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    How to Unmatch Someone on Tinder? Reset Matches in One Min

    How to Unmatch Someone on Tinder? Reset Matches in 1 Min

    Tinder has been a great aid for singles all over the world. With its advanced profile swiping and other interesting features, looking for a relationship, be it casual or committed, is no more a difficult task. However, with all dating apps comes its own disadvantages.

    So if you want to unmatch someone on Tinder, the best way to do that is to go to the app, tap on the chat bubble, click the convo of the person you want to unmatch with and then tap on the ‘Unmatch’ option. This will block the person’s profile from your matches and keep them from reaching out to you further again. Apart from that there are other hard options to do this too which we will be discussing below.

    But first let’s understand what it means to unmatch someone on a dating app.

    What does it mean to unmatch someone on Tinder?

    Unmatching someone’s profile in Tinder simply means you are barring them from accessing your profile info or reconnecting with you. The action prohibits the user from searching your profile across the app and is a safety feature for people who don’t want to keep talking to certain individuals.

    When you unmatch someone, Tinder doesn’t send any intimation to the person and so everything is handled in secret. The only way the person in question will know if they have been unmatched is when they can no longer access your profile. Pressing on the option deletes all your chat history, along with the pictures and videos that you may have shared across each other’s chat, given that they haven’t saved the same in their gallery.

    How to unmatch someone on Tinder?

    • Step 1: Launch the app.
    • Step 2: From the homepage, tap on the ‘Chat Bubble’ that can be found on the top-right side of your screen. This will take you into your conversations panel.
    • Step 3: Scroll through your chats and select the chat box of the person you want to no longer connect with.
    • Step 4: Once inside the chatroom, tap the blue security shield on the top right corner of the page.
    • Step 4: The next page that opens is where you can report, unmatch, or reach out to the safety center, as you wish.
    • Step 5: Select the ‘Unmatch’ option and then click confirm when the pop-up asks you for your final confirmation.

    P.S. Doing this will clear all your chats, so if you want to keep the messages or shared media as a proof, you can back them up into your drive or take screenshots.

    Unmatching someone on Tinder will only prevent the person from contacting you within the dating app, and not from other social media platforms. So, it is best to not share much info regarding you until and unless you get the trustworthy vibe from them.

    How to find someone I accidentally unmatched on Tinder?

    Accidents happen!!! And if you too have fortuitously flagged someone’s account when swiping across the daily profile recommendations, then there’s only a few options.

    Upgrade your Plan

    Unlike Tinder Free accounts, Tinder Premium accounts have a better chance at finding people you have accidentally unmatched. The paid plan offers advanced features such as rewind last swipe, 1 boost each day, unlimited likes, and many others which can come handy.

    So, if you upgrade to a premium plan, you can then visit your Account settings and scroll through your previous ‘left swipes’. From there you can then connect with the person you had mistakenly swiped out or unmatched.

    Reset your Account

    The harder way of getting back to a previously unmatched profile in Tinder is to reset your account. While it will remove all your provided data and chat history with anyone you have met and swiped right in the dating app, if you think the one that was unmatched meets all your requirements the best, then this option can be best for you.

    Resetting your account will remove any flags that were previosuly recorded and soon enough you will be able to find the person as well. However, this may not work if the other party has unmatched you from their side, until and unless they too reset their account.

    Create a New Profile

    Now the last viable option for all, creating a whole new Tinder profile can give you the liberty to connect with the unmatched profile. As the dating app is based upon algorithms, when you create a new profile there will be naturally no flagged profiles. Therefore the chances of coming across the profile you are interested in goes high, and may even be higher if they fall within your specified distance requirement.

    Is it rude for me to unmatch someone on Tinder?

    Although the other party may feel upset or annoyed at your sudden uninformed rejection, if your safety is at risk then you can blindly go for it.

    In the dating world you will meet a lot of guys, and while some may be decent enough to speak, others may be way out of your comfort zone. So, in these cases it may seem best to unmatch them, but before doing that, you could always send a small message bidding goodbye before unmatching them for good.

    This is because you never know how fixated or involved the individual might have felt with you. And hence leaving a simple, ‘Thank you for the time. But sorry we don’t click’ could be a form of closure for them.
    So, this was all about unmatching someone on Tinder and resetting your matches if you have been disconnected accidentally. For more interesting updates, give us a follow back on wntoknow.com today.