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Biswaindu is a tech blogger who finds his interest in tech products and gaming consoles. He is an Electrical graduate and holds his Post Graduation from NPTI, Bangalore. Apart from writing, he loves to explore spirituality and spends his leisure time reading and listing to great minds.

15 Reasons Why You’re Feeling So Emotional

1. You're Human Emotions are a normal and essential part of being human. They help us to interact with the world around us and make...

Spinning Reel Buyers Guide- Complete Anatomy and Size Selection

In the fishing world, you will find four types of fishing reels: spinning reels, bait casting reels, conventional reels, and fly fishing reels. A...

SHIMANO NASCI Review: Is it worth the purchase? Features and review

The Shimano NASCI range of spinning reels comprises six models ranging from sizes 500 to C5000. All NASCI models come with Shimano's flagship feature...

Best Boss Gifts for Women- Uncommon & Pricey

If you've read the title correctly, it says "Best Boss Gifts for Women" those are pricey. That said, all gift ideas in this blog...

Mac not connecting to Wi-Fi? Here’s 6 Ways to Fix the...

In today’s fast-paced digital world, almost every individual who owns a smartphone, tablet or PC uses the Internet for numerous purposes. However, there are...

7 Best Penn Saltwater Spinning Reels – Shimano vs. Penn

Penn Saltwater Spinning Reels Saltwater Spinning reels go through a lot more than freshwater spinning reels. Besides surviving the harshest condition in saltwater, they...

Best Shimano Saltwater Reels from Amazon + Buyers Guide [2022]

The reel used for saltwater fishing should be waterproof. The saltwater should not get inside the gearbox. Should this happen, the accumulated salt inside...

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Quick Review- All Problems Reported So Far 

According to various iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro reviews, several early adopters are having a hard time. While some users are facing problems...

How to know if someone’s phone is dead?

How to know if someone's phone is dead? If you are trying to call someone but cannot connect to them, it could mean two things-...

Are software engineers depressed?

Are software engineers depressed? In a 2020 Developer Survey by Stack Overflow, participated by 65,000 developers, 15% of participants accepted to have some form of mental...