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How to Manifest on Paper?

How to Manifest on Paper?

A heavily researched term nowadays, manifesting on paper simply means jolting down your dream life on a piece of paper and believing that it has come true.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation in simple terms is creation. Just like building physical structures, our life goes by creating situations through feelings, thoughts and emotions. So the everyday happenings are directly or indirectly linked to how we think, perceive others and choose to act.

In other words, we and WE only decide the fate of our day and even life. According to many studies it has been proven that inner peace and stability often resonates with our immediate surroundings. This is because depending upon what we feel, our vibes naturally click with the universe’s vibration, thereby affecting the consequences.

Thus, the more calm and relaxed we feel, the better the things are, and the more tense or anxious we are, the more stressful and disorderly is the outside world.

Why do I need to manifest on paper?

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Although, there are many ways of manifesting your inner dreams and calm into the real world, nothing beats the pen and paper method. Many-a-times, we tend to forget our dreams, no matter how important or trivial they might be, due to our busy lives, and hence writing them down keeps them from being forgotten.

Similarly, this tangible action also makes one believe and have more confidence in themselves as it is a natural human tendency to believe in things that we can see, hear or touch. This is also referred to as a ‘Visualisation’ method of attaining the power to manifest dreams into reality.

Now that we know the importance of manifesting on paper, here are certain tips on making the process smooth and fun for beginners.

How to manifest on paper? Tips and Tricks

While visualising your dreams and goals and acting upon them is undeniably the most powerful method of manifestation, many have a hard time maintaining focus for long periods of time. And for such individuals, writing down what they see, hear, and dream is the best choice.

Penning down thoughts allows the individual to feel more deeply connected to their dreams and what they wish for. This in return aids them to focus more on these very particular details rather than being jumbled up with other irrelevant thoughts.

Similarly, keeping a physical proof of your ambitions can also be later used to remind oneself of the promise they had made to themselves and thereby work better and smarter for their future.

Tips for a better Manifested Script:

  • Always write in the present tense- This is a psychological trick to make your mind think that the dream has already been achieved so that the desired frequency can be achieved. As a result, the satisfaction enhances your vibrational energy sending positive vibes to the Universe.
  • Make the writing clear and detailed- When writing down the specifics, always make sure you are mentioning every minute info about the goal you are wishing for. Such a writing aids chase away ambiguity and hence focus clearly on your desires.
  • Be thankful- Gratitude has been time and again linked to everything good and hence mentioning just how grateful you are can also act as a pillar of your success.
  • Be realistic- Although dreaming big is nothing to be ashamed of, imagining pretty much hyper-rated things that surpass your ability to achieve it might not be the right thing to do. A much more effective way is to start with small things and later go for the bigger ones.
  • Pour down your emotions- Unlike business emails or making notes, always remember when manifesting your goals on a paper you are shaping your life. So, adding the real gust of emotions you are feeling, such as the gratefulness, the sheer pleasure, or the ecstatic feeling is sure to give much more meaning to the whole thing.
  • Always end by thanking the Universe- Now, before signing it off, the most essential thing is to add a thank you note for the Universe. None can deny the supernatural forces or vibrational energy of the Universe that makes everything possible, so why not add your gratitude for helping you recognise your dreams and aspirations???

What do I need to remember when manifesting on a paper?

Even though creating a scripted journey for your dear dreams on paper is a personal choice, there are certain ways to make it more effective. These include:

Creating a manifestation list

It is quite common to end up with a lot of things when trying to visualise your dream life and hence creating a manifestation list before starting the script is the better option. This way you won’t be thinking and wasting your energy for irrelevant and momentary desires which aren’t necessary for achieving success.

Put them under your pillow

Although it might seem superstitious, keeping your manifested script under your pillow is also reported to help with the whole ‘Law of Attraction’ notion. Almost all of us have to go through a lot during our days, that may be professional or personal things. So when we keep our goals written on a piece of paper under our pillow, it helps us tone down our stress levels and rest with all positive emotions.

Reading the thoughts everyday before sleeping also allows it to get deeply embedded in our brain and subconscious which is highly essential.

Write down any signs that the Universe sends you

Everyday we receive signs from the Universe. While this may seem trivial in the beginning they sure do keep a lot of importance in our lives than we can ever imagine. Thus, to measure your own growth towards goals, spiritual ex[erts often advise keeping a track of all such signs and synchronicities that happen in your day-to-day lives. For instance, the falling off a book from the shelf, the occurrence of specific patterns, numbers or anything that keeps a link to your dreams.

Noting these simple things serves as a motivation to achieve your goals step by step and hence relax a little more.

Perform meditation and live a good lifestyle

Now if you want to achieve your desires sooner, nothing beats living a good lifestyle and practising meditation. Being grateful to everything and exhibiting kindness sends positive signals to the Universe and your soul, enhancing your good deeds. So, you feel genuinely happier, relaxed, at peace and content with everything that you have got.

Additionally, eating right impacts your health in a good way. Thus the healthier you are, the better you feel, and the more good things await for you. Similarly, investing in manifestation oils is a good choice for people who stay busy for most of the time. Smelling these beautiful, refreshing scents slows down their metabolism, thereby enhancing the working of their subconscious mind.

In this blog we covered everything there is to know about manifestation and the tips and tricks to manifest on a paper. So, if you are a beginner, don’t forget to apply these above-said steps in your daily life and let us know how it helped you work towards your goals.
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