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Biswaindu is a tech blogger who finds his interest in tech products and gaming consoles. He is an Electrical graduate and holds his Post Graduation from NPTI, Bangalore. Apart from writing, he loves to explore spirituality and spends his leisure time reading and listing to great minds.

How to clean a Meth pipe?

Hey everyone!!! We hope you all are doing well. While cleaning a meth pipe may seem easy, its nooks and corners are often the dirtiest...

How to Measure ⅛ Teaspoon?

Welcome to our new blog. In our last blog about how to measure 3/4 cup, we recieved a lot of requests from our readers...

How to get shorter in height?

Are you often bullied because of your tall height? Or do you have difficulty in finding pants that go all the way across your...

How to Measure Weed?

How to measure weed? Nineteen states in the US have legalized weed for recreational purposes, leading to more dispensaries visits from new and returning customers....

Who is Naruto’s brother? Mystery Solved!

Who is Naruto's brother Uzumaki Mamoru is the twin brother of Naruto. Like Naruto, he was also hated and considered an outcast by the village....

Who invented walking? All that you must know

Who invented walking? Walking was first documented around four million years ago. The first footprints of bipedalism were discovered in Ethiopia three million ago. Walking...

7 Awsome Acrylic Painting Ideas for Dummies

Once you start thinking about to do a painting, then acrylic paint can be helpful for easy and sustainable work. Acrylic paint is a...

Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm

What is the Planet Fitness lunk Alarm? The lunk alarm is the gym's response to drawing attention to other people's discomfort. Those who draw attention...

Nootropics- Pros and Cons | Should you buy it

It is a fact that the working population of today is grossly overworked. The need to shine is what keeps the adrenaline surging. Long...

How to measure 3/4 Cup?

A measuring cup set is an essential kitchen tool, and it is always recommended that you use it for all new recipes that you...