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Adult Golden Retriever and Puppies – 5 Important food FAQs

Adult Golden Retriever
Adult Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are no doubt gigantic balls of fur who love to play and stay active almost all of the time.

Adult Golden Retriever and Puppies - 5 Important food FAQs
Adult Golden Retriever

So, if you have an adult Golden retriever, you should know that whatever you feed your pooch can have direct effects on their hair quality, bones, and even teeth.

Back in my home, I have a beautiful golden retriever named Tabbie who is a rescue and has been with me for the past 3 years.

So, when I first decided to adopt a golden to our home, I had to go through every detail regarding the breed.

What do I feed my Adult Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers are famous for their large appetite and hence, I never had to face any problem while introducing my grown pup to its adult food.

However, before giving them adult food in bulk be sure to introduce it slowly. This will help the pup to know the taste of the food and will also ensure good digestion.

Adult Golden Retriever and Puppies - 5 Important food FAQs
Golden Retriever

Although giving them kibbles might be quite short on budget, try to give them diet having phytoplankton, anchovies, and lamb meat. Similarly, adding wet food to your dog’s diet will make sure he remains hydrated.

How often should I feed your Adult golden retriever?

adult golden retriever feeding

Golden Retrievers are always hungry and hence, it is highly essential that you maintain a proper diet schedule so that they don’t get obese.

Hence, feeding your pooch about 2 times a day with enough access to clean fresh water can do the job.

They also have a slower metabolism when they grow and hence focus must be shifted on providing them with nutritious food.

However, if you think your pup might be getting hungry in the meantime, you can also give them calcium bones so that they get something to chew upon.

Why my Adult pup isn’t eating dry foods?

Puppies may find it hard to munch on adult food and hence often show less appetite to the adult food.

While feeding my Tabbie, I first let him try adult dog food in small quantities and when he showed positive interest, then only I went into full phase.

You can also try out rewarding them with treats afterward to create a happy memory in relation to the food.

Apart from this, your pup may also not like the flavor of the food you are giving, so adding delicious meat gravies can also increase their appetite.

Can my Golden Retriever puppies eat adult dog food?

Golden Retiever puppies are attracted to anything they might find tasty and the first thing they do is to put it in their mouth.

Although you might find this to be cute, this often results in severe stomach issues and sometimes even fatal infections. So, you should ensure that your puppy doesn’t feed on the bowls of other animals under your supervision.

Golden Retriever puppies
Golden Retriever puppies

As adult golden retriever food has specific components, this might be hard on the baby’s stomach causing diarrhea or vomiting. Hence, they should never be given adult dog food unless they cross the puppy hood.

What food is good for my adult Goldie’s fur and nails?

Omega-3 and flax seed oil are known to be the best solutions when you are looking to improve the texture of your Adult Golden Retriever fur.

You can easily get these supplements either in a capsular form or in the form of liquid syrup. However, I personally use the capsules, where I cut a portion of them and then add the oil to their food so that they can get direct benefits from it.

Similarly, you must provide your Golden Retriever puppies with good quality calcium bones to chew upon. These bones will help their bones and teeth to stay healthy while simultaneously fighting off the formation of cavities.

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