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Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery

Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery

Pros of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a wide term that could mean any surgical procedure used to repair any physical deformity, reconstruct a part of the body due to an accident, or just perform cosmetic procedures for aesthetic reasons.

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Most people consider plastic surgery as a method where one can improve their looks or physical features. But for people who are planning to undergo plastic surgery procedure, they should still need to think it a hundred times before going under the knife.

They should know first the pros and cons of plastic surgery and assess thoroughly the risks and benefits.

Pro 1: Regained respect for oneself

One of the pros of undergoing a plastic surgery is that people are more confident and gain renewed self respect and self esteem after the procedure. This is whether they are doing this to benefit their health or for aesthetic purposes.

You must first decide about your goals why you want to undergo this kind of procedure. If you think that plastic surgery is the only way it can make you happy and satisfied with the way you look, it is necessary that you should also know your medical condition to assess if you are safe to go on with your plan.

Pro 2: Improved health conditions

Plastic surgery procedures are not only to improve your looks, but it could also improve certain type of health conditions. Plastic surgery, if done correctly can enhance your appearance and will make you look younger.

A good example for this is the breast reduction procedure where doctors reduce the size of the breast through surgery. This procedure helps women from suffering from chronic back pain and nasal surgery, because this could help people with deviated septum that makes breathing easier.

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Pro 3: Better self-esteem

If you are suffering from low self esteem because of some parts of the body which you are not satisfied of, undergoing plastic surgery can solve the problem. Having a plastic surgery can sometimes boost your over all confidence.

Pro 4: Improved physical appearance

The purpose of the aesthetic plastic surgery is that people look like improved versions of themselves. A person who has undergone plastic surgery and removed excess skin often looks good in their clothing.

Cons of Plastic Surgery

Con 1: Possible nerve damage

Some plastic surgery can also permanently cause nerve damage like face lift procedure. This can happen even if the one who administered the surgery is the best doctor in town.

Con 2: Blood loss

Like any other surgical procedure, plastic surgery exposes individuals to the risks of losing a lot of blood during the procedure. This is one of the disadvantages of undergoing plastic surgery.

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One should also know how to adjust to see themselves with new physical features. The worst risk of plastic surgery is death because of trauma and blood loss.If you have recently lost a lot of weight and have hanging skin, plastic surgery can fix these excess skin from sagging and at the same time benefit your health as well. Recovery time also varies depending on the type of plastic surgery performed. It could take some weeks before the body could completely heal after the surgery.