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Who is Naruto’s brother? Mystery Solved!

Brother of Naruto

Who is Naruto’s brother

Uzumaki Mamoru is the twin brother of Naruto. Like Naruto, he was also hated and considered an outcast by the village. He used to protect Naruto from bullies and villagers when they were young. He always wanted to give the best childhood experience to Naruto. Therefore, he always takes most of the villagers’ hatred upon himself. Mamoru’s hatred towards his father was much more than Naruto’s because his father sealed his yin chakra, one of the demon fox’s most potent evil chakras. Besides his father, Mamoru also hated the villagers, but he never sought revenge due to Naruto.

Introduction of Uzamaki Mamoru

As per the series, Uzumaki Mamoru is a 12 years old male child, belonged to Genin Ninja Rank and team seven. Born on October 10, Mamoru also goes by Ru-Chan and Ruru-Chan.

Mamoru Appearance

Mamoru has pitch black hair styled as his father with sky blue eyes, wearing a fishnet t-shirt, black capris, and a short-sleeved black jacket. He wraps bandages around his forearm, hips, and right thigh. Besides, he wears stockings around his ankles and a pair of ninja sandals under his feet. The most notable feature is the whisker marks on his cheeks that appear more profound and darker than Naruto’s.

Mamoru Personality

Mamoru is a highly intuitive, caring, and complex individual who likes to do things systematically. His preference for doing things orderly helps him find new and intelligent ways of getting things done. He is a sorted person who knows when and how to redefine his life’s priorities. He is a person who has a staunch belief in his instinct and gut feeling. This is why he paints his belief without questioning why, what, or how.

Having a hard childhood and being a protective brother, he has grown a strong sense of compassion. Therefore, he never tries to hurt anyone, and he always tries to avoid being in a conflict. However, when things go beyond the tolerance level, his anger controls him, and he turns from a peaceful Mamoru to an agitated powerhouse.

With an inherent instinct as a nurturer and protective, he often faces internal conflict within his mind, which sometimes reflects on his health while under unsurmountable stress.

Mamoru Abilities

The nature of Mamoru’s chakra is wind and lightning. His weapon of choice is Shuriken, Shenbon kunai, and his favorite fighting style of Ninjutsu. He also has an average skill in Taijutsu but is worst at genjutsu.

Favorite Jutsu

Tatsumaki no Jutsu (cyclone of water):

This jutsu allows Mamoru to create a massive cycle to launch an offensive attack on the enemy. After performing hand seals, Mamoru set the cyclone while concealing wind blades in it. This cyclone can cut an enemy into multiple pieces. Besides, Mamoru has also used this technique to launch and collapse it on the enemy with a crushing force, leaving them severely gutted on the floor. Although one can obstruct the attack with a sturdy defense, the blade in the wind has the power to cut through a solid stone.

Haneiha (Wave of Prosperity):

With this technique, Mamoru sends a powerful omnidirectional burst of light from his body that works similar to an electromagnetic pulse. This power on its usual self is useless, but it can do massive damage when combined with other elements. The haneiha technique disables the earth technique by causing interference with other lighting techniques.

Why do we love Mamoru?

Being extraordinarily passionate and determinant remains some of the best qualities of Uzumaki Mamoru. If his heart is set on something he felt right, Mamoru will put all his determination to get it done. He pursues his goals with utter conviction and energy that often surprises his family and loved ones. If he feels that rocking a boat will get his work done, he will do it without thinking twice. He has a great sense of passion for his chosen cause, which is inherent in his personality.

Mamoru won’t hesitate to self-sacrifice for a more significant outcome when the time comes. His beliefs are strong and pure, which makes him one of the most likable characters in Naruto.

Characteristics that Mamoru need to work on

He is too much of a perfectionist to decide on something. Although this is not a bad thing, sometimes things don’t work as expected, whether in romance, business, or politics. However, his sense of perfectionism made him lose out on several productive dealings and relationships as he always expected to find a better option in the future.

Another thing that brings down Mamoru is his vulnerability to criticism. He often responds quite strongly whenever his principles clash with someone else. One can say he is not open to criticism.

The biggest phobia of Mamoru is to fail in protecting Naruto or not being strong enough to face adversity or death itself.