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How to Remove Pimples – 100% Real Quick

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“How to Remove Pimples overnight” is a scary question that people ask all the time. But it is important to understand that Pimples are the side effect of Acne which is the real disease that cause pimples in the first place.

So, how to fight it off?

How to remove Pimples

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Treat Acne Early

Acne is the most common skin disorder seen by doctors and at some time in our lives it will affect almost every one of us. Actually, acne can happen any time in our lives, but the ones who get it  most often are teenagers.

So, what do you really know about acne? There are many ways to treat them, that’s for sure. For that reason we will discus in this article about proper skin care and adequate use of acne cosmetics.  

What causes acne?

No one really knows for sure. But all those myths about chocolate and acne, or even sex and acne are simply not true. They are just myths, on the other hand every myth contains some particles of truth.

For example, it is true that some individuals feel that certain foods can aggravate acne in their cases, and in some individuals this food is chocolate, while in others are eggs or some other food.

We’ve mentioned sex: once again- sex does not cause acne. Hormones are the ones that cause it. For that reason many women, even in their 30ties suffer from breakouts during their periods. (Additional information: estrogen helps control acne, while testosterone usually worsens them.)  

Some people suffer from acne because of (improper) cosmetics. If you are using foundations or powders, and if you have problems with acne – use only oil-free cosmetics. However, some people react also to that.

Some people think that acne are caused by dirt. Partly they are, but you will not solve your acne problem if over-washing your face. On contrary, you will make the situation even worse- you will wash away your natural oils and dry out your skin.

Acne can be caused by stress. Many students have problems with acne during their exams, when they are exposed to greater stress. For example, I had a friend with the same problem: acne breakouts during exams, but she was also constantly squeezing her pimples, which is another factor that contributed that acne spread all over her face. Avoid doing this, if possible. First, you cause the infection to spread further on your face and second, your are increasing the chance of getting acne scarring. 

People, prone to excessive sweating usually have problems with acne (more than 15% of acne sufferers). Also some weather conditions, like humidity worsen acne. 

Theory says that acne occur when the skin surface and pores become blocked. What blocks pores is another story and there are as many answers as are acne sufferers: fatty food, chocolate, cosmetics, sweating, hair-sprays, and so on and so on.

Can proper skin care and acne cosmetic help?

Yes! Proper skin care combined with acne cosmetics/ medicines can be the answer to your prayers.

Many people start with acne cleansers, which are used to remove oil, sweat and dirt and make-up if necessary. Acne cleansers are also combined with other topical acne treatments and contribute that latter are easier absorbed. But be careful and do not exaggerate. Limit acne cleansers use to once or maximum twice daily.

Another very important factor in acne cleansers use is proper selection of acne cleansers according to Skin type.

Let’s start with oily skin, since people with oily skin very often have problems with acne. People with oily skin should choose acne cleansers that contain substances that rinse off well. For this purpose both bar soaps and liquid cleansers have been formulated.

Those who have dry skin, should use gentler face soaps or liquid cleansers, because products for oily skin would additionally dry out their skin. People with normal skin should best decide for cleanse with daily bar soaps or synthetic detergents, while for those with sensitive skin should choose nonirritating cleansers with balanced pH.

All products must have a label on the package stating, who/ what skin type should use the product.

So, what cosmetics for acne?

Most cosmetics are oil based, because they give better flawless lok and give longer coverage, but they also increase the amount of oil in the skin. Thus, one acne cause comes from presence of excess oils in the cosmetics and harmful ingredients they contain, while the other cause is poor removal of acne makeup, which additionally closes pores. 

Most commonly used oily substance in cosmetics is lanolin, which easily penetrates skin and thus triggers acne. Thus, people with oily skin shouldn’t use cosmetics that is lanolin based, but water based creams, alcohol based liquids or oil free foundations. However, these cosmetics still contains harmful because synthetic products that have been used as oil substitute that still trigger acne, such as dyes and fragrances.

For that reason, people with acne should use cosmetics designed especially for acne. If you have problem with acne and you must use cosmetics, use products that contain mineral oils or sunflower oil, that do not penetrate skin and are for that reason less harmful. It is also recommendable to consult with your doctor or dermatologists about products you shouldn’t use, especially if you have moderate to severe acne inflammation. 

We hope you got your answer on how to remove pimples quick.

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