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24 hour Fitness near me|Easily unsubscribe membership?

24 hour Fitness near me

Should I join 24 hour fitness near me?

24 Hour Fitness is an excellent place to embark on your fitness journey. With more than 430, 24 Hour Fitness locations across the country, you will likely find this gym almost everywhere you go.

The name is actually its unique selling point. It’s a mid-range gym option but not something that can be called cheap.

24 hour Fitness near me

It’s easily comparable to LA Fitness or Crunch Fitness due to its variety of equipment, classes, and many different amenities.

It’s a good gym overall that can be quite packed at peak hours. You might want to consider many details before joining this popular gym, so keep on reading.

How much does 24 Hr Fitness cost?

The 24 hr fitness doesn’t have any fixed monthly price. This makes it payment models a bit complicated than other gyms.

There are several levels of clubs that you can join that give you different amenities. As per your convenience, you can pay less and access just one club. You can also access several “sport- level” or below clubs with as well.

If you are willing to pay more, you can gain access to the “Supersport” club, a premium membership. You can have advanced training gears, access to pools, Olympic training setups, and turf zones.

The payment will also depend on

  • The number of clubs you want access to
  • The number of amenities you require in your workout regime
  • The time you want to commit upfront

The initiation fees and the annual fees will vary per club and can be changed as per the club’s guidelines, and they are generally around $50 each.

You are also most likely going to pay around $30-$50 per month to become a gym member.

However, it’s better to give a call at your local center or search 24 Hour Fitness near me on Google and ask the rates. The contact information is available on their website.

24 Hour Fitness equipment & amenities


Every location, you will find something different. The total quantity of the equipment and the facility’s size isn’t quite impressive as its competitors.

But you can easily find the essential machines you want for a good workout. It is also possible that you might find the gym fully occupied at peak hours.

In that case, you have to wait for some time to get your chance. But overall, every gym-goer will be satisfied with the selection here.

There are several everyday things that you can expect to find in every location.

  • Power racks
  • Resistance machines
  • Cardio equipment (treadmills, bikes, etc.)
  • Free weights
  • Smith machines
  • Barbells
  • Dumbbell stacks


Many people like to pair their workout routines with a few group classes per month to have a balanced fitness routine. By doing so, you also get to experience various routes to Fitness and might even find something that you will be passionate about, like dancing or kickboxing.

Search any 24 Hour Fitness near me, and you will have access to several group fitness classes. And all that will be included in your monthly membership.

The offerings and the class schedule will vary from cities to locations. But generally, you will be able to get classes’ like-

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Spin
  • Cardio & boot camps
  • Zumba
  • And more


Pool & Spa

There will be an essential spa and pool area in most higher and mid-level 24 Hour Fitness clubs.

However, check with your local clubs to ensure what they have to offer. Also, be sure that your membership includes access to the spa and the pool.

You won’t be finding an outdoor fancy lounge pool and huge water slides to enjoy your time. It’s just a quick place for a soak in the hot tub or swim lap.

Child Care

A childcare facility is an excellent option for parents who want to work out at the 24 Hour Fitness.

The childcare option called the Kids Club can be availed at an additional charge to the monthly membership.

The costs may vary depending upon the location but expect to pay a few dollars per child per visit. The fee can also be tacked on to the monthly membership upfront.

The supervisors appointed are all CPR certified. They are fully capable of caring and entertaining children above six months of age as you work out. But they will do it as long as they are paid to do it by the gym you so don’t leave your children with them when you leave the gym.

You will be surprised how many people leave their children at the childcare facilities and just disappear.

Other Amenities

There are plenty of amenities available for the members at the 24 Hour Fitness near me.

The facilities can be included within the membership or can be availed at an extra cost. The best part is they can be accessed 24/7 at every single club. This is very beneficial for people with unique schedules and night owls.

Some of the amenities are-

  • Personal training
  • Racquetball courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Turf zone training
  • And more


The 24 Hour gym encourages its members to bring their business associates, relatives, and friends. It is highly recommended to make an appointment for the guests to be given an orientation/tour.

However, there are some guidelines that the guests and the members must follow otherwise;, they can be restricted from using the gym privileges. The instructions are as follows-

  • Check-in at the front desk is a must
  • Guest must be at least 18years or above
  • An injury and medical release form must be signed
  • A guest fee has to be paid first

If the adult member agrees to sign the appropriate release form, they can be allowed to bring a 16 or 17-year-old minor. They must be their parent or legal guardian.

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How can I cancel my 24 Hour Fitness membership?

Cancellation within 3-5 days of initial purchase:

You can cancel your membership and get a full refund within three days or five days in HI and CA after your initial purchase.

You must review your membership agreement carefully to understand the details regarding the refund procedure.

Basic/Loyalty Monthly payment memberships:

You can cancel by providing the notice to 24 hour fitness if you are on a monthly payment membership. If the committed period or specified term is not given, then notice must be provided in person or writing at a club.

When the request to cancel is generated, only the last month’s prepaid dues will be applied, and any future monthly payments will be stopped.

For a complete explanation of the cancellation rights, you need to review your specific membership agreement notice can be provided by mail or in person at the club.

Commitment Monthly Payment memberships:

During the Commitment Period

If you commit monthly payment membership, even if you are paying monthly, you cannot cancel in the middle of the commitment period.

An exception can be made in the event of disability, death, military deployment, or relocation on specific terms. After the commitment period, you can apply for cancellation through a notice in a written or person.

The last month of the dues will be used, and any future contributions will be automatically canceled. 

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Prepaid Limited-Term memberships:

You cannot cancel your membership, nor are you entitled to receive a refund of the fees paid. An exception can be made in the event of disability, death, military deployment, or relocation on specific terms.

The length of the prepaid limited-term membership can be found on the membership agreement than can be found at www.24hourfitness.com/memberservices.

Pros of 24 Hour Fitness

There are mostly positive reviews regarding the types of equipment available at the 24-hour Fitness.

There are plenty of cardio machines for members to do their routine workouts. There is also an impressive selection of strength training gear, barbells, and power racks for dangerous lifting present.

Most mid-range gyms like these skip out on much-advanced equipment used for training but not this one. If you want to get a better idea of the equipment variety, you can take a gym tour. You can also get a better perspective on your workout necessities once you see the equipment in action.

If you want to enroll in a personal training package, expect to pay between $200 and $300. You will likely get a good experience, and your fitness goals will be more streamlined and productive.

The quality and pricing will vary significantly by location and city.

Cons of 24 Hour Fitness

Most of the franchised locations are owned by independent owners who are not answerable to anyone.

So make sure when you get a tour, observe the manger well. If you find anything odd in the behavior look elsewhere, most complaints from the members come from an inadequate response from the managers or owners. Not all are like that, of course, but some can be total jerks.

Most clubs have up- to- date equipment and are well- maintained, but a few older locations have fallen into lousy management and disrepair. So an in-person tour is highly recommended before you take a membership.

If you are searching for gyms near me, 24 Hour Fitness gyms are excellent for a budget-friendly option. The facilities are on par with any high range of gyms.

Overall, 24 Hour Fitness is a good gym and notably better for its relaxed hours. You can work out her anytime and anyway. The pieces of equipment are also top-notch, and at a price, you get too many amenities.


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