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Step-by-Step Guide in Performing Tummy Tuck Procedure

Tummy Tuck Procedure

Tummy tuck is a surgical procedure identified as abdominoplasty. It is a technique that squeezes the stomach muscles as well as gets rid of extra body fat and skin. Both males and females can have tummy tuck surgery.

It is performed by a skilled plastic surgeon and the procedure commonly lasts from 2-5 hours.  General anesthesia is required for this type of cosmetic surgery. Here is a step-by-step guide in performing tummy tuck procedure.

Step #1: Marking of the sites.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

First, the plastic surgeon will create diagram points crossways the parts that are intended for the surgical process.  He will use a pen to mark the opening lines. The markings will serve as a guide for the surgeon as soon as the patient is placed on the operating table. The surgeon might do the markings a day before the surgery or precisely prior to the operation.

Step #2:  Get ready with the procedure.

Getting ready for the surgical process can be nerve-racking to the patient.  n this case, the surgeon might give a tranquilizer to relax your body as you prepare for the procedure.

They will also place in an intravenous line in your arm in preparation for every medication or liquids that may be required all throughout the surgical procedure.

As soon as you are brought in the operating room, they will hook you up to distinctive apparatuses to keep an eye on your vital signs which include heart speed and oxygen levels. They will also put compression cuffs on you to help avoid blood coagulations all throughout the procedure.

Step #3:  Administering the anesthesia.

As soon as you have been connected to all the apparatuses required for the surgical procedure, the anesthesiologist will start giving out the anesthesia. There are two methods of giving out anesthesia.

One of the ways is by means of a detached bag that is connected to the computer that drops the appropriate quantity of liquid into the IV.

The second one is by means of gas, wherein a surgical mask is put on top of your face until you are already unaware of the happenings around you.

Step #4: Surgery proper.

When the anesthesia had already been administered, the surgical process will start.  The surgeon will start to create cuts in your body.

The initial cut is usually done barely on top of your pubic mound and the next is in the region of your navel. When the cut is done, the surgeon will get your skin and slacken it off from the partition of your stomach.

After that, your stomach muscle will be dragged into a firmer stance before stitching them to hold them in the right position. The extra abdominal fat will be siphoned out by means of the liposuction process and at the same time the skin of your stomach will be dragged out firmly.

In view of the fact that the process transferring the skin of the navel beneath where it is meant to be, a fresh navel opening will be incised where the previous navel should be.

Step #5:  Finishing touches.

As soon as the surgery is done, the surgeon will count up all the sponges and tools to make certain that there was nothing left behind inside you.

He will next sew you up in preparation for the healing method.  He may put in a drainage tube within the cut to draw off every extra liquid that may accumulate following the surgical process.

These are steps on how a tummy tuck is performed. Now that you discover these things, it is then up to you to decide if you are ready to undergo the process or not.


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