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Biswaindu is a tech blogger who finds his interest in tech products and gaming consoles. He is an Electrical graduate and holds his Post Graduation from NPTI, Bangalore. Apart from writing, he loves to explore spirituality and spends his leisure time reading and listing to great minds.

Spitz Dog- What to do When your adorable Spitz doesn’t Eat...

Spitz Dog
A Spitz Dog is fun to watch  If your sweet and adorable spitz otherwise turns a blind eye when he sees his food bowl, then...

How to Train your Labrador Puppy Easily at your Home

Labrador Puppy
Why Labrador Puppy training is essential? Puppy training is an essential part, and if you need help, then be sure to follow some of the...

Adult Golden Retriever and Puppies – 5 Important food FAQs

Adult Golden Retriever
Adult Golden Retriever- All that you want to know

Adorable Pomeranian Husky Mix (Pomsky) – All that you want to...

Pomeranian Husky Mix
One of the recent hybrids resulting from the crossing of the mighty Siberian Husky with the energy-ball Pomeranian, Pomskies, has been entirely in the...

Cat Care Society-How to Make Your adorable cat’s Fluff Shiny and...

Cat care society-persian cat
So, I am the mother of an adorable Labrador pup and a beautiful Persian cat who recently completed 2 years a few days earlier....

8 Dimensions of Wellness- A Guide to Habit Change

8 Dimensions of Wellness
Before we begin 8 dimensions of Wellness, lets understand Wellness first. If you take wellness as a posh word used by rich people...

Maybelline Fit Me Matte+ Poreless Foundation Review

Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation surprised me to the fullest. I am personally not a foundation person. I am more of a BB cream...