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Best Routine Skincare Tips

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Skin needs to be nurtured carefully and with care. This is not a warning without any ground- market is namely full with cosmetic preparations that well developed marketing celebrates and recommends. Among all those preparations there is only few of them that are really worth to care for your skin.
When talking about routine skincare, we are talking about preparations that nurture skin and rejuvenate it. And only healthy skin can be fresh and young.
Most of all, healthy skin needs proper circulation, because only well circulated skin can be nurtured properly. Another important factor is that skin ‘breaths’. Most cosmetic preparations, such as powders, lipsticks, numerous creams and masks prevent skin to breathe properly, because skin cannot handle their chemical structure. 

Natural Routine Skincare Advice (Point)


Besides physical imitative appliances which help rebuild and improve circulation, nature gave us great plants: Hypericum perforatum (common St. Johnswort ) improves skin circulation and its finest capillaries.

Plants with herbal mucilage, such as comfrey for example and all sorts of moss, rejuvenate skin and remove wrinkles and make skin firmer in a very short period.

After face cleaning, moisture your face with a piece of cloth, soaked in Symphosan.

If you have dry skin or if you have problems with lupus, wash you skin with tea, made of viola herb.

If you mucous glands aren’t working properly, and your skin tends to dry too soon, you need to apply herbal cream, lanoline, or vitamin F.

Creams with vaseline base aren’t appropriate, so don’t use it on dry or cracked skin.

Non-oily cream that is not made of herbal mucilage, almost always contains ingredients that close skin pores. If you use cream like this, you’re damaging skin, which eventually looses its elasticity.

Under the routine skincare, it is recommendable to apply cream after bathing and to wash it with soap that removes oil from your skin.

Scents that are added to all cosmetic preparations must be natural, made of natural essential oil. Every perfume, made of artificial ingredients closes pores on your skin.

Be aware that too much cosmetic preparations damage skin. Healthy skin needs help when exposed to sun, wind or cold and after bathing.

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Routine Skincare for Unclean Skin

Nobody wants to have unclean skin. Young girls, especially during puberty need to deal with this problem. If creams and all sort of preparations available on market today don’t help, unclean skin can cause lower self-esteem.

For this reason it is essential to discover reasons: (Point)
Since nutrition is one of main causes to unclean skin, you’ll need to go on special diet for a while. You need to limit intake of fatty food, and cut it at least for half if not two thirds. All animal fat must be eliminated. All sweets and chocolate must me limited if not eliminated from your menu. Eggs, especially cooked eggs, and all foods made of eggs present in diets like that true poison. You can eat cheese, but just fresh, white, soft cow cheese.
Fresh vegetables, unpolished rice, unpeeled cooked potato, fresh cow cheese and horse radish… all these foods are ‘medicines’ with high level of ingredients that will take care of your skin.

As external medicine moisture your skin with Molkosan (whey proteine) and Echinaforce.

Do not squeeze pimples unless you prior disinfect your skin with Molkosan.
If your skin is has wrinkles and large pores, Symphosan with its natural herbal mucilage will help your skin: it will make it more gentle and it will rejuvenate it.

It is not always recommendable to use soaps for face cleaning- it often better to use oils. This is particularly true for damaged skin.

Should I use Oils for Skincare?

Most often nature takes care skin has its natural moisture: this is of course if glads do their job, and work automatically. Of course our glands work different now as they did years ago. This is due to our way of life, living in closed spaces, pollution. Thus, yes, skin needs oils, but do use natural oils, and avoid scented oils. Use oils sparingly and rub well into skin.
Pure olive oil with some lemon juice is recommended for skin care.
If you simply want to buy oil, but St. Johnswort oil. Search for oils with natural red color from Johnswort and not artificial coloring.

For Wrinkled Skin and Skin with Large Pores    

Elastic skin on face means freshness, youth and health: it is no wonder women want to keep it fresh as long as possible. This is of course not done with over exaggerated use of makeup. As said earlier- we are doing the opposite: with makeup we are hiding out true akin appearance, but not only that- we are closing pores and additionally degenerate skin.
Always keep in mind not to worry (too much) as this is also cause of wrinkles.
Also protect yourself from harmful sun rays.

Natural Beauty Care Tips (Points)

We are spending much time to look beautiful, but do we really? It would be much easier to maintain healthy body – this way we will stay younger much longer.
Spending time on fresh air contributes to younger looking skin. Do not forget to protect your skin!
Cold and warm showers contribute to better circulation and thus better-looking skin.
In order to protect skin from unfriendly environment, use lanoline creams. You do not have to apply on daily basis.
Before bed time freshen your skin with tincture made of Violet herb.
In order to keep oily glands working properly, we recommend applying natural oil 2-3 times weekly. You’ll notice you skin is looking younger and fresher.



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