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Top 5 best Massage Chairs under $1000

Best massage chairs under $1000
Best massage chairs under $1000

Massage chairs are specially designed for providing ergonomic massage function. They aid towards weight loss and muscle relaxation but if and only if you have the best-build model with latest features. Advanced models come with heat and power lift features and with top brands, you rest assured of user-friendly interface, sturdy and long-lasting modules that you can rely on for at least a decade.

However, if the list of options available online were not so overwhelming, we would not have thought of creating this buyers’ guide for our readers in the first place.

In this guide, we have compiled a list of top ten massage chairs by doing a lot of research on what works and what doesn’t in the long term. Save your time with these top 5 best massage chairs available under $1000 on Amazon.

Top 5 Best Selling Massage Chairs Under $1000

Circ- Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair

CirC Massage Chairs

Circ- Sync Wellness Massage Chair is an excellent option for gamers and night owls requiring comfortable seating arrangements for long stretch of time on regular basis. Available in 3 colors of Burnt Coffee, Beige and Wine, it comes with a blend of design, function with customized features for enhanced performance.

With a choice of dimensions of 21.6 x 37 x 39/ 40 x 21.75 x 37, Circ is equipped with built in lighting for improved ambience. Further adding to its benefits are SL Track Massage Technology for superior lower back massage and Lumbar Heat Therapy for stimulating stiff muscles or enhancing blood flow. The compactness of the product enables convenient placement without taking up extra room for clearance space. Furthermore it has added features of Manual Massage Controls for simplicity of use regardless of skill levels


  • Compact
  • Budget friendly
  • Offers lower and upper back massage technique


  • Not suitable for people of heavier or longer built
  • No recline function or advance massage techniques

Bilitok Massage Chair with Zero Gravity Heating.

This 110 Volt Massage Chair has been designed to suit the needs of a wide range of customers with varied requirements and needs. It comes equipped with 5 preset automatic modes with 3 layers of air bags for extra comfort. The zero-gravity facility provided in it enables you adjust the reclining angle as per your convenience. There are a total of 8 fixed rollers for back and waist massage with additional rollers for feet.

With a product dimension of 58″ x 40″ x 30″, Bilitok has built in waist heater and leg heating for enhanced comfort. The rolling wheel with retractable foot stool make it easy to be transported.  Customized ergonomic design with soft leather further add to the comfort of the product. All of these features come at an affordable price. What’s more?  The chairs are available in 3 stunning colors to complement your existing decor. The chairs can withstand a maximum capacity of 150 lb with programmable timer for added ease.


  • Suitable for tall people
  • Movable and transport friendly
  • Easy to assemble


  • Mixed reviews regarding its performance for heavyweight candidates
  • Requires manual adjustment

Bosscare Massage Chair with 3D Mechanical Massage Hands

If you are a stickler to quality and are in search of a Massage Chair for your needs, Bosscare Massage Chair 120V is the chair you need. Made with environment friendly materials that undergo hundreds of quality tests before approved for the final cut. Designed for a height of 153-160cm, these chairs come with adjustable footrests for taller people of around 162 cm.

Bosscare chairs have a product dimension of 53.94″ x 28.74″ x 40.55″ with a weight capacity of approx. 260 pounds. Zero gravity helps relax and destress after a long day while the Back Heating Therapy soothe your tired muscles. Boss chairs come equipped with 6 kinds of preset massage modes to choose from for a satisfying and invigorating body massage. There are in total 14 massage balls with 3 levels of Massage Strength to suit your moods and requirements. Furthermore, it is easily installable with 2 choices of colours to suit your taste as well as decor.


  • Flexible
  • Aesthetically feasible
  • Suitable for heavy weight people


  • Mixed reviews for Thighs and glutes
  • Slightly inferior shoulder area

Smagreho MM350 with Adjustable Massage Intensity

Often regarded as the best massage chair for the geriatric population, the 120V chair comes in an upgraded packing version with extra precautions taken for avoiding the risk of transportation damage. The zero-gravity button reclines your body at 75° elevating your feet for improved circulation while the backrest equipped with 8 fixed rollers make it a therapeutic session worth its hype.

Smagreho unique feature is it being equipped with enhanced casters for deep tissue massage with Gua Sha therapy. With the addition of bilateral bags, your shoulders, arms, hips, calves and feet get the luxury of the perfect compression therapy while you relax and listen to music on the added Bluetooth. Smagreho comes in product dimensions of 46″x30″x57″ with skin friendly high grade synthetic later to suit your aesthetic taste. All you need is to connect your chair app to voice control and let Alexa do the rest. Weights upto 170 pounds can be comfortably adjusted by the chair. With 3 different color palette to choose from, you can rely on it to gel comfortably with your decor


  • Cost effective
  • Custom functions with adjustable intensity
  • Premium quality


  • Limitations in height and weight criteria
  • Takes up a lot of space

Foelro Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner with Air Bags

This 120V massage chair is the ideal bet for Shiatsu Lovers consciousness about their stress levels and overall well-being requiring a massage chair for internal healing. With multiple vibrant color modes to choose from, Foelro comes in 6 automatic modes with preset remotes to customize the area of body, intensity of massage with its speed. The seats of the chair are made of high end synthetic leather and the product in itself undergoes multiple testing cycles for the perfect finishing before final approval.

Foelro retractable footrest and movable bottom roller are designed for comfort while at the same time keeping your requirements in mind. There are a total of 8 rollers at strategic positions for relaxation of the whole body. The chair comes in dimensions of 39.8″x 25.8″x  18 with a maximum weight recommendation of 171kg( 380 pounds). The lower back of this model has a heating function designed to relieve fatigue and speed up blood circulation. It is equipped with wheels for convenient transportation with additional Bluetooth for added luxury.


  • Suitable for heavy weight people
  • Transport friendly
  • Customized feature availability


  • Bulky

Buyers Guide

Before you start looking for best massage chairs under $1000, make sure you have all essential knowledge to make a correct decision. Every massage chair is primarily opted for its therapeutics properties and stress relief functions. But generalized features that come with the chair are regarded as an added bonus. The electronic massage chairs of today more or less use the following features with variations in their design, make and outlay in each brand.


Airbags in a massage chair are a part of its customized abilities. They are designed to mimic the Swedish massage method of delivering long kneading strokes or tapping strokes on the topmost muscle layers while simultaneously working on the connective tissues and improving blood circulation. These bags inflate and deflate to provide a gentle mode of compression and are mostly helpful in the shoulders and neck region of the body.


Rollers in a massage chair are solid balls or wheels like structures with attached arms to move up and down the chairs backrest on their roller track. A roller system constitutes of roller arms, roller balls/wheels with a roller engine to move the wheels as per the users’ requirements. A variety of rollers are found in massage chairs based on their number of roller balls, the dimensions or area covered by them and their location in the chair.

Massaging techniques

The most important massaging techniques are

  • Swedish massage – longer massage strokes for improved muscle relief
  • Deep tissue massage – Modified form of Swedish massage targeting deeper muscles and connective tissue for relaxation and pain relief
  • Tapping – Tapping or Percussion Massage is a series of rapid tapping strokes for stimulation of muscles and connective tissue
  • Shiatsu massage – Combines stretching, pressing and rotating for whole body restoration massage
  • Kneading – Kneading Method works by lifting and stretching muscles. In massage chairs, it is usually conducted in circular motions in both sides of spine
  • Vibration – Vibration massage uses vibrating plates for massages of varying intensity.


The Zero-gravity feature in a massage chair enables users to raise their legs while uniformly distributing their weight in this position. According to a research in 2017, 20 minutes of zero gravity mode in a massage chair is equivalent in health benefits to 8-10 hours of sleep. Along with other benefits, it improves blood circulation, reduces back pain with spinal cord compression and improves lung capacity and function


A footrest is the space in the chair used to place the feet. It serves the dual purpose of leg support along with acting as a secondary massage area. Being retractable in nature, it is important for tall candidates to sit comfortably on the chair. You can adjust it after your use to ensure the chair does not claim too much of your space. Some specialized models of chairs have rotating footrests that offer calf massage as an additional feature.


Massage chairs are so designed so as to adjust heights from 5′-7′ and weights as far as 280lbs. But practically, very few models actually accommodate heights above 6′ and weight above 160-200lb. Such models are bulky and take up a lot of free space in your room.

Heated massage

Massage chairs use IR-radiation (Infra-red) implemented in the form of carbon fibre mats for heating function in the chairs. These mats emit heat in a short span of time and you may feel an intensity of 40°C within 3 minutes of the application. The heating mechanism is provided in the backrest of the chair. But some recent models have been incorporated with an additional calf heating function for added comfort.

Take Home Advice

  • Before zeroing upon a massage chair, personally access its every feature (from YouTube, Reditt, social circle) to ascertain of the model that is best suited for your needs. It is advisable not make any purchase solely on anyone’s recommendations. Even we could have missed a model that can best fit your needs. So, analyze for a week, if it takes, before you decide to go with a model.
  • Make sure the accessories and spare parts are easily available. Some models may go obsolete with design changes or introduction of new models.
  • Ensure that the brand offers a swift customer service or customer care executives that cater to your queries regarding any problems. If problems like sound issues or faulty heating arise after the purchase, make sure they replace/ take back the chair or provide other feasible solutions in a process manner. The best way to ascertain that is to filter user reviews with keywords like “after sales service” or “customer care”.
  • As these are electronics item, make sure you don’t leave the chair idle for months. In case you are forced to, give it a quick dry run for a couple of minutes, that will do the needful.

We hope, this blog will help you make an ideal choice. Don’t forget to check our other blog posts on popular categories!