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3-day Potty Training for Puppies

3-day Potty Training for Puppies

Simple Tips about 3-day Potty Training for Puppies.

When should I start potty training my puppy?

According to experts, potty training is most effective when puppies reach between 12 weeks and 16 weeks of age.

By this time, a pup has better control over his bladder and bowel movement, meaning fewer accidental leaks.

However, if your puppy has been previously eliminating in the crate, he might require additional time. Similarly, some breeds can mature early enough than others, hence, a vet consultation can also be beneficial.

How do I toilet train my puppy?

Teach your puppy to be a good boy without spending huge bucks in potty training sessions? Go through this 3-day potty training schedule for pups and start applying them today

  • Keeping close tabs on their potty time- It is not always possible to watch your pup’s every action. Thus, maintaining a proper feeding schedule is the first stage for efficient potty training. When the pup is done eating, any remaining food item must be skipped. This will ensure that the pup doesn’t overeat leading to lesser chances of inappropriate eliminations.
  • Maintaining Potty Schedule- Puppies have smaller bladders. Thus, taking them outside every thirty minutes or one hour is most preferred. Similarly, subjecting them to potty time before and after a nap, after meals, and before going to work can do wonders. Following these steps regularly will serve as an essential milestone in your 3-day potty training session.
  • Marking a specific spot- Worried about finding brown spots all over your garden? Habituate your pup to defecate at a single place in your yard. Thus, you won’t have to worry about picking up his poo from several spots in your garden.
  • Getting rid of their vulnerability- All animals feel vulnerable during their poo time to outside threats. So, staying with your puppy during the initial phase of potty-training will make him feel comfortable knowing that you have his back. Once correctly, house trained, your puppy can then be left alone without feeling anxious.
  • Offering them treats- Want to let your puppy differentiate between good and bad behavior? With every prompt potty-training success, offer him delicious treats or take him on a nice walk. This will encourage him to continue the best behavior by creating a positive influence.
3-day Potty Training for Puppies
3-day Potty Training for Puppies

When subjected to the above-mentioned steps regularly, you can easily potty-train your puppy within a few days.

Can I send my dog away to be potty-trained?

Yes, you can always send your pup to professionals if you don’t have enough time or have a challenging dog. Almost every kennel provides day-care potty training along with boarding facilities for special cases.

However, you still might need to consult with your local kennels or trainers for more info on in-house potty training.

With their handling experience, they can efficiently train your pup within a few days or weeks. Although training standards and skills vary from kennel to kennel, most trainers often use the 3-day potty training schedule, as mentioned above.

It also depends on how fast your pup adjusts to his new environment and can perform what it is taught.

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