The story revolves around the adventure of Luca and Alberto- two sea monsters. Luca lives with his parents and spends his day herding goatfish, while Alberto lives on the surface, exploring the streets of Portorosso disguised as a human. The story starts when Luca (despite his parent’s warning) comes to the surface and meets Alberto and discovers his fins and tails have transformed into hands and legs. When he asks what is happening to his body, Alberto Scorfano tells him that the legs are for moving on the land. He said, “I invented walking.”

The statement was quite funny, and the internet took no time to turn it into a meme. The statement by Alberto got so popular that even google replied “Alberto Scorfano” when someone searches “who invented walking.”

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Google’s reply to “Who Invented Walking”

Who Invented Walking Tiktaalik?

The internet was not yet done with Alberto Scorfano, but soon it found a new target- The Tiktaalik.

The Tiktaalik is an extinct fish with an evolutionary link between fish and tetrapods (four-legged animals). Soon it became a meme with people associated the fish with humans.


Tiktaalik fossils were first discovered in 2004 on Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, Canada, by Edward B. Daeschler, Neil H. Shubin, and Farish A. Jenkins, Jr. On April 5th, 2005, the National Science Foundation released a rendition of the Tiktaalik with an image showing the fish crawling to the land from the water. Soon the illustration was used in textbooks as an example of a transitional species.


On December 15th, 2018, the first meme about Tiktaalik was posted by user poccoscfc in /r/memes.

Land: Come over Tetrapods: I can't, I'm busy defending my niche and fighting for food Land: terrestrial vertebrates haven't evolved to exploit my resources Tetrapods: Amphibian Adaptation Organism

Soon the internet starts to pour with Tiktaalik where memers shows their ironic hatred towards it calling it the primary source of modern world problems.

this asshole fish decided to walk out of the water one day and now I have to go to work and pay rent Organism Adaptation Reptile Alligator gar
Daily Juicy Memes 649 - YouTube
STOP THEM! "You missed your chance, pal!" "Their filthy Water" "Our blessed Ground" Lf you see a Horrid Beast evolving, PUSH IT BACK IN Fish Adaptation

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