Home Featured Ranboo Biography: Age, Height, Net Worth And Rest Everything

    Ranboo Biography: Age, Height, Net Worth And Rest Everything

    Ranboo Biography: Age, Height, Net Worth And Rest Everything

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    Today in this new blog of wntoknow.com, we will be stressing light on the rapidly growing social media sensation Ranboo and his journey as a personality. Without any further ado, let’s start.

    Who is Ranboo?

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    Also popularly known as RanbooLive, Ranboo is a highly sought after Twitch streamer, Youtuber and a social media star from the United States. Having started from a Twitch account, his popularity gained him huge amounts of followers who love watching him play Minecraft live on his SNS platforms. The social media star was also recently signed up by the Misfits Gaming Group for his unique Minecraft gameplay accord.

    While the name is enough to put his fans into a frenzy, the real name behind this beautiful masked man is still a mystery. The man even shows himself masked in all of his photos, no matter if it’s his professional or personal account, leading to even more anticipation by his regular viewers.

    How old is Ranboo?

    Born on 27th December, 2003, Ranboo recently completed 18 years in 2021 and is still going strong. Belonging to an American family, with not much details on his parents and other extended family members, the SNS star often loves to spend as much time as possible with his close ones.

    How tall is he?

    Although this masked man is still in peak growing years, Ranoboo stands at a height of 6 feet 6 inches height, i.e.199 centimetres tall. He also has good health and weighs around 68 kilos, and has dark brown hair and brown eyes like most of us.

    How was Ranboo’s Childhood?

    Born under the sign of Capricorn, this Capricornian influencer has had a great start since childhood. Reportedly, he was sent into a private high school from where he graduated his honours with flying colours. And although there hasn’t been any more news from the star’s side regarding the furtherance of his college education, his fans have no problem with his qualifications, nor do we.

    Apart from that, his upbringing has been pretty basic with multi-ethinc family ancestry to back his roots. Ranboo has displayed respect to all cultures and traditions on many occasions, and is hence one of the beloved social media influencers currently.

    How did Ranboo’s career start?

    Always the creative boy, Ranboo first opened his Twitch channel on September 11, 2020 to share his awesome playing skills with the world. Even though he is known today for playing Minecraft, he also explores other super-admired  games including UNO, Super Mario Party, etc from time to time.

    Since that day his followers have skyrocketed and now his SNS accounts are followed by 3.9 million individuals, out of which 56k subscribers participate actively in his videos. His amusing way of twitching the game progress, adding funny commentaries, and humorous play offs with his influencer friends is what makes his fans love him.

    Thanks to this, he has also started posting highlights of his game on his YouTube channel, which he had created back in late 2019. He rarely posts videos there, almost once or twice in a few months, but this doesn’t seem to upset his fans at all. Within some months his YouTube channel too has crossed a huge target of 3.86 million subscribers with a total of 56 million views on all videos as of now.

    What is RanbooLive’s Net Worth?

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    Earning from various social media platforms at a time, the average estimated net worth of the masked SNS star is estimated to be of $5 million dollars. A huge amount, ain’t it???

    His major income sources include his Twitch channel and merches, from where he earns in thousands of bucks every month by promoting commercials and through contributions. His YouTube channel also is claimed to be monetized, but he doesn’t earn much from there due to the irregularity in content upload. Additionally, his fans also support him by subscribing to Premium Membership plans on his YouTube channel and other platforms, adding in to the already huge amount of cash.

    So, this was all about the rising SNS star’s personal life and professional achievements. Now getting into the more spicy, juicy facts, here are a few must-knows about Ranboo aka the ‘Handsome Masked Man’.

    1. He absolutely loves Italian cuisine.
    2. He’s a travel maniac and is always looking for opportunities to slip into a new place with so many things to explore.
    3. Ranboo doesn’t own any tattoos on his body.
    4. His most watched video on the YouTube platform is ‘Ranboo bakes a Cake (1 MILLION Subscriber Special)’ with 10 million views and still counting.
    5. His Discord server has been joined by 438k people from all over the world.
    6. He is much more active on Twitch than on any other social media platforms.
    7. Previously, he has worked with Youtooz and released his own plushies, which by the way all sold out.
    8. He celebrates 26th of every month as ‘National Ranboo Day’ to honour the day when he was first invited to the Dream Survival-Multiplayer, the golden day behind his spike in such a huge fan-following.
    9. Ranboo has time and again come forward to defend LGBTQ+ rights and has one of the highest rates of LGBTQ+ fans worldwide.
    10.  When streaming, he had once said that he would have joined Taco Bell if the Twitch channel hadn’t worked out.
    11.  Fans may get to play a Ranboo-made alternate reality game soon, as the star himself announced an ARG based off his character in the Dream Survival-Multiplayer.
    12.  Lastly he has also been featured on a few episodes of the D & D Podcast, “Just Roll With It”. There Ranboo played the character of Clorten, a dragonborn fighter hungry for riches and gamblings.

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