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Does Nano tape really work?

how nano tapes work

Does Nano tape really work?

Yes, Nano tape is a strong adhesive tape that works similar to a heavy-duty permanent glue, but you can lift it off the surface, wash it and use it again. The tape easily withstands UV rays, hot temperatures, cold weather, and heavy rainfall, making it an excellent DIY material for indoor and outdoor work.

Its usage and resemblance are similar to acrylic mounting tape, allowing you to mount objects on a wall without bolts, nails, or screws. However, its double-sided adhering properties make it great for securing things and organizing.

How does Nano tape works?

The mechanism of nano tapes lies in the study of nature. The tape works similar to Gecko, a small animal known for its adhesive strength in its feet, allowing it to walk on the ceiling and walls. This biological phenomenon led to nano tape, a strong adhesive tape that goes by the Gecko Tape. Although the tape and the animal stick in similar ways, do they share the same underlying physics?

To understand this, we need to learn about the adhesive properties of Gecko. The adhesiveness of Gecko comes from the presence of small pillars in its feet. The feet contain molecules, aka van der walls forces that allow the Gecko to stick its feet on almost any surface.

Over two decades, researchers have come up with several synthetic versions of this phenomenon, and they believe the nano tape has come significantly closer to it. Researchers find a small pillars-like structure similar to Gecko’s feet upon putting the tape under a microscope. The adhesion energy of the tape was also identical to the gecko feet. It became clear that the nano tape is stickier than regular double-sided tape.

In the subsequent research, the researchers removed the pillars of the tape surface, and they still witnessed the same level of adhesion when they used it on a glass surface. It was confirmed that the nano tape covers a bigger contact surface than regular tapes.

The pillar of the nano tape does not play a vital role in its adhesive capacity. However, the stickiness of the tape does derive similarities, but its strength goes beyond the animal. This goes to the softness of the tape that provided a bigger contact surface than regular tape, making it even stickier. The same quality can also be seen in gecko feet, which pillar structure helps it maximize the contact surface.

What are the uses of Nano Tapes?

The uses of nano tapes go beyond regular tapes. Nano tapes are super sticky, waterproof, resistant to cold & UV rays, and easily removable without leaving traces.

Some of the uses of Nano Tapes:

Organizing objects in the office or bedroom

Nano tapes help extensively organize belongings, giving more space to your surroundings. For instance, you can use them to hang your remote controls, phones, chargers, and other electronic devices. Simply cut a strip of the nano tape, stick it on any surface and then gently stick your devices on it. When you need it, gently pull the device out and place it back when finished using it. The tape is super adhesive and can be used repeatedly. If you feel the tape is losing its stickiness, you can always wash it and use it again. Besides, the tape is transparent, making it even impossible to get noticed in light or neutral-colored walls or surfaces.

Mounting objects in the bathroom

Regular tapes do not work quite well in water or moisture-prone surfaces such as in the bathroom or kitchen. However, the water-resistant property of the nano tape completely changes the game and makes it easier for users to mount objects such as toothbrush holders, toothpaste, bottles, etc. You can also use it to hang your bathroom caddies, artworks, Bluetooth speaker, and even phones.

Decorating your car’s dashboard

Imagine how much effort it takes to place your coffee on your car’s dashboard, ensuring it does not get spilled. When you spend considerable time in your vehicles, it’s essential to keep everything to your reach, especially when you get stuck in traffic. You can stick your mobile on your dashboard, place a lucky charm, use the tape as a practical coffee holder, etc.

Adjusting furniture

Uneven furniture can wreak havoc on your surroundings. Every time you sit or work on it, the constant noise hamper your productivity. A nano tape works as an excellent furniture gripper. Slice a piece of the tape, stick it to your furniture leg and give it a push towards. Now, your furniture is gripped to the floor.

How to use reusable nano tape?

Most people complain that their nano tape comes off after a new while. Well, a lot of things can go wrong while using tape.

First, you need to clean both the surface of the area where you want to stick the nano adhesive tape. Elements like dirt, dust, and lint can lessen the adhesiveness of the tape.

Then peel the tape from the roll and cut the required length without peeling the adhesive liner.

Now, carefully remove the liner from one end of the tape and stick it on the surface. Then remove the adhesive liner from the front part and stick your belongings.

How to clean and reposition the nano tape?

Nano adhesive tapes are washable, reusable, and repositionable. Before reusing the tape, make sure to clean it under running water and ensure all dirt, dust, and links are removed. Also, try not to touch the adhesive part of the tape, as the oil from your fingers can reduce its adhesiveness.

How to make your nano tape last longer?

Try to press the sticky side of the nano adhesive tape towards the surface to remove all air bubbles from it.

You can also preheat the nano tape a little by using a hairdryer or heat gun before using it. The heat will temper the tape and increase its adhesive strength.

Heavy objects require more tapes. Therefore, apply more strips if necessary.


Can you remove a nano tape?

Grab the nano tape from the edge and give it a quick pull. The nano tape will come out quickly without leaving any trace on the surface. Then wash the tape and reuse it again as required.

How much weight does a nano tape hold?

A nano tape can hold upto 1 kg or 2.2 lbs on a smooth surface. To make it last longer, you can add a few extra strips of tape and make sure to heat it a bit with a hairdryer. That will help it stick better. However, make sure not to heat it to the point that it destroys the adhesive bond.

Can I use nano tape outdoors?

Yes, nano tapes are weatherproof. You can use them on tiles, marbles, metal, plastic, glass, and wood surfaces. However, please don’t use it directly under the sun as the excessive heat can melt away the adhesive particles.