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Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette – Rose in the Air Review

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Why Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette

The Wet n Wild Rose in the Air eye shadow palette is one of the most hyped palettes in the drugstore. It is often compared with the Modern Renaissance Palette from ABH. I am pretty sure there can be no comparison in terms of the quality and formula of the product, but the color theory is almost similar for both of them. I must admit that it took time to get my hands on this palette because it was always out of stock both online and in stores.

So when I finally got my hands on it, I couldn’t wait to review it for you guys. I have been using it for a couple of weeks to give you a detailed and authentic review. I don’t believe in first impressions, so I had to provide the product with a fair shot.

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What is the price of Wet n Wild Eyeshadow palette?

This Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette did cost me Rs 499 then for 8.5 Gms of product. For the updated price, click here.

How is the packaging of Wet n Wild Eyeshadow palette?

The packaging is simple, and at this price point, you shouldn’t expect anything more either. The packaging comes in a see-through plastic container. All the pans are visible from the lid, and the shades are numbered at the back of the palette. The shades are arranged two in a row with two transition shades occupying the maximum space at the top and bottom. The plastic is very cheap but closes firmly. Although the enclosure is secure, it is susceptible to breakage as the plastic is fragile.
There is no mirror or brush inside, which is fair at this price point. Let’s be honest how many of us use the brush that comes with an eye shadow palette anyways? The size of this Wet n Wild Eyeshadow palette fits in my palm so you can imagine how compact it is. Overall it’s an excellent palette to carry around and travels with.

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How are the pigmentation, texture, and formula?

The pigmentation is inconsistent in this Wet n Wild Eyeshadow palette. Some shades have excellent pigmentation and blends like a dream, while others are chalky and difficult to build. The formula for most shades is very dry and powdery; hence there are lots of falls out. You might want to do your face makeup after the eye makeup if you’re going to use this Wet n Wild Eyeshadow palette. The matte shades are the highlight of the palette. The shimmer and metallic shades need to be built up, and even then, they lack that intensity, which you would find in some other palettes, perhaps.

Let’s discuss the shades one on one for better analysis- My favorite shades are milky white (Shade #2), burnt orange (Shade #6), both the transition shades (Shade #1 and #10), red burgundy (Shade #7) and dark brown (Shade #10). All of these shades are so easy to blend, and the pigmentation is superb on these. The shades that I found lacking in Wet n Wild Eyeshadow are-

Shade-3: This is a champagne gold shade. My issue is it gives false hopes. It looks promising in the pan but doesn’t resonate well on the lids. It swatches well on the hands, but on application with a brush, the payoff is disappointing. It doesn’t provide that adequate shine, which one expects from such shades. The color also has the least staying power and fades away almost entirely after a few hours.

Shade- 4: Its nude purple in the pan, but it hardly shows on the eyelids unless you build it up. It’s not the one stroke pigmentation delivery type. But here comes the tricky part. The more you blend, the paler it will look. So you have to layer a couple of times to get the pigmentation right.

Wet n Wild 8 1 scaled

Shade-5: It’s a metallic copper shade, and honestly, the color and texture don’t complement each other. It’s supposed to be a shimmery shade, but its dark color makes it look not very interesting and not flattering at all. Again like most metallic shades in the palette, the intensity is lackluster, and it’s a difficult color to incorporate in your eye look unless you want a Smokey eye makeup. It just doesn’t do justice to its purpose.

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Shade- 9: This deep pink/magenta shade is actually what got me excited to get this Wet n Wild Eyeshadow palette in the first place. But it was a complete disaster. Maybe I got a lousy palette or something, but this color did not work for me, no matter how I tried. The texture is dry and rough. Sometimes harsh powder granules come out while using it with a brush.

It isn’t easy to blend and very patchy on the application. Building the intensity is a nightmare as it doesn’t layer well and makes the eye makeup look blotchy. It just latches on to the skin and refuses to blend. The pigmentation and texture are terrible.

But I don’t give up that easily, so I tried a trick which worked. You can apply a light shimmer shade first and then pack this color on top. The blending becomes more manageable as it will have something to glide on. Otherwise, you might be sitting for hours to make it work.

How is the staying power of Wet n Wild Eyeshadow palette?

The staying power is decent at best. I wouldn’t say the product will last the whole day and wouldn’t budge unless you are using an eye primer. Some of the shades, as mentioned above, are very good. They don’t crease or fade that quickly. I have worn them from morning to evening with little noticeable difference. However, I must inform you that the shimmer shades of this Wet n Wild Eyeshadow will lose their luster within a few hours. The matte shades are more long-lasting. Some of the darker shades often tend to stain the lids like the reds and the plum. In this palette, you won’t face any such issues as the pigmentation is not that intense. However, you must use an eye makeup remover or micellar water like the Garnier micellar water (read the review here) to remove the eye shadow altogether.

Why should you buy Wet n Wild Eyeshadow palette?

>It’s an affordable and reasonable palette overall
>Its beginners friendly
>There are 8 matte shadows and 2 metallic and shimmery shades
>It’s a good starting palette if you are experimenting with bold colors Mostly warm tone shades hence will suit most skin tones.
>The intensity can be built up for most shades.
>Some shades have excellent color pay off.

Why should you not buy Wet n Wild Eyeshadow palette?

>The brand is not cruelty-free
>There is too much fallout from the eye shadows
>The formula is on the dry side
>Some shades are hard to blend
>The metallic shades are not that bold and intense as you would expect
>It’s not the best dupe for its high-end counterpart

Final thoughts

The swatches took me several layers to build up and show up on the camera. Especially the deep magenta shade was tough to layer and still looked patchy. It’s not an utterly fantastic palette, and with a little more investment, you can have better palettes at the drugstore. But for everyday matte colors, I think it’s a sound palette. Especially if you are on a budget, college-going student, or just a makeup newbie, you will enjoy the palette. It’s budget-friendly and has some beautifully pigmented shades.