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Maybelline Colorshow Intense Crayon- M 215 Intense Red Review

Maybelline Lipstick

Why this Maybelline Lipstick

I haven’t heard any woman say that they don’t like red lipstick. It was the first lipstick color to be ever launched by any brand perhaps, and till now, companies are giving out varieties of red color in their lipstick category. It’s iconic, chic, and timeless. Everyone can pull off a red lip, and it just complements and brightens up the whole look. From Hollywood stars to brides and even your humble blogger here loves a red lip so much that she owns multiples of them(they all look different, I swear ;)).

For everyday looks or special occasion, a red lip is always appropriate. Many of my friends will only wear red and no other color EVER! Such is the craze of red lipstick among women, and whenever a brand launches lipsticks, they are sure to include a red in it. However, the finish is entirely your preference, but the effect is universal- classy and elegant.

Maybelline Lipstick

The Maybelline Colorshow Intense Crayon- M 215 Intense Red is one such red that nobody can miss. Maybelline is a brand that has supplied women with many iconic and cult favorite red lipsticks for almost six decades, so they know what formula and color will work across ages and skin color. Keep reading to learn more about this version of the Maybelline Lipstick saga.

What is the cost and shelf life?

I got this for Rs 399. The shelf life of this Maybelline Lipstick is two years. For the updated price, click here.

What are Company Claims?

Maybelline New York introduces the new Color Show Intense Crayon. Perfect lips, no matter what your shade. High coverage pigment to cover dark as well as uneven lips. SPF 17 and honey protects from darkening and dryness. Total 10 intense lip perfecting matte shades

Maybelline Lipstick 2

How is the Packaging?

This Maybelline Lipstick comes in a retractable chubby crayon form. The packaging is color-coded and matches the shade of the lipstick. It adorable and user-friendly packaging. If you place the cap correctly, there are fewer chances of it to open in the bag. The bottom of the crayons has all the shade details. It is travel friendly and sturdy. If you own multiples of these, you can easily find out which color to use as they are color-coded and true to their lipstick’s shades.
However, there is one con regarding the packaging, which is its not- sharpenable tip. It’s a retractable crayon, which is good as there will be no product wastage that is obvious while sharpening. But then you will also end up with a blunt end after a few usages. It’s like a bullet lipstick in a crayon format if that makes sense.
I prefer sharpenable products because I can get it to be precise whenever I want. They are also hygienic because you are scraping the top layer, which generally accumulates dust and microbes after multiple usages. If you are a professional makeup artist, then sharpenable products are your best choices to avoid contamination.

What are the Texture and Fragrance?

The claim for Maybelline Colorshow Intense Crayon- M 215 Intense Red is a matte finish. But it’s nowhere near matte. It’s a moist, creamy formula. The name is very misleading. So if you prefer dry matte formulas, it might not be for you. However, I love such formulas, so I don’t have any issues. It’s very hydrating on the lips, and the wear time is very comfortable. It’s not a tacky or sticky formula like the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick (review here). Your lips will feel very balmy and nourished after using this, which I love. It has a slight sheen to it as well. There is a noticeable fruity fragrance to this Maybelline Lipstick. But honestly, I don’t mind it as it fades away eventually, not those sickeningly sweet fragrances. It’s very mild and almost undetectable.

Maybelline Lipstick 4

What is the Shade range?

There are ten shades available in the Maybelline Colorshow Intense Crayon range. The colors have variety in them from pinks, mauves, browns to oranges. So everyone can find their preferred shade in this range. The colors are nothing new or exciting or something never seen before. They are universally flattering shades that will appeal to the masses.

How is the Application?

The application is very smooth and hydrating on the lips. This Maybelline Lipstick will not settle on fine lines and accentuate any texture. So people with dry lips will find it very comfortable to wear mostly. The lips look so luscious and juicy after wearing the lipstick that I don’t mind reapplying after a few hours. The color payoff is also excellent with one stroke application. At this price point, the lipstick is of excellent quality.

What is the Longevity of this Maybelline lipstick?

The formula is very creamy, so obviously it transfers. But it doesn’t transfer in patches and will not come off instantly. It stays true to its color for almost 4 hours, after which it fades gradually. The red shade leaves a faint stain on my lips, but nothing major. It easily comes off with a makeup remover. However, the lipstick won’t survive heavy or oily meals. It will come off, and you have to reapply it. The plus point is that, unlike liquid or overly matte lip shades, you can layer this lipstick, and it will be okay. It’s easy to reapply and very convenient to use as you don’t need precision to apply, like in matte shades.

Pros of this Maybelline lipstick

>Cute, sturdy travel-friendly packaging

>Flattering true red shade for almost all skin tones

>Hydrating and creamy formula

>Comfortable on lips and decent staying power

>The color payoff is intense

>Budget-friendly Maybelline Lipstick

Cons of this Maybelline lipstick

>Misleading name as its not matte

>Transfers a bit

>Cannot be sharpened

Final thoughts

I like the formula of this Maybelline lipstick. They are completely up my alley as I prefer cream finish over matte any day. They are fun and easy to use. They are affordable, so very appropriate for beginners and college-going students. The shade range is also very universal and flattering. I would have loved to see more fun and exciting shades, but that just my preference. You should give it a try, especially this red shade.