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    Dream of being Shot – What does it mean?

    Dream of being Shot- What does it mean?

    Have you ever woken up with a cold sweat, heart racing and the dreadful feeling of experiencing death after a loud bang???

    While death dreams are rather common, the way you die often resembles different things. Were you in a bad accident? Did you fall to your death in your dreams?? Or someone shot you when you were out and doing something???

    Dreaming of getting shot exhibits your subconscious fear towards daily life struggles, sexual and relationship problems. The same also denotes that your mind is fighting against an exterior force trying to infringe your decisions and hence control your life their way.

    However, depending upon the particular scenario and final result, the interpretation may vary from one dream to another- just like we discussed earlier in our last article on six spiritual meanings of hair loss in dream.

    So, here’s a breakdown of the most common death-by-shoot dreams with their meanings.

    What are some of the most common dreams about getting shot?

    1. When a stranger shoots you

    Are you always feeling like ‘walking on eggshells’ in your professional and personal space??? Then the dream is in reality your subconscious trying to warn you about the people around you.

    While everything may seem normal and cool to us when conversing with others, it is our subconscious that often marks the triggering points and saves them in our memories. So, when we are relaxed and sleeping, these memories come back in the form of dreams and hence if you are repeatedly getting this kind of dream, you may be missing out on the tension that’s brewing around you.

    SOLUTION- Be more careful of those who surround you. Avoid sharing every minute details of your achievements, happy memories or things that may infuse hatred and jealousy.

    1. Your partner is shooting you

    Being shot by the love of your life in your dream means one thing, emotional turmoil. Maybe your relationship is at a stage where you two can’t sit in the same room without ripping each other’s hair off or there is some unfathomable cold war going on amongst you.

    Such dreams mean the emotional rift is tearing you inside out while devastating your level of trust in each other. However, still you are unable to open up to what you are feeling with your partner due to ‘x,y,z reasons’,  which is furthermore worsening the case.

    SOLUTION- To avoid such dreams and also to maintain a harmonic life with your partner it is highly essential to open up about your feelings. Although the action might not be good initially, opening up does help reduce the stress as well as mend the relationship, in most cases.

    1. Your Friend is the one behind the trigger

    A gunshot is often represented as loss of trust in a close person and therefore, if your friend is the one pulling the trigger, it generally refers to the barrier in your friendship. It happens when there has been some sort of negative tension resulting due to a betrayal or a simple misunderstanding.

    So, in short you are feeling as if the very basis of your friendship is tumbling down and you are unable to do anything. These dreams are also common when there has been a change in your ‘bestie communication schedule’, leading your mind to assume things.

    SOLUTION- The basis of every relationship is trust and honesty. So, open about your feelings, express your doubts or try forgiving them if they had been in the wrong and have apologised properly.

    1. When you are being shot from a distance

    Now being shot from a distance can mean two things. One is that you are unsure of taking necessary steps for the betterment of your personal life, career or relationship due to fear of failure. Secondly it might also mean that your mind is unable to make peace with something that has happened in reality that you could have never thought of.

    When an individual is having low self-confidence or becomes hopeless, such dreams are common. The raw emotions that you feel through these dreams represents your own uncertainty and fear towards taking the next step or accepting the harsh reality.

    SOLUTION- Be brave and courageous. Life is full of obstacles. Therefore you will need to buckle up and realise your own worth to make out the best of your hard work.

    1. You are being shot from the above

    A dream about being shot from the above can be linked as a warning sign about the arrival of a not-so-good friend. This person might be a colleague, a friend, or even a lover who even though may seem to be interesting at first, aren’t good choices for you.

    Not every person that we meet in our lives is good for us. Some come into our life with good vibes, while others end up destroying our sense of calm and peace completely.

    SOLUTION- If someone new fits this description, it is time to cut off ties with them and look for nurturing relationships with others or oneself. Trying to foster any kind of relationship with the above-said individuals is only going to backstab you later.

    1. You are being shot within your home

    Now for many of us home is a safe haven where one is completely safe from the outside factors that pose a risk to our wellbeing. However, if you have been having this rather strange dream of being shot at home, it typically means you are feeling low and vulnerable and not at ease even in your own family.

    Not all families have a happy relationship and thus if you’ve been a victim of family abuse or violence, these dreams might be portraying the exact feelings you have been feeling inside. Such trauma induces long-lasting effects that are not as easy as it seems to get rid off.

    SOLUTION- The best solution here is to move away from these kinds of people as soon as you can. They may be family, your love partners or anyone but it is very crucial to understand that no one, and absolutely NO ONE (even your children) should make you feel like that. If possible, one should also consult with a close friend or seek the help of a professional in case the dreams won’t just stop.

    1. You die after being shot

    Death is a terrifying thing and even though you might wake up drenched in cold sweat after dreaming of dying after being shot, it is actually considered a good omen. Just like the single-shot death, the dream indicates completion of all your due tasks and projects within the stipulated time, and is thereby a good auspice for those who have been lately cramped by work.

    SOLUTION- Well, this dream doesn’t require a solution, does it????

    1. When you got shot and wounded
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    Contrary to what being shot to death means, getting shot and wounded means a whole lot opposite. The dream is a sign that something unjust might soon happen in your life, but that’s not yet the worst part. The catch here is that even though you might be aware of the fact, the situation won’t let you take a stand for yourself and this could definitely cause you a heartbreak.

    Another synopsis of being shot and wounded in your dream means your partner might be seeking emotions and satisfaction outside of your relationship. Although, it is never sure, if the dreams are repetitive and similar, it’s better to look out for telltale symptoms than staying oblivious to these warning signs.

    SOLUTION- Be aware of what’s happening in your immediate surroundings. These kinds of repetitive dreams should never be ignored no matter how happy your relationship might seem from the outside.

    So, this was all about the dreams of being shot and other related situations with their interpretations. Hope, you have found your answer. If not, do mention your query in the comment section below, and we will get to it soon.
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