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Garnier Micellar Water Review

Garnier Micellar Water

Why Garnier Micellar Water

My skin is oily, sensitive, and acne-prone. I never sleep with my makeup on my face because I don’t want to deal with breakouts. So, I am obsessed with a good cleansing routine and often double cleanse my skin before bed. Micellar water has cleansing molecules in them that effectively remove makeup residue, dirt, and excess products from the skin surface. Hence, I often use it as the first step to my cleansing routine, especially when I am wearing makeup.

Garnier 3

Micellar water has been around the beauty industry for years. Some of the popular brands like Bioderma are very expensive in other countries except for their parent country France. So when Garnier launched its micellar water range, it was compared and excited for obvious reasons. The marketing was done as an effective makeup remover at an affordable price point, and people were soon raving about it. I got two variants of it to try out how they are different or similar and if they are worth the hype.

What is the cost?

I bought it for Rs 399. Check the updated cost here.


What are the company claims?

Micellar Cleansing Water removes makeup, cleanses and soothes with no need for rubbing or rinsing. No perfume. Hypoallergenic. Suitable for use on sensitive skin, including delicate areas. Micellar water is an easy way to remove makeup, soothe and hydrate the face, eye area, and lips in 1 step, without rinsing.

How is the packaging?

Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water: The oil version of the Garnier micellar water comes in a flip-top clear plastic bottle. The difference between this and the regular micellar water is a layer of yellow-colored oil on top of the micellar water. The bottle has to be shaken well so that the oil and water infuse correctly. After being still for a few minutes, the oil again settles on top of the micellar water. The color scheme of the packaging is yellow.

Garnier Micellar cleansing water: The regular version of Garnier micellar water also comes in a flip-top clear plastic bottle. The clear bottle allows you to see how much product is being used. The bottle seal tightly and hence is travel friendly. I haven’t experienced any spillage, no matter how much I have traveled with it. The color scheme of this packaging is pink.

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How is product performance?

Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water: This oil-infused cleansing water has to be shaken well and then used. It has a yellow tinge to it but doesn’t stain the cotton pad or transfer to the skin. This is marketed to be effective in removing stubborn waterproof makeup. And I must say that it’s right to its claim. I use the Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara in waterproof (read the review here). It’s a very thick and waxy formula, and it effectively removes all traces of it. As with all micellar water, it has to be pressed on the makeup area to loosen and melt a bit. The way I use it is with a cotton pad. I drench the cotton pad with the product and press it on my eyes for a few seconds and gently slide the residue from my eyes. For stubborn waterproof makeup, you might need to go in for the second time, but most of it comes off in the first time itself. There is no need to tug and pull at the skin. The product is powerful enough to remove the makeup in a gentle swiping motion. As it is oil-infused, you won’t be facing any dryness after using this. There is also no oil residue left on the skin after using this micellar water. Skin feels refreshed and cleansed with almost all traces of makeup gone after using this non-sticky and lightweight formula.

Garnier Micellar cleansing water: This micellar water is useful to clean makeup and dirt residue after a long day. It deeply cleanses the skin of impurities, and I even use it on days I wear nothing except sunscreen on my face. It just makes my skin feel so cleansed and fresh. Micellar water also has a toning action, so it’s not only cleansing but toning your skin as well. Unlike the oil-infused version, this micellar water is clear. The consistency is thin and water-like. It smells good, but nothing overwhelming. The only difference is that it’s not as effective in removing waterproof makeup as the oil-infused cleansing water. For everyday use and removing non- waterproof makeup, it’s excellent. It removes all traces of makeup in one swipe. But with waterproof makeup you might have to use several cotton pads soaked in the product to see a visible difference in makeup removal. I use this to remove my face makeup. But for the eye makeup I prefer the Garnier oil-infused cleansing water as I mostly use waterproof products on my eyes.

Garnier before
Before application
Garnier after
After Appliation

Pros of Garnier Micellar water

Affordable price
Travel friendly
Quantity lasts a long time
Non- greasy, lightweight and non- oily texture
Smells good
Deeply cleanses the skin
Removes impurities and all sorts of makeup
Works immediately and no need to apply heavy pressure Super effective on waterproof makeup especially the oil-infused version Didn’t break me out
Available in different sizes

Cons of Garnier Micellar water


Final Thoughts

The fact that it didn’t break me out and didn’t sting or irritate my skin makes it a must-have for my skincare routine. Although it is suggested that you don’t have to rinse it off, I wouldn’t recommend it. Even after using a makeup removal wipe or Micellar water, there still can be traces of makeup left. I always double cleanse even after using micellar water and wash my face before using any skincare products. This product is perfect for correcting any makeup mistakes by using a Q- tip dipped in micellar water. I would highly recommend this product for its efficacy, price, and amount of product offered.



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