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How to cleanse a crystal

how to cleanse crystals

A word about crystals

Crystals have been in use since as early as the 4th millennium B.C for their healing and aesthetic properties. They have seen it all, from playing an important role in trade to being carried as a lucky charm for war to being crushed for using as eyeshadow and paint colours. Crystals are said to promote the flow of energy and, in this way, help in the healing of the body and mind.

Every part of the chakra has a particular coloured crystal that is most beneficial for it. While red, yellow and orange crystals stimulate the body and mind, blue crystals help self-expression and spiritual growth. Green crystals heal the heart, and purple ones calm the mind.

Why is it important to cleanse a crystal


Crystals have a memory. They absorb the energies of whoever they come in contact with. A crystal changes many hands from the source to the seller and eventually you before settling in your hands. Researchers postulate that the regularity of the geometric pattern part of the crystal structure forms a steady vibration. This, in turn, balances your energy and your well-being. When factors like Unwanted or excess energy enter the crystal, they clog it. This leads to dilution of its healing properties. It can cleanse itself, but that will take a long time. By following these methods, you can quickly and efficiently cleanse a crystal and restore its healing properties.

How to cleanse a crystal


Saltwater contains ions that make life possible. Being recognized as having powerful purifying properties, salt is accepted as one of the best ways to cleanse a crystal. Specifically, Rock salt or Himalayan salt is used. A glass bowl is filled one third with water to start the process.

Only after the salt has thoroughly dissolved in the water are the crystals added to it. 5-24 hours are sufficient for crystals needing light cleaning, while some may need soaking for at least a week. Post soaking, wash them with running water and wipe them to complete the process.

While this method is useful for most crystals, soft crystals must be soaked with care to prevent scratching. Not all crystals do well with salt water. Hematite, Angelite, Magnetite and Hiddenite are known to crack on contact with salt water. Lapis Lazuli, Opal and Pyrite contain metals that react with the chlorine of salt and lose colour. Selenite dissolves in contact with water and should be avoided as such. You can go for the noncontact salt method; it is nothing but placing another container above the salt to place the crystals.

cleansing by using other crystals

Through the beams of moon and Sun

Both the sunbeams and moonbeams are equally helpful in cleansing the crystals. It is said that the moon and crystals share deep energy. The breath of a new moon with the energy of a full moon is said to be immensely helpful for Crystal’s life. Moonlight has been used for centuries in both cleansings and energizing crystals. While the new moon provides them with the energy of release, the full moon provides them with the energy of growth, which is beneficial for the chakras.

The golden beams of the Sun provide more masculine energy than the feminine spirit of the moon. The Sun being warmer than the moon, is richer in terms of vitality and energy. It would be best if you placed the crystals overnight outside or near the window for being cleansed properly by the moon. In comparison, no more than a few hours are taken by the Sun. Care should be taken to cleanse them in the early morning hours and take them inside before the Sun gets too hot. Jade, lapis lazuli, onyx, and amber can withstand prolonged exposure to the Sun. But those like beryl, amethyst, citrine and aquamarine lose their colour when kept too long outside or become brittle and break.

By Smudging and through sound vibrations

For smudging, you need a fire-safe bowl, a few strands of loose or bundled sage and a matchstick to light a fire. Sage is a powerful cleanser. After lighting the tip of the sage, pass the crystal through the smoke for at least 30 seconds. Add another 30 seconds if required. Preferably do this near an open window to allow the negative energy to dispense with the smoke. You can also use lavender, cedar or sweetgrass for smudging. Smudging can be done successfully with any crystal using the herbs mentioned above.

It is believed that healing crystals have a powerful vibratory effect that helps free energy flow throughout the body. It is believed that sound waves create vibrations that break the negative stuck up energy within the crystals. This makes sound an effective medium for cleansing them. A Tibetan singing bowl is one of the best sound mediums for cleansing.

Place a clean piece of cloth on a clutter-free area of your house. Arrange the singing bowl on the cloth with your crystals surrounding it. Now strike the bowl gently with the mallet to start the ringing sound. Continue this for 5-10 minutes to complete the cleaning session. Please do not place the crystals inside the bowl as the high sound frequency might destroy them. Likewise, be gentle with the mallet for optimum results.

By using other crystals

Geodes are spherical rock structures with an internal cavity lined with minerals. A crystal slab or slice is a flat piece of crystals used as a base or decor. Quartz and Selenite are two such large stones available in the form of geodes and slabs. For cleansing purposes, place the smaller stones on top of the larger ones and leave them overnight. You can also arrange them together on a plate to achieve the desired cleansing. The negative energies in the stone are said to be removed by the vibrations of the larger stones.

Meditation and Burial

For cleansing via meditation, hold your crystal in your hands. Close your eyes and imagine a bright white light surrounding your crystal and passing through it. Visualize the light removing all the impurities of your crystal. Continue the visualization till you are satisfied with the cleansing process. Also called the visualization method, Meditation cleansing is not achieved through one-time practice. It takes time to perfect this cleansing technique. While at it, cleanse your crystals under a full moon or in the early morning through meditation for even better results.

In the burial method, we use salt or rice to bury the crystals for cleansing. Bury your crystals for 24 hours under the soil or rice kept in a clean bowl and remove them the next day. Soil is the mother element from which the crystals have been mined. Burying them in their mother element brings them back to their original state of purity.

Rice like crystals has originated from the ground. It is said to balance the energy between Heaven and Earth. Rice can effectively absorb the negative vibrations of the crystals and helps the crystal reset to its basic energy.

Take home factor

Crystals can help you in many ways. You can hold them in your hands or place them in your pockets. They heal you physically and spiritually. But they need regular cleansing for letting out negative energy and not to be overfilled with energy. Effective cleansing makes them free of whatever clogs inside their vibrations. This helps you enjoy the optimum effects of their healing properties.