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Spitz Dog- What to do When your adorable Spitz doesn’t Eat Well

Spitz Dog

A Spitz Dog is fun to watch 

If your sweet and adorable spitz otherwise turns a blind eye when he sees his food bowl, then be sure to read and understand this article until the very end. Dogs belonging to the Spitz breed are generally very fussy about their food and many people often find their disinterest in food frustrating. Hence here, I, as a pet parent, have tried listing out some of the necessary evils that might be hindering in your pup’s appetite.

Spitz dog

What are the top reasons for your Spitz’s disinterest in food?

Although Spitz dog breeds might be fussy eater, the reason behind their disinterest in food is not always due to their small stomach. Digestion issues, change in food preferences, owner absence, and even social and emotional issues might be troubling your beloved pup. So, it is highly advised that you stop your guessing and take your pup to the vet and have him/her thoroughly checked up.

When should I make a call to the vet?

If you see your spitz dog vomiting, having diarrhea, or not touching food for more than 24 hours, you must immediately take him/her to the vet. However, in case your pup is just going through an upset stomach, he/she will be fine within a few hours. Similarly, if you also find your pup not drinking water or ingesting any fluid, then consulting a vet must be done immediately.

How can you know your spitz dog is suffering from something serious?

If the smell of your dog’s vomit or excreta gives a pungent smell, then it may require veterinary assistance as soon as possible. You may also find blackish or greenish fluids or mucus which serves as an indication towards an underlying medical condition. Moreover, severe conditions like Parvo can result in bloody feces and complete avoidance of food and water.

How to know if it’s time to take your pup to the vet?

In case if your spitz dog has already missed a full day meal and is still not showing any interest in the food, or vomits repeatedly, then the pup must be immediately taken to the vet. Other symptoms include decreased energy, whitening of eyes and gums, yellowing of their eyes, and inside of their ears.

Is a Spitz dog prone to digestion related issues?

Dogs belonging to this breed have a small stomach and hence are picky eaters. However, this doesn’t mean that the breed is prone to any digestion related issues. While some spitz pups might actually be going through a rough phase, some might belong to the category of under-eaters. My pup also belongs to the same and he rarely completes his whole meal. So, I often give him a mix of both dry food and wet food to ensure that he gets complete nutrients and remains properly hydrated.

What can I do for an under-eater?

Mixing chicken or meat gravy into their dry food or rewarding them after each meal can help in enhancing your pup’s appetite. Moreover, I also try to keep an interval of 5-7 hours between each meal to ensure good digestion and reduced wastage. Furthermore, if you are giving them dry food from any particular brand, any change in their formula might also affect their taste buds. Thus, you may also think of changing brands and choosing the perfect one by starting in smaller portions.

What should I never feed them?

Chocolates, sugary food items, garlic, onions, grapes, raisins, citrus fruits, coconut, alcohol, avocado are some of the items you must never feed your dog. These items have been scientifically proven to be toxic to your dogs and can also induce fatal reactions in the pooch. Some dogs might also be allergic to milk and hence, giving milk and dairy products is also a big No as per leading veterinarians and animal nutritionists.
Meta Description- Tired of seeing your Spitz dog not eating well? The problem might not only be their fussy eating behavior, hence be sure to read this article to the very end.

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