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    What is a California Room?

    What is a California Room?

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    Today, we will be discussing one of the heavily searched terms, the ‘California Room’. So, put on your reading glasses, if you haven’t yet, and get ready to unveil everything there’s to know about this rather unique term.

    What is the meaning of ‘California Room’?

    A transition room setup that allows the subtle mix of both the indoor and outdoor settings, California Rooms are one of the trendiest home decor ideas that’s being followed worldwide.

    Designed to bring in the attributes of both the environments, a typical California room design can vary greatly based on the amount invested. But on an average, it has a ceiling, with two walls serving as the intermediary to the rest of the house. The room may further be connected to an outdoor kitchen, or have high-luxury amenities including a mini-theatre or a game room.

    Thus, to simply put it, the term is used to define homes that don’t go by the traditional residential structure and have an open linking area to the outside veranda for aesthetic purposes.

    What is the history behind these rooms?

    Also confused with similar looking indoor decor ideas, including the sunroom, Florida rooms and the Hawaiian lanai, the California room first originated from the lands of Southern California, and hence its name. However, their initiation was a little bit different than what is prevalent today.

    In the early years, these homes weren’t as similar to the open-space living ideas as present times. The concept focused more on adding a luxurious feel to the houses and hence many suppose the California rooms we see as of today were developed during the last few decades. The latest modifications were derived from the classical piazza structures of Italian, Greek and Spanish architecture. This gives them a fresh outlook as they combine the best features of both outdoor and indoor arrangements, encouraging residents to invest ridiculous amounts of prices in these ideas.

    Should I invest in a California Room?

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    See, given their heavy cash requirement, investing in this particular home decoration agenda is completely a personal choice. But if you are trying to weigh out the pros and cons, here are some points that can help you make a better choice.

    1. Limitless ideas to furnish

    Commonly regarded as an aesthetic addition to the homespace, home owners can choose to add or do so many things. From adding a large dining table to setting up an open-air gaming theatre, California Rooms definitely prove better than all other choices. Thus, the larger the space, the more there is to add and make it better looking.

    1. Protected from outside elements

    The next advantage of opting these rooms includes their adaptability to changing surroundings. As the contents will be amply protected by a ceiling and two walls on the side, you won’t have to worry about sudden showers or excessive sun exposure. So, no matter what’s the weather, you can always enjoy a glass of your favourite wine while taking in fresh breaths of air without actually going outside.

    1. Best for holding functions or parties

    Apart from adding a posh outlook to your home, the California rooms also serve as one of the best destinations for holding functions or inviting your guests to kitty parties. Depending upon the settings you could hold a barbecue, join the latest gossip with your friends over a tea party, or even laze around the fireplace while watching the latest Marvel additions.

    1. Increases the resale value

    Even though most properties face a disappointing marginal reduction in their costs during reselling, opting for the trendy idea can actually prove to be highly beneficial. Nowadays everyone digs a space that allows uninterrupted linkage to the outer porch without actually compromising their safety, and hence if you have got the California room, you can expect greater returns during resale of the house.

    1. Enhances the overall outlook of your home

    Finally, out of all trendy furnishing ideas that you could invest in, these Californian rooms are the best in giving an extended outlook to your overall house design. And even though many may claim that they aren’t exactly rooms, they sure do give an alluring feel to all kinds of structures, be it built like one of those mediaeval castles or one with a complex modern design.

    With all being said about the benefits of signing up for this particular furnishing, their only disadvantage is their cost. Based upon the available space, design, amenities, and other essential factors, you can expect the construction costs to be starting from a whopping $15,000.

    Top Ideas for Californian Room design

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    1. Moroccan Villa Style

    Based upon the effective mixing of various bold colours, the Moroccan Villa style room is all about beauty, luxury and comfort. You can add in a C-shaped couch, a few curtains, and Moroccan-style lanterns to top off the look. However, be extra careful in deciding the colours as they will be the final deciding factors.

    1. Roofless California Room

    If you are a fan of sunlight, a roofless California Room is the best option for you. You can add in a nice barbeque stand, throw in some decorations here and there, and even go for a small fountain in front to bring out the royal vibe as shown in most historical documentaries.

    1. Glass design

    Structurally somewhat similar to the roofless California room, interested individuals can also opt for a full-on glass design. The roof and the adjacent walls would be designed with toughened glass, allowing a greater reach to the outside setting without actually exposing you to the heat, cold or showers.

    1. Going Horizontal

    Low height furniture also goes well with spaces that are rather compact as compared to the rest of the house. They make the area seem wider and spacious, thereby making your work less expensive.

    1. Eclectic Design

    Featuring the best of both worlds, eclectic design mainly incorporates both traditional and modern decor ideas. For this you will be required to compare different things and make out a subtle mixture that works for your California Room. You can also add designer plants or go for portable shrubs to complete the look.

    1. Bricked Californian Room

    Almost everyone loves a properly planned out room with bricks given its bold and colourful appearance. Moreover, they also cost less, are highly resilient, sturdy and long-lasting. So, if you are also a fan of simple things, designing your room walls with bold-colored bricks can be greatly appealing for both you and your guests.

    1. Beach vibes

    In case your residence is closely located to a beach, going for the Carman Bay Cottage Californian Room is also a great idea. Add in an outdoor fireplace with colourful lighting and a few see-through curtains, and enjoy the chilly escape after a long day at work. A barbeque may also be a good idea if you love grilling your own seafood.

    Indeed there are many other California Room ideas that you could explore. But for the best results, it is always best to consult with an experienced and qualified Californian Room designer. This way you can save both time and money, without risking the visual aesthetics of your new place.

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