Home Beauty Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick Review(Dec 2020)

Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick Review(Dec 2020)

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Why Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick?

Let’s start this blog with one honest confession. I’m not too fond of matte lipsticks. Especially liquid matte lipsticks. No matter how pigmented or long-lasting they are, I cannot stand the flat appearance of my lips with those formulas.

There is no dimension to my lips, and to top it off, there is the continuous drying of lips. It’s like moisture is being sucked out of your lips constantly. On that note, I am still searching for that perfect liquid matte lipstick that I can love.

I wouldn’t say I like that heavy feeling that you got on your lips when your liquid lipstick decided to crumble eventually.

Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick
Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick

Nykaa may not have all the stellar products in the market, but its lipsticks are always on point. I love the variety of shade range it offers. The shades are so universal and wearable at the same time that I always look forward to their lipstick launches. When they launched their Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick, I was a bit skeptical but ready to try. 

My Lips

They tend to get dry and chapped irrespective of the weather and pamper I provide them. I don’t have pigmented lips, and my skin tone falls in the fair category.

What is the cost and shelf life?

The price is Rs. 599 for 5ml of product. The shelf life, like all Nykaa lipstick, is three years. The smaller version is available at the cost of Rs 239.        

What are the Company Claims?

Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick
Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick Company Claims

How is the Packaging?  

The Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick packaging is the standard liquid lipstick packaging in a rectangular-shaped plastic bottle. The outline is black, and it’s see-through in the middle so you can see the shades. The different cities of India inspire the shade names.

Some of the newer shades have the names in conjunction with the stereotypical names/profession of women in a particular state of India. I like the names they have thought of. It’s very quirky and eye-catchy.

Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick

 The applicator is a standard doe-foot applicator with a well in the middle. It brings out enough products in one goes to cover the entire lips.

The applicator is very precise as well and makes applying lipstick very easy. There are also mini versions of it. You can have them if you want to try new fun shades and don’t want to commit to a full-size product.

What are the Texture and Fragrance?

There is a mildly sweet fragrance in Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick, which is almost unnoticeable. It fades away entirely after a few seconds of application. The texture is very thin, which I liked.

It’s not like traditionally liquid lipstick where you feel like you are applying paint on your lips. The texture is very watery and so light that you could hardly feel it on your lips.

Some of the darker colors, especially the coral shades, tend to be a bit patchy as I have seen some online swatches. The formula is a kind of hybrid between a tint and a liquid lipstick.

What is the Shade range?

There are 26 shades in the full-size version and 18 shades in the mini version. The shade range is not unconventional. It has some exciting shades for sure that you don’t find in some other liquid lipstick ranges, at least in India. It has many earthy, warm tones of lipsticks.

I think they were created keeping the Indian skin tones in mind, so they are such rich earthy tones. There are berry reds, browns and corals along with reds. If you have a warm-toned olive complexion, then I think almost all shades will suit you.

 I have the shade Bombae.

It’s a peachy nude color. The right lip liner will suit medium skin tones, but it will wash out dark skin tones.

How is the Application?

The application is very smooth and easy. As I said, the formula is very watery; hence when you apply it, it’s almost like using a lip tint. I had to build the color with two layers to give a completely opaque finish.

But here is the catch, the moment I applied the second coat, it almost looked like a thick layer of pancake on a sticky pan, if that makes sense. It would help if you did not purse your lips when the lipstick is still wet. Either or else, they will give you an uneven patchy look.

If you want to layer the lipstick for full coverage, layer when it’s wet; otherwise, you will end up with a hot mess. Not that the lipstick isn’t pigmented enough, but I found that one layer was not enough to portray the color that I was looking for and which showed in the bottle. 

What is Longevity?

They will last you for hours as long as you don’t eat anything. As soon as you have your meal, they start receding from the inside of your lips to give you that butthole effect.

I have also noticed that after a few hours, the lipstick starts to crumble. The lipstick also tends to accentuate fine lines and cling to dry patches. It’s comfortable and lightweight but doesn’t wear off well with time.

Pros of Nykaa Matte to last lipstick

  • The packaging is sturdy and travels friendly
  • The shade names are quirky application is smooth and creamy
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Free of paraben
  • Enriched with Antioxidants and Vitamin- E
  • Gorgeous wearable shades
  • Easily available and affordable

Cons of Nykaa Matte to last lipstick.

  • Will not survive meals
  • Not long-lasting
  • Will dry out the lips
  • Accentuates dry patches and fine lines

FAQ’s about Lipstick

Which color lipstick will suit me?

It depends on your undertones. If you have yellow-toned skin, then it’s probably of a warm undertone. In this case, choose orange-based reds, corals, apricots, and anything in the orange spectrum. For cool-toned skin, choose pink toned colors like blue-based reds, reddish-brown, etc.

How to wear a matte lipstick?

The first rule exfoliate your lips. While bathing, just gently rub your lips with a washcloth after making them wet. Moisturize your lips well and then apply the liquid lipstick to make it more comfortable t wear. Otherwise, they can be uncomfortably drying on the lips.

Should I use lip liner?

You can use a lip liner to define your lips and make them appear fuller. In the case of liquid lipstick, blur it out with the lip liner when the formula is still wet or else the stark contrast can look unflattering.

Final thoughts

I like the shades, but as I said, it’s not my favorite formula. I understand why people want and if you are into matte lipsticks go for it. Just for the shades, I would suggest invest in the mini versions fort and see how much you like it.

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