7 Awsome Acrylic Painting Ideas for Dummies

    Acrylic Painting Ideas

    Once you start thinking about to do a painting, then acrylic paint can be helpful for easy and sustainable work. Acrylic paint is a helpful for fast drying and can be combined with any medium like water, acrylic gels or pastes for smooth application. Acrylic dries quickly yet the pigment is more vibrant .

    When it comes about beginners to start acrylic painting. Don’t not get confused to try different art forms and techniques as acrylic paint are modifiable, that you can correct your mistakes by applying another layer or detailing which is not filthy like other colors.

    7 Easy Acrylic painting ideas

    Here are some ideas for beginners to start acrylic painting.

    1. Cotton buds painting

    Just as soon you are not comfortable with using brushes yet want a beautiful painting,  you can use cotton ear buds to create a masterpiece. Just dab the buds into colour and create design that you want . You can do flowers, tree, and many more on colourful background. Single or multiple buds can be used accordingly. This bud painting idea came from term Pointillism, where tiny dots together make a shape in painting.

    Tips for starting bud painting

    1. use masking tape at border to fix the outline it will help for a clear border without any mess.
    2.  Draw structure that you want to paint using pencil.
    3.  Then apply a coat of acrylic base or it can be the background. You can mix different colors for a Dapper effect.
    4. Dab the buds into colour and apply.

    2. Geometrical patterns

    In modern painting,  pattern paintings are very popular. You can design a cool and funky using geometrical patterns. Also do multiple lines using  masking tape and filling colors within is  beneficial , otherwise draw simple patterns. Or can overlap one pattern on another for an extra vibrant look.

    1. Apply masking tape on paper to create a base.
    2. Put Colors inside. Once it dry  pull out  the tapes.
    3. Also you can add geometrical lines using fine liner  or brush.

    3. Use other surfaces also

    Why only canvas or paper.  Actually acrylic paint can be used on other medias like you can paint like bottles, jars, wood anything. There are acrylic outliners Available for detailing and outlining.

    Tips for bottle or surface art

    1. Clean the bottle or surface well.
    2. Rub with sand paper gently , it will help to keep the paint long-lasting.
    3. Apply a base of primer or gesso.
    4. Create your design with acrylic paint.
    5. You can also use outliners or fine liner for detailing work after  paint dries.

    4. Silhouette or shadow painting

    More commonly accepted among beginners. One of the easiest painting technique that is best for time pass yet very creative. Usually people draw a black shadow subject painting with a coloured background. Try to use other dark colors on light shade background too that can be more enhanced.

    How to make a shadow painting

    1. Add masking tape for border .
    2. Use a base colour using flat brush. You can mix similar colors to make hue effect.
    3. Once it dries , painting the shadow structure using black or dark colour. If you are not confident using pointed brush you can draw using marker or fine liner pen.

    5. Textured painting with palette knife and spatulas

    Beginners who want to make fun task painting yet a creative one. You can use different mediums for textured art  like 3d outliners,  Gesso with acrylic to paint . You can use 3d outliner before or after painting according to you.  Some examples of textured paintings are flower garden, sea and sun, birds. Abstract , lines, structures, etc.

    Tips for simple knife spatula painting

    1. Draw a the subject using pencil
    2. Add some acrylic colour
    3.  those colors using palette knife accordingly.
    4.  can add gesso to create a solid texture.

    6. Detailing work

    To create a professional look beginners must try to add details. First add a base line with multiple layer of colors to create  a tone and shadows. Once it dries then add details and outline with deep and light highlights using pointed brush. Detailing painting need observation . Observations may not be need to be copied fully all you need to take inspiration from that.

    7. Galaxy painting

    A vivid galaxy with stars can be painted easily with acrylic paint. You can combine colors that you want also mix colors to create galaxy hue. Then add stars and moon with fine liners or detailing brush.

    Tips for galaxy painting

    1. Add the masking tape as border to avoid the mess and it will live a clean look.
    2. Use vivid colors of sky like, blue, cobalt, purple, sky blue.
    3. Use different strokes using brushes as the sky is not simple and Solid .
    4. Later use white or silver fine liner  or paint with brush to create an iconic galaxy look.