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Biswaindu is a tech blogger who finds his interest in tech products and gaming consoles. He is an Electrical graduate and holds his Post Graduation from NPTI, Bangalore. Apart from writing, he loves to explore spirituality and spends his leisure time reading and listing to great minds.

Can a Blind Man Get an Eye Transplant?

Can a blind man get an eye transplant? A blind man can get an eye transplant if his optic nerve is functioning and there...

How to get slime out of hair (fast and easy)

How to get slime out of hair (fast and easy) Slime was a toy product introduced in the 1970s for being used as a tactile...

21 Best Jobs starting with “X” with Salary Range

21 Best Jobs starting with "X" with Salary Range Some of the best jobs starting with “X” includes X ray operators (radiographer), xerox machine operators,...

How to remove card from DoorDash?

DoorDash is a reliable food delivery service operating in the US, Canada, Australia, and Japan. It offers home delivery of your favorite food from...

Can crows talk?

Can crows talk? Crows are amongst the top intelligent birds known for their problem-solving and communication skills. You may even find videos of crows solving...

Fat Goldfish- All that You Want to Know

Fat Goldfish If your goldfish suddenly got fat to the extent that it appears to explode at any moment, then it must be due to...

[Fixed] Can’t Download Snapchat on Playstores (Android & iOS)

Can't Download Snapchat on Playstores? Snapchat is a widely used social media messaging platform offering a wide range of filters and effects to send...

Which Zodiac Sign is the Meanest? Nicest to Meanest Ranked

Which zodiac sign is the meanest? Scorpio is considered the meanest of all. They have extreme anger issues. Instead of communicating their problems, they often...

How to reverse a video on Snapchat using TikTok? New Trick...

How to reverse a video on Snapchat? Reversing a snapchat video is as easy as recording one. Once you record the video, all you have...

How to make a Heart out of a Gum Wrapper?

Origami is classy!!! But have you ever tried creating a heart out of a gum wrapper??? NO??? Then, you are definitely in for a...