How does OnlyFans show up on Your Credit Card? [FIXED]

    Why does Onlyfans show up on Your Credit Card

    It is similar to see 866-712-7753 on Credit Card Bill. It’s scary, it’s heart-wrenching.

    OnlyFans is an online content-creation service provider that allows creators to create and sell content via monthly subscription, one-time tips, or pay-per-view. The content creators come from all parts of the fields, such as gym trainers, musicians, etc., including celebrities like Cardi B, Aaron Carter, and Fat Joe, to name a few. However, OnlyFans is widely known for adult-based and NSFW content.

    Despite being a legal website, most people abstain from subscribing OnlyFans as they don’t want their family members to know about it. While there are 86 million users in OnlyFans, most create anonymous accounts to keep their identities hidden.

    A person needs to use their credit card to subscribe to Onlyfans. The problem is that when you subscribe with a credit card, the name “OnlyFans” or “DD Fenix International” will show up in your bank statement. The name will appear every time you make a transaction which could be embarrassing when anyone from your family looks at it.

    Woke up to mysterious charges in my bank account ... No idea what it is or  what to do :( did I get hacked by one of my subs? : r/onlyfansadvice

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    How does OnlyFans Show up on your credit card?

    OnlyFans is a legitimate website registered under Fenix International. As per law, it must mention any transactions made to OnlyFans in the user’s bank statement. Any purchase or transactions you made will be displayed on your bank’s statement. It is done to ensure no one is making any illegal purchases anonymously. That being said, you can safely make transactions at OnlyFans without worrying about any legal troubles.

    How to hide OnlyFans transactions on my credit card?

    Your bank statement will display any purchases you made on OnlyFans using your credit card. There is no way to delete or conceal them from your account. Besides, it’s not even in the hands of your bank.

    Luckily, we have some tricks up our sleeve that can help you keep your OnlyFans transactions hidden from others.

    Follow these instructions to keep your OnlyFans transactions hidden from your bank or credit card statements. 

    Use a Virtual Credit Card

    There are two types of virtual credit cards available, one where you can refill the card and purchase with it again, and the other is a disposable virtual credit card used only for a single transaction. A virtual credit card is a temporary credit card number that you get to shop online to avoid making recurring purchases. 

    These cards are safe to use for limited transactions and protect your actual account number from falling into the wrong hands. It is also safe to keep your information stolen from a possible data breach when you make a transaction from an insecure connection such as public wifi. 

    You can control the amount of money you store in your virtual card, most likely between $10-$500 on most cards. The best thing is your merchant cannot overcharge you. Besides, you can always suspend a virtual card whenever you like, making it safer for OnlyFans.


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    The virtual credit card will be in digital format and stored safely within your email or pay app. Whenever you want to use it, just go to the OnlyFans pay page and enter your virtual card details to complete a transaction.

    Some best virtual cards for OnlyFans include stripe,, blur, Walmart MoneyCard, US Unlocked, Payoneer, and American Express. 

    So next time you wish to make a transaction at OnlyFans without letting everybody know about it, use a virtual credit card. If you use your credit card to buy a virtual card, your bank statement will show the purchase as “paid to American Express or Stripe or Walmart MoneyCard, etc.”

    Use a Vanilla Gift Card

    The vanilla eGift card also works on OnlyFans. A non-refundable gift card works great for concealing a purchase. It comes with a diverse range of catalogs ranging from $10 to $500. 

    Buy Vanilla® Visa® eGift Card Gift Cards with Skrill | eGifter

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    The problem with most virtual credit card is that it is only issued to a person with an active credit card issued by the authorized bank or lender. Meanwhile, you can buy a vanilla egift card online using a debit card or pay through cash at any authorized retail store. This makes it ideal for people without a credit card or individuals who use credit cards of their parents or family members.

    Vanilla visa gift cards are used anywhere in the United States and the District of Columbia. Plus, the funds in the card do not expire, unlike other gift cards. So, you can use them for a long time. 

    To use the vanilla card on OnlyFans, you need to activate it first. While most cards are pre-activated, you can activate a card by going to or calling their toll-free number.

    Use a card with a minimum balance of $20 to use it on OnlyFans. 

    • Open your OnlyFans profile and tap on “your card”
    • Click on “add a payment card”
    • Enter your billing details as mentioned on the card 
    • You can use any name, address, and pin code as it does not make any difference
    • Click on the submit button, and it’s done

    Your vanilla gift card is added successfully to your OnlyFans Account. The next time you make a transaction, the money will automatically be deducted from your card, and the world will never know.


    Does your bank statement show up OnlyFans if I add a credit card without any purchase?

    OnlyFans does not charge you if you join or subscribe to a person’s page for free. It won’t reflect in your bank account unless you validate your card for making a purchase. However, if you validate your credit card without making a purchase, it may still show up in your bills statement. It depends entirely on the bank policies, as some banks do not reflect any credit card verification on their statements.

    Can someone find my OnlyFans Payments while running a background check?

    Yes, if you have received a 1099 tax form from OnlyFans, an employer can find it through a background check. However, OnlyFans only send 1099-NEC to people earning more than $600 through their platform. If you make less than $600, you will most likely not get a tax form. However, you still need to report your income earned through OnlyFans before the due date.

    In most cases, this is a non-issue unless your employer starts suspecting or the company you work for is conservative or religious.

    Can you hide your identity on OnlyFans?

    You don’t need to use your real name as your screen name. Also, you can always opt-out of using your face pic in images. However, you must submit your real name, address, and relevant documentation to create an account.

    As a subscriber, you can use OnlyFans without giving away from your real identity, while as a content creator, you must give accurate information on the back end to get paid.

    Do onlyfans creators have access to my credit card information?

    Onlyfans creators can only see the username subscribed to them. Onlyfans do not store or give away sensitive user information to the creators.

    Your credit card number or email address will not be visible to the creators.

    Can you follow someone without adding a credit card?

    Many creators are offering free subscriptions at OnlyFans. You can subscribe to them without a credit card. However, you can use a virtual credit card or vanilla gift card to subscribe to someone without a credit card.

    Why does OnlyFans not support PayPal?

    Paypal prohibits users from buying NSFW-related goods that include digital goods, including downloadable content and images. Besides, PayPal does not provide any proper seller protective rights for digital goods. It means they have a probability of facing a higher risk of chargebacks by associating with OnlyFans.