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How to get shorter in height?

How to get shorter in height?

Are you often bullied because of your tall height? Or do you have difficulty in finding pants that go all the way across your long legs? If yes, then you are at the right spot.

While genetics and body build-up is generally the reason behind your long legs and arms, using perfect wardrobe combinations can aid in getting the desired ‘short look’. Rest other, such as so-called medically proven height shortening pills or powder are nothing but hoax turned marketing strategies. They will definitely mess up your body, leading to potential high risk side effects in the future.

Is it possible to get shorter in height?

Scientists have confirmed that our body keeps growing until a certain age due to the growth in our bones. This peak age might differ between individuals of the opposite genders or individuals with separate body compositions. For instance, while a man may gain a good height of 6 feet or more in their twenties, it may take a little less or more years for a woman to reach an average height of 5’4”. The data is entirely dependent upon their genetics and other essential factors, including health conditions.

Similarly, our bodies slowly start to shrink in size after the peak age. And while these differences may not be immediately visible, people typically lose about 0.8 to 1.6 inches within their whole life period. These changes occur due to shrinkage in our body resulting from the spinal disc compressions between the vertebrae.

As we age, our body elasticity and flexibility start to loosen, along with the essential synovial fluid, a liquid present between bones for smooth movement. This, in turn, puts more pressure on our spinal discs, thereby creating compression. This is also why older people often appear much shorter than their previous height in peak adulthood.

What are the tricks to get shorter in height?

Although there are no sure-cut ways to get shorter without being old or through bone-shortening surgeries, making wardrobe changes can come in handy.

Choosing the right tops

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Fashion experts believe wearing tops or shirts with horizontal stripes aids in creating a perfect illusion of being wide rather than tall. As the lines run parallel to the ground, it somehow forces the viewer’s mind into contemplating your breadth rather than taunting your height.

Getting the right shoes

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For tall people wanting to cut down a few inches off their height instantly, flat shoes are no wonder the perfect choice. As pointed shoes such as heels or ballet shoes are specifically made to make your legs seem longer, you might end up looking even taller than you initially are.

Wearing longer shirts or jackets

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If you are naturally tall, wearing a tight or short shirt will only add to your figure. However, when paired with baggy shirts or long jackets, the attire will successfully wound up a few centimetres off your leg, thereby giving the impression of a healthy shorter height. You may also want to wear considerably longer skirts that fall under your knee for the same visual effect.

Putting in different colours

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Unlike going with single monotones, wearing tops and bottoms bearing different colours also works out best. Using separate tones will segment your body correctly, giving you a cool as well as a confident look to rock your day. To top it up, don’t forget to add a larger purse to end up with the perfect illusion of shortened height.

Letting your hair down

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If you have longer hair, wearing it down is better than having shorter hair. Short hair contours your face better; however may not work for hiding inches from your tall figure. On the other hand, long, loose hair tends to make you look shorter as they cover almost half of your back.

Can I get shorter in height by surgery?

Although bone-shortening surgeries exist, they are done specifically to treat leg length differences rather than entertaining height shortening requests. This is a much rare and riskier surgery, with many complications, such as severe pain and difficulty walking or running.

Depending upon your severity of Limb Length Discrepancy (LLD), your doctor might surgically destruct the growth plates at the end of the bones or shorten the overall length of the bone by a few millimetres or centimetres. Therefore, reducing height through surgery is next to impossible unless required medically.

How about height shortening capsules, oils, or powders?

Even though such manufacturing companies claim their products to be extensively tested and medically safe, they are simply hoaxes. Once matured, only a few health conditions or ageing can get you shorter in height. The same also goes for individuals in growing stages as malnutrition, poor quality sleep, genetics, and medical issues are the only factors that may cause you to lose height.

Consuming these so-called ‘height shorteners,’ however, may produce a detrimental effect on your health by causing an imbalance in the production of hormones. Therefore, experts often advise staying away from such self-proclaimed products that come with the promise of miracles within a few days.

Getting shorter in height is no magic but an art of creating the perfect illusion. And hence, it is better to be wise and make changes to your wardrobe rather than waste money behind fake powders and pills.


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