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How to Know if you’re Not Attractive?

How to Know if you're Not Attractive?

Ever heard the song????

“Who says you’re not pretty

Who says you’re not beautiful

Who says??? Who says??? Tell me who says???”

Sung by Selena Gomez, this is indeed an ice-breaker for anyone who thinks themselves to be ugly. It is a fact that no one is born ugly, no matter their skin colour, gender, or physical appearance. Everyone is as unique as they are, and people just need to remember this.

However, sometimes it is not as easy as it seems. Be it your own thoughts or someone else’s bully comments, for a regular person it is typically normal to feel as the most unattractive person in the world. But, how does one know what makes them seem unattractive to others? Are there any such pointers??

Well, you are not attractive if you are unhygienic, smell, or don’t take proper care of your skin. Many studies have found that individuals who don’t comb their hair regularly, have poor skin care routine, or display poor hygienic choices tend to be avoided by others in general. Similarly, keeping a ‘no-expression’ face or rarely smiling also makes you look unattractive to both genders.

What defines ‘attractiveness’?

Unlike the models or actors we watch on television, attractiveness is not defined as layers of makeup on someone’s face or decided based upon their clothing expenses. Rather ‘attractiveness’ is a term used to define the quality of appearing as pleasing or appealing to others.

While the growing trends do favour people who seem sexually or visually attractive, it is not wrong to say that ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. And hence the variability in everyone’s choices. The fact that you seem attractive to someone and ‘so-so’ for others is solely their opinion and what truly matters is your own belief. Comparing yourself with others is never going to make you happy, feel accomplished or content with whatever physical features you have. So, why waste time contemplating changes that you weren’t born with.

Am I Ugly?

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“No one is born ugly, we’re just born in a judgemental society”- Kim Namjoon, BTS.

As we discussed previously, everyone is beautiful as they are. Thus, the only thing that should matter to you is your own perception regarding your body. Being born with dark skin, having age-related acne, or gaining too much fat due to underlying health conditions never makes one ugly, as no one can ever determine these changes in their life beforehand.

But, yes, if you are slacking off from taking care of yourself knowingly, being way too mindless about what you eat, or doing things that are plainly unhygienic, that is definitely making you ugly.

10 Signs you are Unattractive

If you have been long wondering why people make fun of you, here are 10 signs you are unattractive to them and what you can do about it.

  1. You have too many fatty layers

Although we are all about body positivity, that doesn’t mean you should gain weight inappropriately and not care about others’ opinions. Having too much fat on your body not only makes people less interested in you but also is super unhealthy. It can lead to obesity, heart problems, and even faster onset of ankle and leg joint issues. So, why trade your glow and beauty for something like this?

SOLUTION- Get into your gym attire and promise yourself a leaner, fitter and beautiful version of you. Coz my queen you deserve that.

  1. You are too lazy to be hygienic

Now, who doesn’t love to laze around the couch doing nothing!!! But using that excuse to have poor personal hygiene is a lame choice. If continued, your body and hair will start smelling so bad, it shall frighten away any possible suitors who may be a little bit interested in you.

SOLUTION- Make a fixed personal hygiene schedule no matter how lazy or busy you might be. Take showers regularly, comb your hair, and don’t forget to put on a nice-smelling perfume before going outside.

  1. You say no to effort

There is a huge barrier when it comes to getting all dolled-up and making an effort to be attractive. You don’t need to put on layers of foundation or makeup on your face every time you go out to seem attractive. NO!!! But you shouldn’t even back away when the situation demands that.

SOLUTION- Do pamper yourself every once in a while when going outside with friends or even running to the office. It doesn’t cost much but will definitely make you seem attractive, approachable and even sexy.

  1. Your teeth seem unattractive

Everyone loves a good smile but if it’s yellow and crooked the enthusiasm of the viewer may dry out. Even you yourself might not be confident enough to show your teeth when smiling in front of others. However, don’t worry you can always do a quick fix for poorly maintained teeth.

SOLUTION- The best way to get a yellow crooked teeth set fixed is to take a trip to your local dentist. Give your teeth the professional care it needs every once in a while and get your shiny bright smile back with a small investment.

  1. You have a ‘no-expression’ face
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As we said previously, a good smile attracts everyone. It doesn’t cost anything to smile at someone in your office, at your school or even when walking outside. But, if you have a ‘no-expression’ face or seem snappy or grumpy, people might not find you to be attractive.

SOLUTION- For this, you might want to work on your natural look, smile more and try seeming less intimidating. But be aware smiling too much may also cause people to run away from you thinking you are being creepy.

  1. You always dress in baggy clothes

Even though the current trend is all about messy looks and baggy comfy clothes, always wearing the same might not make you as attractive as you may want to. It also goes for too flashy short dresses. Depending upon what you generally wear and how others perceive your style, you are definitely in for a wardrobe change.

SOLUTION- Go on a shopping spree and choose clothes that fits your figure, age and size. You may also ask for advice from your friend circle if you aren’t too sure about pieces that suit you.

  1. You stay ungroomed

If you have been recently asking the question ‘Am I ugly’ too many times while looking at yourself in the mirror, poor grooming might be the reason. Unibrows, hairy body, overgrown chest hair, wild beards seem offsetting to many and hence even though you like as you are, getting a bit trimmed up will definitely make you seem more attractive.

SOLUTION- Rather than staying the wild version of yourself, groom up regularly, be it a little trimming or getting a completely new makeover.

  1. You can’t do jokes

Well, not everybody is the same, but people do love a great sense of humour. If you can’t make good jokes, it may be a major turn off to some. But fortunately, this is not irreversible.

SOLUTION- If your friends don’t get your humour, try improving your stakes. Watch videos, stand-up comedies or simply scroll through your favourite collection of jokes.

  1. You are unbearingly loud

Putting up your opinion and being loud are two different things and you don’t want to be the latter. It might make you seem like you are brash and rough and have no talking sense, therefore pushing people away from you, ending up making you look not attractive.

SOLUTION- Try taking your friend’s opinion for this matter. They can definitely advise you better. You can also try out judging the overall tone of the conversation next time you are chatting with someone.

  1. You don’t respect people’s boundaries

Being straightforward is good but not when you are violating someone’s privacy without their permission or making everyone uncomfortable with the topics you are speaking about. There are many sensitive topics that you should avoid when talking with friends or schoolmates, and it is also better that way.

SOLUTION- Start with carefully monitoring and deciding the topics you generally pick when conversing with people. Avoid any controversial subjects and just be chill with the chats.

Finally, being attractive is not rocket science. You just need to work on yourself, find better words, expressions, and even opt for a new visual appearance, and voila, you are back to being super attractive once again.
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