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Pro Ana Diets, Exercises, Tips and Tricks

Pro Ana Diets, Exercises, Tips and Tricks

Another super-trendy weight loss diet program, the Pro Ana diet program has been one of the highest searched terms recently. With an equal number of supporters and opposers, there has been a lot of discussion going on it’s ethical origins since the term was first introduced to the public.

So, if you have also been somewhat interested in this particular slenderizing farce, this blog is for you. Without further ado, let’s start.

What is Pro Ana?

Starting with the very term, ‘Pro Ana’ is used to denote the promotion of typical behaviours in individuals suffering from an eating disorder, anorexia nervosa. A very controversial action, this has however led to a huge clash between the scientific community and fitness experts.

This is because while the former supposes the disorder to be a form of complicated mental illness, others claim it to be more of a ‘lifestyle choice’ which commands respect. It has also led to the emergence of many Pro-Ana groups all over social media channels claiming themselves to be open for anorexic individuals and their welfare.

Now, What is a Pro Ana Diet?

A diet that is specifically designed to promote behaviours related to anorexia nervosa, Pro Ana diet is widely stanced to be a safe-space for anorexic patients. This is where the diet revolves around the concept of reducing calorie intake of an individual for a certain period, thereby aiding in weight loss.

Also popularly known as the Ana Boot Camp Diet or ABC Diet, it focuses on slowing down the natural body’s metabolism by several folds within a span of 50 days. The program is designed keeping the needs and typical behaviours of an anorexic patient in mind and involves a pro-anorexia regimen for losing weight. This regimen is however completely opposite to the anorexic diet. So, never confuse the two things as one.

How does the ABC Diet work?

Spanning over a total of 50 days, the regimen allows an individual to consume only a calorie intake ranging from 0-800 calories. Whereas, on an average our body needs at least 1000 calories for its seamless functioning.

In the first week, the individual starts with a maximum of 500 calorie intake for the first two days, and then follows it to 300, 400, 100, 200 and 300 calories for the remaining days. Similarly, in the second week, they will start with a 400 count on the first day and go to 500, 200, 100, and 300 calories intake on the second, fourth, fifth, and seventh day. The two remaining days, i.e. the second and sixth day of the second week, they will be required to do a fasting.

Afterwards, the chart continues for a total of seven weeks and one day, with differing calorie ceilings and fasting days. Once followed successfully, the individual can then slowly return to his/her normal diet from the second day of the eighth week.

The idea behind this whole plan is to offer fewer calories to our body, and thereby forcing our extra fats to be reabsorbed and then turned into muscles. This in return offers a slimmer look and the highly sought after ‘minus-size figure’ amongst men and women alike.

Pro Ana Diet Plan Chart

For your quick understanding, here’s a detailed breakdown of the Pro Ana diet over a course of seven weeks and one day.

1500 Ca500 Ca300 Ca400 Ca100 Ca200 Ca300 Ca
2400 Ca500 CaFast150 Ca200 Ca400 Ca350 Ca
3250 Ca200 CaFast200 Ca100 CaFast300 Ca
4250 Ca200 Ca150 Ca100 Ca50 Ca100 Ca200 Ca
5200 Ca300 Ca800 CaFast250 Ca350 Ca450 Ca
6Fast 500 Ca450 Ca400 Ca350 Ca300 Ca250 Ca
7200 Ca200 Ca250 Ca200 Ca300 Ca200 Ca150 Ca

Week 8- Slow transition to normal diet

What are Pro Ana Exercises?

Just like any other diets, coupling it with specific exercises can definitely make the process easier. So, here are some Pro-Ana exercises that you can try out for a slimmer figure.

A mix of Dance and Aerobics

A rather graceful way of achieving your dream body, adding contemporary dance style with aerobics can be a real exciting method. With the right steps and proper training, individuals can lose up to a staggering 600 calories with just a single hour of practice and is hence highly advised.


Arriving as the second most popular option, Zumba is typically an aerobic dance that combines different music genres with really flexible and body-demanding dance moves. A daily practice of this beautiful exercise will leave you amazed with the positive results, so why not give it a try.


Similar to its name, Jazzercise comes bearing the benefits of both Jazz dancing and exercises. Known for its high energy filled moves and whole body involvement including cardio and resistance training basics, performing it on a daily basis ensures lesser risks of heart diseases.

Belly Dancing

Finally, an alluring dance move initially originated from the Middle Eastern regions, belly dancing is a great way of reducing extra layers of fat from the abdomen and waist area. Due to the constant shaking and vibrating, the fat layers get easily digested by necessary enzymes, aiding the individual to get a graceful, slim body.

What are some of the tips and tricks for a successful Pro Ana Diet?

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These include:

  • Always consult your family doctor before opting for the Pro Ana diet. This is because people suffering from low blood pressure, diabetes and other severe health risks should never try any such diets as it can do more harm than good for them.
  • When undergoing the strict dieting regimen, make sure to have plenty of water. The sudden drop in calories can be balanced by taking sufficient water, and hence a minimum of 4 litres is a must.
  • Never forget to track your calories properly. Just assuming you have had enough is never a wise way of following through a Pro-Ana diet and hence note down the things you ate and the calories it had for a proper follow-up.
  • When hungry, choose to walk outside or keep your mind busy with something else. You can also join specific Pro Ana diet exercises as mentioned below to keep your time passing.

Are there any risks to the ABC diet regimen?

While a lot of fitness experts will claim the diet regime to be completely safe, scientists and doctors somehow don’t appear to entertain their idea. There can be a lot at stake, given the plan is all about to fool our body’s metabolism by cutting down on the required calorie intake and so only go with the option, if your doctor approves of it.

Moreover, unfortunately the results from this 50-day challenge don’t last long. This is because when we resume our normal diet, all those lost pounds start returning back, leaving no meaning to the hellish torture that you went for seven weeks. But, on the other hand, others also have contrasting ideas to this notion.

Thus, it’s better to consult your family doctor as well as a professional in case you are thinking of signing in to one of these dietary regimens. Because as a wise man once said,

“Your Health is an Investment, Not an Expense.”
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