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Benefits of Essential Oils


Essential Oils have great healing and rejuvenating powers. Inspite of that sometimes their status as an essential oil is undervalued. These oils are extracted from aromatic plants. During the extraction process the concentrated form of the oil is extracted.

This concentrated form should not have direct contact with human body as it can be harmful. They need to be diluted before use. Those who do not follow this rule and use the essential oils directly may face some minor or even major health problems.

Essential oils

Essential oils are use in number of treatments. In fact, according to this dentist who does dental veneers in Harrisburg, essential oils such as peppermint and tea tree are believed to have antimicrobial properties which makes them a good addition to your dental care routine. They are particularly used in aromatherapy, where again these oils are used in different techniques of treatment. They level of safety in their usage cannot be predicted as they may have some ill effects on excessive use.

The adverse effects that essential oils have may be because of a wrong method of using them. They are known for their wondrous medicinal value and have many benefits.

Essential oils are used in body massaging. It is necessary that before using these oils they have to be diluted in carrier oil and then applied on the body.

Application of the concentrated form of the oil may be very harmful. In case of body massaging the oil should be light in texture for easy movement and are selected on the basis of what type of massage is to be done and which part of the body.

Essential oils are extracted from aromatic plants. The aromas these oils emit are medicinal and therefore are used in aromatherapy functions. The more powerful the fragrance is the more concentrated is the essential oil. Aromatherapy uses oils and relaxes the body.

It can heal a number of problems like stress and change the state of mind. They are very powerful oils that can affect the brain and make a change in its state.

Certain oils are used in the manufacture of body lotions and hand creams. These are oils that are thick and its ingredients act as a moisturizer. At times the act as an antiseptic and can heal any inflammation.

Essential oils

Essential oils can cure some basic health problems like common cold, cough, bacterial infections, insomnia, stress, stomach disorders, high blood pressure, arthritis pain and menstrual cramps. All these problems have different techniques of curing but in all methods essential oils can be used.

These oils can be aphrodisiacs and are better than using candles and incense sticks. Essential oils can also be made to make perfumes that can be place in any room and change the atmosphere to a pleasant and calm place

Blending of Essential Oil

Essential oils are extracts from aromatic plants. These oils are particular therapeutic properties and their fragrance is very important. Essential oils are primarily used in aromatherapy in which they are consumed in different methods to cure various diseases and health problems.

However, these essential oils cannot be used directly and they need to be diluted in carrier oils. This final blend with the carrier oil is then used for treatment. It is necessary that while blending the essential oil the aroma of the actual oil is not lost or overpowered by the carrier oil. Blending is done in two ways, one is Aromatic Blending and the other is Therapeutic Blending.

Essential oils

In aromatic blending the essential oils are mixed to get one particular aroma. This is used by the perfumers who use the chemical properties of essential oils to make perfumes. This makes the process of giving aromas to perfume cheaper.

In aromatherapy only natural ingredients are bought together in a blend. It will include the concentrated oil with carrier oils, water, grain alcohol, carbon dioxide and certain herbs. In aromatherapy the oils are divided into sections as per their aroma.

The cedar and pine have a woody aroma. Spearmint and Peppermint are in the minty category. Jasmine, Neroli and lavender form the flowery aroma group. The herbaceous aromas include rosemary, marjoram and basil. Fruits like lime, orange and lemon have typical citrus fruit aromas.

Spices like clove, nutmeg and cinnamon are in the spicy aroma category. Oils from vetiver, oakmoss and patchouli have an earthy aroma.

Essential oils

Oils within similar groups of aroma bond well together in a blend. The oriental and spicy aroma oils can combine in a blend. The floral aroma and the citrus fruits oils blend together. The minty oils combine with the herbs and the woodsy oils combine with all oils.

While making an aromatic blend it is essential to have small quantities in the beginning. While blending it is necessary to begin with the essential oils, absolutes and carbon dioxide. After get the right blend alcohol and carrier oils can be added. The oil quantity should be measured in drops as very small quantity is used. The essential oils should be labeled properly to avoid confusion.

In therapeutic blends, the oils are prepared keeping in mind the therapy for which is to be used. Two oils which have properties to cure a particular ailment are bought together in this case. The blends have to be perfect as any wrong blends may adversely affect the user of the oil in therapy.

Essential Oils and Acne

Acne is a skin problem that can lead to blemishes on the skin and make the face look bad. Essential oils play an important role in curing acne. Essential oils along with suitable oil can be used for relieving the skin of acne.

The selection of the essential oil used in treating acne should be carefully selected taking into consideration the type of acne or skin problem that is being treated. It is also necessary to take into account the type of carrier oil that is going to be used.

Essential oils

This carrier oil will be mixed with the essential oil to make it potent for application on skin. Carrier oils selected should be such that do not close the pores of the skin. Also if the skin is very sensitive then the essential oil needs to be diluted. Grape seed is good for the skin but can cause irritation. Thus its usage should be stopped immediately.

The different types of essential oils good to treat the skin for acne are tea tree oil, lavender oil, bergamot oil, rosewood oil and clove oil.

Tea Tree oil is antibacterial in nature and is could to heal open wounds and acne. When used on acne, tea tree oil helps to clear the skin without any irritation or burning sensation. It calms the skin and get rids of any acne.

Lavender oil also has antibacterial properties. The purest form of lavender oil is mixed with carrier oil and applied on acne. It reduces the redness that is caused by acne and also prevents the skin from have breakouts of acne again.

Bergamot Oil has a stimulating perfume. It helps in drying and reducing the acne and to get rid of any blemishes caused by acne. Before using this oil it is suggested that homeopathic help is taken. Also, after applying bergamot oil, one must not go out in the sun as the skin gets very sensitive.

Essential oils

Rosewood Oil reduces sebum production in the skin. This invariably reduces acne and gives a clear skin. It is suitable for oily. people with dry and sensitive skin should avoid the use of rosewood oil.

Clove Oil is very strong and this can be figured out from its strong aroma. It should always be applied on the skin along with carrier oil. Only applying clove oil will cause irritation and burning sensation. It is good to remove stubborn acne.

Essential Oils Safety

Essential oils are extracts from aromatic plants. They are in their concentrated form and should always be used carefully. They are strong liquids and can be dangerous if not used with care. These oils have very high healing powers and medicinal value.

But excessive usage of essential oils and inappropriate usage can lead to injuries and have adverse effects.

The use of any essential oil should be done only after consultation with a trained and qualifies aromatherapy practitioner.

While using any essential oil to treat any ailment, the use of the oil should be stopped immediately in case of any irritation or reaction to the skin.

There are many guidelines to safety while using aromatherapy oils. While starting the therapy, first the user should apply the diluted oil in a very small quantity to on part of the skin. it should be left on the skin for atleast 24 hours. This is done to see if the oil suits that person and if it is safe for him to use it further. If after 24 hours there is no problem, one can go ahead using the oil.

Essential oils

The use of certain oils should be avoided by pregnant women, epileptic patients, asthma patients and any other health conditions. Care should be taken because use of an oil can have an adverse effect with such health conditions.

Internal consumption of the oil should be done only after consultation. The oils should always be mixed with the carrier oil and only then applied to the skin. application of undiluted oil to the skin is not advisable as these oils are very strong and can harm the skin.

First time users should always start with smaller quantities. Oils like camphor, wormwood, wintergreen, sassafras, pennyroyal, rue, onion and bitter almond should be used only after consultation with an aroma therapist.

Aromatherapy oils are inflammable and should be keeping away from fire and sunlight. They should be stored in a cool place. These essential oils should be kept away from children to avoid any accidents.

After applying the oil, exposure to the sun should be avoided as it makes the skin sensitive. They should come in contact with the eyes as that can be very harmful. It is essential that after applying the oil, hands must be washed thoroughly and the oil must be kept back in a safe place. they should be treated like any other medicine.

How do Essential Oils Work

Essential oils are extracts of extremely strong herbal aromatic plants. Each of these oils has a special characteristic and can be used to cure a number of ailments. Aromatherapy uses these extensively.

In aromatherapy the oils are used as they are or are blended together with other oil to give proper effects. Before using any of these essential oils it is necessary that the user knows what the significance of the oil is and how it works on the body.

Essential oils

When essential oils are inhaled they directly affect the limbic center of the brain. This limbic center of the brain is where functions related breathing, memory and blood circulation in the body is controlled. When inhaled the oil indirectly affects all these centers of the body helping it to function better.

Essential oils are also used in massaging the body. They are mixed with carrier oil which helps in massaging easily. Massaging with essential oils lets the oil penetrate the skin and benefit the body.

It relieves the muscles of any pain, increases the blood circulation and transfers the benefits of the oil to other organs in the body. The absorption of essential oils in the body can take about twenty minutes to two hours. Thus after application of the oil it should be left on for a while in order to get proper benefits.

Most of the essential oils have to be blended with carrier oil before applying on skin. Lavender and tea tree oil however can be applied directly. An application of ginger oil and black pepper oil together can cure arthritis. Skin is porous. The dynamic chemical properties of the essential oils help them penetrate through the skin.

Essential oils

Once the essential oils are massaged on to the skin, the blood circulation improves which helps in better absorption of the oils. Also, improved blood circulation helps in carrying the benefits of the oil to all parts of the body.

Essential oils can be swallowed and ingested. This is to be done only with the consultation of a doctor. Care must be taken as any mistake may cause harm to the liver or kidneys. It can also lead to gastric problems.

Inhalation is the best technique. With use of oils like eucalyptus, problems like common cold, cough can be solves. Inhaling peppermint oil helps cure fatigue and nausea. Consumption of essential oil whether inhaled, applied or ingested should be in small quantities. Excessive consumption can be harmful.

Essential Oils Used in Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an excellent way to relieve the body of stress and to keep the body, mind and spirit calm. Essential oils are extracts from plants, roots, flowers, fruits and stems that have very high healing powers. these extracts of oil are used in aromatherapy.

While using these oils in aromatherapy, they are mixed with carrier oils to make them potent for application on skin. Some of these carrier oils include jojoba oil, kernel oil, sweet almond oil and grape seed oil. Lavender and tea tree oils are those that can be used directly on the skin without any problems.

Essential oils

These oils get absorbed into the skin easily and do not leave any sticky remains on the skin. There are many types of oils used in aromatherapy ad each has it very own distinct properties.

Eucalyptus which has its roots in Australia helps cure infectious disease like common colds, flu, measles etc. It is also a very good insect repellent because of its distinct aroma.

Bergamot found first in Italy, is that derived from dried peels of bitter orange. It has an orangey aroma and has healing powers. It helps reducing headaches, tensions and anxiety. It is also good for cystitis and vaginal itching. After application of bergamot oil, the user must avoid the sun for at least three days.

Germanium has a distinct sweet aroma like that of a rose. It is excellent to cure depression and irritability. It can be used in bath water to soak and relieve any stress.  Germanium oil should be avoided by pregnant women.

Chamomile is extensively used in aromatherapy. It calm rashes, stomach or colic upsets and skin irritations. It also helps in reducing spasms, cramps and shocks. Chamomile is very good for children and women

Neroli is oil that has a refreshing fragrance. It helps in relieving anxiety and also acts as a tranquilizer. It motivates the development of new cells.

Peppermint has a minty fragrance and is of great use in skincare and cosmetics. They are used in many skincare products. It is also useful for revitalizing the skin and solving problems of indigestion. Peppermint should not be used for children as it many have effects of insomnia and skin irritation.

Essential oils

Rose oil helps in overpowering depression. It is good for all skin types. it is very good for women. Especially during pregnancy women can use this oil. It has a soft and refreshing fragrance.

How to Buy Essential Oils

Essential oils used in aromatherapy are made of natural extracts of aromatic plants. They are pure and completely natural. While purchasing essential oils it is necessary that their purity is checked.

They should also be stored properly after purchase otherwise they could get spoil it. Aromatherapy oils can be purchased from a number of places and can also be ordered online. The best places to buy these oils are health food shops.

Essential oils are available at super markets, discount stores, cosmetic stores, health stores, pharmacists, departmental stores and even on the internet. Market stores give authentic essential oils at reasonable prices. Their prices are much better than those at health stores.

Aromatherapy oils can also be purchased form online shopping sites. All one needs to do is order then and pay on delivery. Purchase of essential oils from discount stores must be avoided as they are not authentic and must be of a bad quality. Health food stores have the biggest variety of essential oils. Though the prices may be high, all kinds of oils are found.

While purchasing it is necessary to see  that the oils are pure. Oils which have only fragrance or are scented are not essential oils. They don’t have any medicinal property. Authentic oils have instructions written on the bottles.

The botanical name of the oil should be mentioned along with the brand name. Details of how the oils are obtained should be mentioned. It is necessary that when purchasing, the seller should have some knowledge about the oils. Before purchasing, one must have some idea of what kind of oil he wants.

Otherwise you will end up buying the wrong oil. The buyer must look for the natural ingredients in the oil. Try purchasing essential oils from wholesale seller of essential oils. The prices and types of oils from different stores must be compared and buy that which is of a better price and better quality.

The price of the oil depends on what kind of oil is being purchased and from where. Some oils are extracted from rare plants. Such oils are rare and so their prices are also high.

The oils that are easier to acquire are cheaper. Lavender is cheap oil and can be purchased for about $5 to around $10 for a 10-15 ml bottle. Melissa is rare oil and is expensive. It could cost around $30 to $35 for a 10 ml bottle.

Methods of Extraction of Essential Oil

The kind of oil that is extracted depends on the methods used. Extraction methods are decided on the type of oil that is being extracted and the type of end product that is required. There are various extraction techniques used for essential oils.

Distillation is the first method. The plant is kept in a clay pot with water and heated. The steam generated is diverted to another vessel. The heat causes the oil in the plant to come out and then evaporates.

When passed through the pipe it cools and drops of oil are formed which are collected along with the water. Oil floats on water which makes it easy to separate the oil.

Steam distillation makes use of an external resource. The steam is accumulated which is transmitted into a high pressure unit. The steam then travels through the perfumed material and later condensed.

Hydro distillation is the oldest methods. In this method the plants are flooded in water and heated to create a broth. This method is good for powders, and is used in hard material like wood, roots, nuts etc. There is risk of overheating in this technique which leads to an over cooked smell. It is the most unbalance way to make oil.

Water and Steam Distillation resembles the process of the kitchen steamer. The plants are placed in basket over heating water. This technique is good to refine leafy herbs used for making essential oils.

Solvent Extraction process is used to trap mysterious fragrances. The flowers used are washed in a solvent over and over again. The solvent melts the extractable material which is the non-perfumed pigments, waxes and volatile perfumed molecules of the flower. This material is filtered in low pressure to extract pure essential oils.

Carbon Dioxide Extraction uses high pressure. gas gets converted into liquid carbon dioxide and is used as a safe inert and liquid solvent in the extraction process. The perfumed molecules are absorbed the liquid carbon dioxide and the again converted into gas in room temperature.

Cold Pressing technique is used for citrus fruits like orange, lemon, lime, bergamot and grapes to extract essential oils from them. The rind of the fruit is separated and they are pressed using machines. The outcome of pressing this rind is the essential oil. The oil obtained is the strained and used as the final product. This oil has a very fruity aroma.

Storage of Essential Oils

Essential oils are expensive and high medicinal property, concentrated extracts of aromatic plants. Since they are concentrated they are very strong and need to preserved properly.

They should be stored in appropriate temperature and the exposure to light should be as required. Proper storage of oils is essential in order to use them for a longer duration. Since the oils are expensive they should be stored properly so that they are not wasted.

There are certain important steps in the storage of essential oils. While purchasing the oil, the purchaser should be prepared to store the oil properly and use it for a longer time.

Essential oils can be stored in bottles of 5ml, 10 ml or 15ml as per the quantity. Essential oil on purchase if is in a clear glass or plastic bottle then it should be transferred to a dark glass bottle.

Essential oils need to be stored in dark cobalt blue, amber or violet glass bottles. This is done to prevent the oils from being exposed to sunlight. Ultraviolet rays of the sun reduce the life of these essential oils. Hence, to use them for a longer time it is essential that they are kept away from sunlight. Essential oils are highly flammable.

Essential oils

Thus they should not be kept near fire like in the kitchen or near candles. These oils are stored in small bottles so that they are exposed to less oxygen. Smaller quantities are easy to preserve.

Bottle stoppers are very essential. Some of these oils are washed in alcohol and they can evaporate if the bottles are left open. For this reason bottle stoppers are very important.

Essential oils are always used in drops. The bottle stopper used in the bottle should preferably have a dropper attached to it. This makes it easy to take the right quantity of oil while using it. Bottles with essential oils should be kept away from children.

These oils are in the concentrated form and should not come in contact with the skin without dilution. They should be kept away from children to avoid any mishaps. The temperature of storing essential oils is also important. Oils kept in high temperature can get spoilt easily.

This they should be kept in a cool place. Oil of vanilla can be stored in much cooler temperatures. Other oils need to be stored in room temperatures for a longer life. They can be stored in wooden boxes or wooden holders.

Uses Of Essential Oils

Devout extracts of herbs, herbs, vegetation and fruits are essential oils. They have been utilized as common treatment non stop. They can be used in aromatherapy in a broad size and really efficiently.

There re made use of in making perfume on skincare. These oils are high-priced and desire in applied productively to get the right benefits from them. There are a number of utilizes with these crucial oils.

Space Fresheners

These oils works extremely well because space fresheners. They should be inhaled direct. The oils may be boring of water as well as appropriate oil. Reading this oil should not above strength the fragrance.

The water in which the oil is mixed is heated along with the steam is used as being a area freshener. Lamps or even a smell rings can be utilized for this purpose.

Aromatherapy diffusers are available that help unfold the odor above the scope. These diffusers are available having each aromatherapy collect. Several drops with the extricate, trash can keep discarded odors straight from the carry.

This can further help in keeping the system defects out. A handful drops for oil about the hankie could very well be kept in the drawers. This can give the clothes and clothes a fresh fragrance.


For guzzle the essential oils, a few drops can be placed in a very cells or perhaps a handkerchief and after that inhaled with that. Previously undertaking the inhalation it is necessary to ascertain should the oil is suitable and provide a allergic reactions with you.

Steam inhalation can be produced by placing a many drops using oil inside of a bowl by liquids and heating that it. This type of inhalation is good for influenza and customary frozen. In case of any allergic reactions to this the steam inhalation should be finished.


Basic oils could be mixed in bathtub rainwater. The customer may soak in reading this bath liquids. This process is incredibly pleasing.

Therapeutic massage

Central oil will be in addition to provider oil on press. The oils should be something such as candy almond as it s easy and in press. For the duration of kneading the oil must not contact the eyes and genitals. The methods of using one central oil need to be known to the operator.

Worm vile

Important oils can be utilized pretty much as good pester repellents. Several drops of one substance and cotton balls kept in the corners for doorways and house windows can keep the system defects straight from the house.

Splendor items

Important oils widely-used in the no of cosmetics and make up desire soaps, lotions, rinse gels, creams, and shampoos. These provides a natural impress towards the foods.