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Social Wellness

Social Wellness

Social relationship refers to the way we interact with others to maintain our relationship with them.

Relationships are essential in our lives as they provide strength during difficult times and make any celebration worth cherishing forever.

Social wellness involves fostering genuine connections with people around us and consists of nurturing and building supportive relationships. We have to make conscious decisions to balance our social life with our professional and academic lives.

Social Wellness

It also pertains to maintain romantic relationships along with other parts of our lives.

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Why is Social Wellness Important?

To maintain healthy relationships with others, we have to keep an optimal level of social wellness. We become comfortable with our presence in social situations and develop assertive skills when we have a supportive social network.

Our self- esteem is increased when we have a positive social network. When we strive to have social wellness, we automatically work towards building stronger communication skills, improve trust and conflict management, and create boundaries.

Building emotional resilience becomes more effective when combined with good social wellness.

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How to get social wellness?

Your social wellness is directly proportional to the well being of your relationships.

When we maintain social welfare, we allow ourselves to practice active listening and empathy. Below are some suggestions to enhance social health-

Importance of Self- Care:

 It is almost impossible to find a life without troubles. Hence, we practice self- care so that during those troubled times, we get the strength to deal with those obstacles.

Self-care consists of fulfilling basic needs such as exercising regularly, eating healthy, brushing your teeth and bathing, getting enough sleep, and avoiding harmful coping mechanisms like over-drinking and smoking. According to this trustworthy dentist in Fayetteville, self-care is very important as it’ll help us cope with stress much better.

It also consists of using positive coping mechanisms to self—soothes, manage stress, and relax through fulfilling creative outlets like crafts and hobbies, sports activities, art, dancing, hiking, and social interactions with friends.

Social Wellness

You can also choose to engage in activities that nurture you mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

These include yoga, meditation, journaling, therapy, spiritual retreats, taking classes in areas of interest, or attending religious services.

Explore your interests: 

get to know your preferences, needs, and values and share it with people around you.

You have to know your worth and who you want to be and how you want to project yourself to the world. Once you know where your boundaries lie, you will be able to engage in positive relationships with similar values and interests.

Social Wellness

You will also be able to choose people who are an encouragement and inspiration to your growth.

Avoid being too judgmental, critical, faultfinder, and a finger- pointer: 

No one likes to be criticized, judged, or blamed. If those dynamics occur, they can lead to a potentially unhealthy and abusive relationship.

You can also get caught up in self-critical thinking that would eventually perpetuate low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression, which would ultimately inhibit social interaction.

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Own your part: 

There are always two sides to every story.

In a relationship, no matter what the situation, there is still a negative and positive catalyst that would have lead to that issue.

As a part of a relationship, you should take responsibility in an argument by agreeing to your mistakes and not blaming the entire thing on your partner. Don’t always try to prove yourself right as the other person might feel unheard and invalidated. .

This will lead to further resentment and eventually end the relationship. Try to be unbiased and eliminate the cause of disagreement rather than making the disagreement the cause of your failed relationship.

Nurture or rekindle old relationships: 

Maintaining friendships with people that love and respect you for who you are is imperative to social wellness.

Social Wellness

Even if we are caught in everyday issues of life, rekindling old relationships that had been positive in the past is a fantastic way to strengthen social wellness. 

Appreciate Yourself and Others:

Being optimistic yet pragmatic will help you have a more comfortable, healthier, and happier life.

Always acknowledge your positive qualities and also pay genuine compliments to others you care about.

The more positive your thoughts are, the better your ability to trust and interact with people.

Ideas to cultivate social wellness

  • Find a hobby and share with people of common interest
  • Join a gym, dance, yoga or fitness class
  • Join social networking sites or groups that have common interests or goals
  • Volunteer for a cause you are passionate about
  • Plan a meal or spa day with your friends and family
  • Go on regular dates or dinners with your significant other
  • Catch up with an old friend from school or college

Marinating social wellness takes time, energy, care, effort, and intention. It’s an ongoing process that will last a lifetime, just like Physical Wellness.

It will change and develop on its own, but you have to realize that you don’t lose yourself by keeping up with the trends and being trapped in fake relationships.

Being social should be fulfilling and rewarding, not an obligation. Find a balance, and you will weed out the negativity eventually. But parallelly you have to guard your emotional wellness as well.




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