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What is a WOE Diet? 10 WOE Diet Ideas

What is a WOE Diet? 10 WOE Diet Ideas

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Welcome to our new blog where we will be discussing the recently trendy ‘WOE Diet’ and their pros and cons. So, get ready with your reading glasses, because here we go.

But first, let’s start by understanding what makes a WOE Diet so special.

What is a WOE Diet?

The abbreviated form for ‘Way of Eating’, the WOE Diet is primarily a form of diet which focuses on complete, balanced form of meals.

The notion doesn’t induce people to go on ridiculous hunger-phases or stick to a single form of diet. Rather it requires the presence of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, and healthy fats in all meals, therefore aiding complete nutrition.

In short, this particular diet is not restricted to a certain amount of calorie intake, but requires individuals to digest more and more nutritious food items. When done properly it can come handy in maintaining optimal health conditions and even get rid of excess fats. Hence get a much slimmer, and glowing appearance, without risking your digestive health as with other unsafe diets.

How to do a WOE Diet?

Starting a WOE Diet is no rocket science. You will simply need to draft your own personal calorie requirement schedule and stick to it. However, it should be done properly so that your body doesn’t end up missing out on a large portion of the essential calories needed for daily chores.

Thus, the best way to do this is to start with noting down your daily activities, be it completing your home chores, going to the office, indulging in heavy cardio during workout, or anything else. Pointing out these strenuous activities will help you calculate the overall calorie intake your body needs more efficiently.

Secondly, focus on your gender, age, weight, and height proportions to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) and then compare the above result. This should help you finalize the right amount of calories that your body generally needs. You can also consult a nutritionist or a WOE dietician for help with the same.

Finally, depending upon the final amount, eat that many calories everyday and don’t forget to complete your daily chores as well. Simultaneously, mark your progress with a notepad and compare the before and after results, every month.

Top 10 WOE Diet Ideas

Now that we know what puts together a WOE Diet, here are a few ideas to start your new diet the right way.

Always Consult a Nutritionist

So before you start being a devoted preacher of the ‘WOE Diet’ always consult with a professional and experienced WOE Diet nutritionist. See, each of our bodies are composed differently than the other person, and hence blindly following someone’s secret fitness diet may not work out for you. It could pose a severe threat to your overall well being, so getting green-flagged by a professional or a doctor is a must.

Maintain a Food Journal

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Even though it might seem unnecessary, the secret behind a successful WOE Diet is the art of maintaining a food journal. When doing so an individual needs to be critically honest in mentioning whatever they have consumed during the whole day, so as to find out if their goal is being completed or going overboard. Thus, your food journal should include all your meals, snacks, and even appetizers taken during the entire day.

Never eat when not hungry

Many-a-times when we are sitting idly or are bored, our brain turns the signal into a hunger phase, which compels one to feel like eating even when they aren’t really hungry. And if one gives into these times, it often results in accumulating more calories than required, thereby leading to obesity and undesirable weight issues. Therefore, if you are bored and suddenly feel like having some snacks, try getting into some chores and distracting your mind as this is not a healthy way of eating.

Stick to Home-Cooked meals

Although a once in a month restaurant-spree is okay, if you seriously want to maintain a fit body and the optimal weight with the WOE Diet, you will need to stick loyally to home-cooked meals. This is because you can never know the amount of calories you are ingesting with restaurant cooked meals, as the quantity of spices and oil is comparatively more in them. The same also goes with food from street-side vendors or other fast food outlets.

Eat more fiber-rich food

Another secret to getting a healthy body is to start eating more fiber-rich food along with other essential nutrients. As fibers are relatively harder to digest, it gives the user a ‘full feeling’ for a long time, thereby preventing the constant hunger. However, if you are consuming a fiber rich diet, ensure to back it up with enough water, so that the plant-based diet is amply digested with lesser wastage.

Free your home of junk food

When starting with a WOE Diet, it’s highly crucial for you to get rid of any and every junk food that might be sitting in your fridge or on the counters. Chips packets, cold drink cans, leftover pizza, etc are never a good nutritional choice and hence you could easily substitute them with green salads, fruits, and roasted peanuts. But even when snacking on good food items, do that under control and mention everything you ate in your food journal.

Map the food and water intake properly

Just like nutrients, our body also needs optimal levels of water to function, and hence never forget to create space for water in your stomach after each meal. Thus, rather than eating up until your throat, stop when you start getting a comfortable fullness and end your meal with a glass of water. You may want to drink after a good half an hour of taking the meal, as it is believed to aid in the proper settling of the food.

Perform regular exercise

While getting the right food allows our bodies to gain the required amount of energy to keep us going, performing daily exercises aids in proper toning of muscles. This in return allows our body to ensure proper usage of the energy with minimals wastage. This notion is also supported by scientific studies and reports. So, if you are thinking of going on a WOE Diet, never forget the importance of regular exercises.

Prepare your own tiffins


Now if you are an office worker or have to travel a lot, it can be a bit harder to maintain a good diet regimen. Therefore to prevent accidental slip-outs, you can always go with a home-cooked and home-prepared tiffin. Fill your lunch bag with smaller portions of meals and stick to those portions until you are back home. In case you do feel hungry, you could carry in small packets of healthier snacks and nibble at them, but in a controllable manner.

Patience is the key

Always remember that a healthy diet starts to show visible changes in a gradual manner, unlike any of those so-called ‘magical slimmer pills or diets’. The later ones are hands-down the worst way of treating your body, so you need to stay away from them. Many factors, including your age, medical conditions, body type, and digestive capabilities play a major role in this healthier ‘Way of Eating’. Therefore, before starting the whole thing make it a point to have loads of patience and enough willpower to stick to it until you reach your desired goal.
So, this was all about the trendy WOE Diet along with some of the best ideas to start practicing the procedure. For more, subscribe to our mailing list at wntoknow.com and stay updated on all our new topics.