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How many people watch Anime?


There have been numerous inquiries about Anime, including what it is and whether or not it is a genuine cartoon. Some of these questions were correctly answered, while others were not. However, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “How many people around the world watch anime?” So, in this article, we will attempt to provide an answer to this question.

How Many People Watch Anime?

With each passing day, the popularity of Anime grows, and it has spread to many countries around the world. It may not be as popular in every country, but Anime is popular all over the world.

It has been watched by people all over the world since the early 2000s. Not only the United States but also France and Germany are big fans of Anime. It contributed $17.7 billion in revenue to the Japanese film industry in 2016, with Asia accounting for 40%, North America accounting for 12%, and Europe accounting for the remaining 26%.

Because Japan is the birthplace of Anime, it ranks first in the world regarding the number of people who watch Anime. According to recent studies, more than 33% of Japanese people watch Anime. If you’re wondering how many animes are out there, the answer is over 6000. Almost half of these are made in Japan.

The Jungle Book, created by Japan-based Nippon Animation, introduced Anime to India, making Mowgli one of the first anime characters to be known to Indians. After China, India ranks second in the list of countries where Anime is most popular. In 2020, 73% of Indians watched Anime on average.

Many children in the United Kingdom grew up watching Anime, and the popularity has grown so much that they now have their own ‘Anime UK News’ to spread the word about new anime releases.

Anime has remained popular in Italy, the only European country where it has not declined. Italian fans watch everything from Japanese Anime to Spanish-dubbed anime websites.

In Germany, there aren’t many anime fans. But they do have some favorites, such as Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2, Clannad After Story, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Fullmetal Alchemist, and so on.

If you consider the most popular anime series, ‘Naruto,’ you might be surprised to learn that over 1.1 million copies of the Anime were sold in French bookstores. As a result, France is another country where people watch far too much Anime.

The 2019 Anime North Convention was held in Canada, and there were 34,558 people in attendance. According to statistics, it is also the ninth most populous country in terms of anime fans.

According to Australian entertainment company Madman Entertainment, the anime industry accounts for more than 90% of its market share. They also have a sizable stake in the anime theatre business.

What Is It About Anime That People Find So Appealing?

Anime Is Unique

What led to the popularity of Anime? The first and most important reason is “its distinction.” Unlike Western or American cartoons such as “Family Guy” or “Marvel Avengers,” Anime creates a fantastic world with psychological depth and eye-popping visuals. The breadth of the material, the ways stories are told, and even the cultural nuances displayed by the characters make it unique.

Anime Has Something to Offer Almost Everyone

The fact that Anime can appeal to people of all tastes is part of what makes it so popular worldwide. It also can encompass and transcend genre conventions. Japanese Anime defied the convention that cartoons are only for children with uncountable genres ranging from lighthearted comedies to psychological thrillers to romance, history, politics, and even violence, war, and sexual themes.

Lovely Animation and Artwork

People consider Anime to be a Japanese art form with both physical and aesthetic appeal. It’s “basic” artwork, but it’s visually stunning and richly fascinating. Almost everything has complex details and shapes, as well as many shadows, lighting, and gradients: the eyes, the hair, the body and face proportion, the scenery, and so on. Each facial expression represents a distinct personality, feeling, experience, or characteristic. Furthermore, through the eyes, every human emotion can be vividly depicted.

Encourages Creativity and Imagination

Anime stimulates the imagination. It introduces us to a world of possibilities and makes us fall in love with fictional characters. The powers and moves in various Anime such as Naruto and Dragon Ball Z demonstrate that it is impossible to faze the animation world. If anyone can think of it, it can be drawn and delivered for the entire world to see.